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DescriptionControl Method = PWM ;; Operation Start Voltage = (Input 1.8 to 6.0 V) ;; Output Voltage = Desired Output Voltage Via External Resistor ;; Output Accuracy = - ;; Switching Frequency = 286 KHZ to 1.133 MHZ Via External Resistor ;; Current Consumption Operating = 400 µA (700KHz, VFB =0.95V) ;; Current Consumption Shutdown = 1 µA Max. ;; Efficiency Typ. = - ;; Package = 8-pin SON(A), 8-pin Tssop
CompanySeiko Instruments
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The S-8337/8338 Series is a CMOS step-up switching regulator which mainly consists of a reference voltage circuit, an oscillator, an error amplifier, a PWM controller, an under voltage lockout circuit (UVLO), and a timer latch short-circuit protection circuit. Because its minimum operating voltage is as low 1.8 V, this switching regulator is ideal for the power supply of an LCD or for portable systems that operate on a low voltage. The internal oscillation frequency can be set to 1.133 MHz, via the resistor connected to the ROSC pin. With the S-8337 Series, the maximum duty ratio of PWM control can be controlled by the resistor connected to the RDuty pin. With the S-8338 Series, the maximum duty ratio is fixed (to 88%). The phase compensation and gain value can be adjusted according to the values of the resistor and capacitor connected to the CC pin. Therefore, the operation stability and transient response can be correctly set for each application. The reference voltage accuracy is as high 1.0 V1.5%, and any voltage can be output by using an external output voltage setting resistor. In addition, the delay time of the short-circuit protection circuit can be set by using the capacitor connected to the CSP pin. If the maximum duty condition continues because of short-circuiting, the capacitor externally connected to the CSP pin is charged, and oscillation stops after a specific time. This condition is cleared by re-application of power or by setting the switching regulator (S-8338 Series) to the shutdown status. A ceramic capacitor or a tantalum capacitor is used as the output capacitor, depending on the setting. This controller IC allows various settings and selections and employs a small package, making it very easy to use.


Low voltage operation: Oscillation frequency: Maximum duty: V 286 kHz to 1.133 MHz (selectable by external resistor) to 88.5% (selectable by external resistor) (S-8337 Series) Fixed to 88% typ. (S-8338 Series) Reference voltage: 1.0 V1.5% UVLO (under-voltage lockout) function: Detection voltage can be selected from between 1.5 V and 0.1 V steps. Hysteresis width can be selected from between 0.1 V and 0.1 V steps. Timer latch short-circuit protection circuit: Delay time can be set using an external capacitor. Soft-start time can be selected in three steps, 10 ms, 15 ms, and 20 ms. Soft-start function: Phase compensation external setting: Adjustable by connecting resistor and capacitor in series to GND. Shutdown function: S-8338 Series, shutdown current consumption: 1.0 A max. 8-pin SON(A), 8-pin TSSOP Small package:

Power supplies for LCDs and CCDs Power supplies for portable equipment

Package name 8-Pin SON(A) 8-Pin TSSOP Package PN008-A FT008-A Drawing code Tape PN008-A FT008-E Reel FT008-E 1



- xxxx Indicates package type and packing specification of IC. P8T1: 8-Pin SON(A) T8T1: 8-Pin TSSOP Soft-start time setting 20 ms UVLO setting 1.5 V UVLO hysteresis setting 0.3 V Pin setting 7: With MaxDuty setting function 8: With Shutdown function


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