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DescriptionFeature = Battery Backup Switching ic ;; Composition = 3V/R + 2V/D + SW ;; Output Current = - ;; Output Voltage = 2.3-5.4 V (0.1V Step) ;; Detection Voltage = 2.4-5.3 V(CS), 1.7-3.4 V (RESET) ;; Accuracy = ±2% ;; Current Consumption = 15 µA Max. (Operating) 2.1 µA Max. (Back Up) ;; Package (Power Dissipation) = 8-pin Tssop 8-pin Son (B)
CompanySeiko Instruments
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Features, Applications

The S-8425 Series is a CMOS IC designed for use in the switching circuits of primary and backup power supplies on a single chip. It consists of three voltage regulators, two voltage detectors, a power supply switch and its controller, as well as other functions. In addition to the function for switching between the primary and backup power supply, the S-8425 Series can provide microcontrollers with two types of voltage detection output signals corresponding to the power supply voltage. Moreover, adopting a special sequence for switch control enables the effective use of the backup power supply, making this IC ideal for configuring a backup system.


Low power consumption Normal operation: 15 µA max. (VIN 6 V) Backup: 2.1 µA max. Voltage regulator Output voltage tolerance : ±2% Output voltage: Independently selectable 0.1 V steps in the range 5.4 V Two built-in voltage detectors (CS, RESET) Detection voltage tolerance: ±2% Detection voltage: Selectable 0.1 V steps in the range 5.3 V (CS voltage detector) Selectable 0.1 V steps in the range 3.4 V (RESET voltage detector) RESET release delay: 300 µs min. Switching circuit for primary power supply and backup power supply configurable on one chip Efficient use of backup power supply possible Special sequence Backup voltage is not output when the primary power supply voltage does not reach the initial voltage at which the switch unit operates.

8-Pin TSSOP (Package drawing No.: FT008-A) 8-Pin SON(B) (Package drawing No.: PA008-B)
Camcorders Digital cameras Memory cards SRAM backup equipment
BATTERY BACKUP SWITCHING IC S-8425 Series Selection Guide

Part No. Type S-8425AAAFT-TB S-8425AAAPA-TF Caution Remark 8-Pin TSSOP 8-Pin SON(B) Package Output Voltage (V) VRO 3.000 VOUT 3.000 VCH 3.300 CS Voltage (V) +VDET1 3.401 RESET Voltage (V) +VDET2 2.312

Set the CS voltage so that the switch voltage (VSW1) is equal to or greater than the RESET detection voltage (-VDET2). The selection range is as follows. VRO, VOUT, VCH: (0.1 V steps) (0.1 V steps) (0.1 V steps × 0.77

If a product with a voltage other than above is required, contact our sales representative.

xx IC orientation for taping specifications TB: 8-Pin TSSOP TF: 8-Pin SON(B) Package code FT: 8-Pin TSSOP PA: 8-Pin SON(B) Serial code

Functions Ground Output pin of voltage regulator 3 Backup power supply input pin Output pin of CS voltage detector Output pin of RESET voltage detector Output pin of voltage regulator 2 Primary power supply input pin Output pin of voltage regulator 1

Figure 2 Pin Placement *1 Mount capacitors between VSS (GND) and the VIN, VBAT, VOUT, VRO, and VCH pins (see the Standard Circuit section).


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S-8425AAAFT-TB Feature = Battery Backup Switching ic ;; Composition = 3V/R + 2V/D + SW ;; Output Current = - ;; Output Voltage = 2.3-5.4 V (0.1V Step) ;; Detection Voltage = 2.4-5.3 V(CS), 1.7-3.4 V (RESET) ;; Accuracy
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