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Description1/4 to 1/11 DUTY Fip(vfd) Controller/driver
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Features, Applications

The is a FIP (Fluorescent Indicator Panel, or Vacuum Fluorescent Display) controller/driver that is driven or 1/11 duty factor. It consists of 11 segment output lines, 6 grid output lines, 5 segment/grid output drive lines, a display memory, a control circuit, and a key scan circuit. Serial data is input to the SC16312 through a three-line serial interface. This FIP controller/driver is ideal as a peripheral device for a single-chip microcomputer.


* Multiple display modes 4-digit). * Key scanning (6x4 matrix). * Dimming circuit (eight steps). * High-voltage output (VDD 35V max). * LED ports (4 chs., 20 mA max). * General-purpose input port (4 bits) * No external resistors necessary for driver outputs (P-ch open-drain + pull-down resistor output) * Serial interface (CLK, STB, DIN, DOUT)

Logic Supply Voltage Driver Supply Voltage Logic Input Voltage FIP Driver Output Voltage LED Driver Output Current FIP Driver Output Current Power Dissipation Storage temperature Operating Ambient Temperature

Logic Supply Voltage High-Level Input Voltage Low-Level Input Voltage Driver Supply Voltage

Maximum power consumption PMAX. = FIP driver dissipation + RL dissipation + LED driver dissipation + dynamic power consumption Where segment current = 3mA, grid current = 15mA, and LED current = 20mA, FIP driver dissipation = number of segments 6 + number of grids/(number of grids 30(mW) RL dissipation = (VDD-VEE) /50 x (number of segments + 1)(mW) LED driver dissipation = number of LEDs x 20(mW) Dynamic power consumption = VDD x 5(mW)

Example Where VEE = -25V, VDD = 5V, and in 16-segment and 6-digit modes, FIP driver dissipation 122 RL dissipation = 306 LED driver dissipation = 80 Dynamic power consumption 25 Total 553 Mw

High-Level Output Voltage Low -Level Output Voltage Low -Level Output Voltage High-Level Output Current High-Level Output Current Driver Leakage Current Output Pull-Down Resistor Input Current High-Level Input Voltage Low-Level Input Voltage Hysteresis voltage Dynamic Current Consumption

IOL1 =20mA DOUT, to Seg16/Grid7 VO= VDD -35V,driver off Driver output VI=VDD or VSS --CLK, DIN, STB Under no load, display off


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