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DescriptionControl Method = Pwm, Pwm/pfm ;; Operation Start Voltage = 0.9 V ;; Output Voltage = 2.5-6.0V ;; Output Accuracy = ±2.0% ;; Switching Frequency = 300, 600 KHZ ;; Current Consumption Operating = 350 µA (3.3V, 600KHz) ;; Current Consumption Shutdown = 3.0 µA Max. ;; Efficiency Typ. = 87% (Vout=5V) ;; Package = 8-pin Tssop
CompanySeiko Instruments
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Features, Applications

PWM Control & PWM/PFM Control S-8340/8341 Series High-Frequency Step-Up Switching Regulator-Controllers

The S-8340/8341 Series consists of CMOS step-up switching regulatorcontrollers with PWM control (S-8340) and PWM/PFM switched control (S8341). These devices contain a reference voltage source, oscillation circuit, error amplifier, phase compensation circuit, PWM control circuit, and other components. Since the oscillation frequency is a high 300 kHz or 600 kHz, with the addition of a small external component, the ICs can function as step-up switching regulators with high efficiency and large output current. The speed of the output stage is enhanced so that the Nch power MOS with a low ON resistance can be switched quickly. The S-8340 provides low-ripple power, high-efficiency, and excellent transient characteristics thanks to a PMW control circuit capable of varying the duty ratio linearly from 82 % and optimized error amplifier, and phase compensation circuit. The S-8341 contains a PWM/PFM switching control circuit so that it operates using PWM control with a duty ratio % or higher and using PFM control with a duty ratio of lower than % to ensure high efficiency in all load ranges. These ICs serve as ideal main power supply units for portable devices when coupled with the 8-Pin TSSOP package and high oscillation frequencies.


Oscillation frequency: 600 kHz & B Series), 300 kHz & D Series). Output voltage: Internally selectable in the range V in steps 0.1 V (Output voltage fixed output type) Output voltage precision: 2.0 Output voltage external setting (FB) type available. FB terminal voltage (VFB) 1.0 V The only peripheral components that can be used with this IC are a transistor, a coil, a diode, capacitors (3), and a resistor. Duty ratio: 82 % typ. PWM control 82 % typ. PWM/PFM-switched control & B Series) 82 % typ. PWM/PFM-switched control & D Series) Low-voltage operation: Oscillation can start when VDD=0.9 V. Built-in current limiting circuit: Can be set with an external resistor (RSENSE). Soft-start function: Can be set with an external capacitor (CSS). With a power-off function.


Power supplies for PDAs, electronic notebooks, and portable devices. Power supplies for audio equipment, including portable CD players, portable MD players and headphone stereo equipment. Main and sub power supplies for notebook computers and peripheral equipment. Fixed voltage power supply for cameras, video equipment and communications equipment.

PWM Control & PWM/PFM Control High-Frequency Step-Up Switching Regulator-Controllers S-8340/8341 Series Rev.2.1_60 Block Diagram

Triangular wave oscillation circuit PWM comparator Phase compensation circuit
Figure 1 Block diagram <Output voltage fixed output type>
Figure 2 Block diagram <Output voltage external setting type>

PWM Control & PWM/PFM Control High-Frequency Step-Up Switching Regulator-Controllers Rev.2.1_60 S-8340/8341 Series Selection Guide

Taping specifications Package type Output voltage 10 A;Output voltage fixed output type, fosc=600 kHz B;Output voltage external setting type, fosc=600 kHz C;Output voltage fixed output type, fosc=300 kHz D;Output voltage external setting type, fosc=300 kHz 0; PWM control 1; PWM/PFM-switched control

2. Product List 2-1. Output voltage fixed output type Item Output Voltage (V) % S-8340AXXAFT Series fosc = 600 kHz PWM control S-8340A60AFT-T2 S-8341AXXAFT Series fosc = 600 kHz PWM/PFM-switched control AFT-T2 S-8340CXXAFT Series fosc = 300 kHz PWM control S-8340C60AFT-T2 S-8341CXXAFT Series fosc = 300 kHz PWM/PFM-switched control S-8341C50 AFT-T2

For the availability of other output voltage product, contact the SII Sales Department.

2.2. Output voltage external setting type S-8340D00AFT-T2 S-8341D00AFT-T2 fosc = 600 kHz, PWM control fosc = 600 kHz, PWM/PFM-switched control fosc = 300 kHz, PWM control fosc = 300 kHz, PWM/PFM-switched control


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