Details, datasheet, quote on part number: SST89V564RC-40-C-PJ
DescriptionFlash-flex 51 MCU
CompanySilicon Storage Technology, Inc.
Some Part number from the same manufacture Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
SST89V564RC-40-I-PI Flash-flex 51 MCU
SST89V564RD Flashflex51 MCU
SST89V564RD-33-C-NJ Flash-flex 51 MCU
SST89V564RD-40-C-NI Flashflex51 MCU
SST39WF800A 39 Series - 8 Mbit (x16) Multi-Purpose Flash The SST39WF800A device is a 512K x16 CMOS Multi-Purpose Flash (MPF) manufactured with SST’s proprietary, high performance CMOS SuperFlash technology. The split-gate
RC11XT410 Rapidchip Xtreme™ Family of Platform ASICspre-built slices deliver a low-risk path for building multi-gigabit serial interface designs, including PCI Express
ZSP540 High Performance, Low-power, Synthesizable DSP CoreThe ZSP540 processor core is a high-performance/power-efficient Quad-MAC/Six-ALU implementation of the ZSP G2 architecture. The ZSP540 utilizes a 16-bit
SST89E52RD 89 Series - FlashFlex51 MCUThe SST89E5xRD2/RD and SST89V5xRD2/RD are members of the FlashFlex51 family of 8-bit microcontroller products designed and manufactured with SST's patented and proprietary

SST27SF010-70-3C-NH : Many-Time Programmable (MTP) Voltage = 4.5 to 5.5 ;; Density = 1Mb ;; Organization = 128Kb X 8 ;; Speed = 70 NS ;; Temp. = Commercial ;; Package = PLCC

SST30VR043-150-C-UH-R : 4 Mbit ROM + 1 Mbit/256 Kbit SRAM ROM/ram Combo

SST34HF1641A-80-4C-LS : 16 Mbit Concurrent Superflash + 2/4/8 Mbit SRAM Combomemory

SST39VF400A-90-4I-EN : 4 Mbit Multi-purpose Flash

SST12LP14C-QVCE : 2.4 GHz High-power and High-gain Power Amplifier

SST39WF800B-70-4I-M2QE : 8 Mbit (x16) Multi-purpose Flash

SST29VE010-150-3C-W : 4 Mbit (x8) Small-sector Flash

SST89E58RD2-33-C-PIE1 : Flashflex51 MCU

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