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CategoryInterface and Interconnect
DescriptionElectroluminescent Lamp Driver Low Power Applications
CompanySipex Corporation
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Features, Applications

s 2.2V-5.0V Battery Operation s 50nA Maximum Standby Current s High Voltage Output 160 VPP typical s Internal Oscillator APPLICATIONS s PDAs s Cellular Phones s Remote Controls s Hand Held Computers


The is a high voltage output DC-AC converter that can operate from a 2.2V-6.0V power supply. The SP4423 is capable of supplying to 200 VPP signals, making it ideal for driving electroluminescent lamps. The device features 10nA (typical) standby current, for use in low power portable products. An inductor is used to generate the high voltage, and an external capacitor is used to select the oscillator frequency. The SP4423 is offered an 8-pin narrow SOIC and 8-pin µSOIC packages. For delivery in die form, please consult the factory.

These are stress ratings only and functional operation of the device at these ratings or any other above those indicated in the operation sections of the specifications below is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods of time may affect reliability. VDD............................................................................................................7.0V Input Voltages/Currents HON to (VDD+0.5V) COIL (pin3)..............................................................60mA Lamp Outputs..............................................................................230VPP Storage to +150°C

Power Dissipation Per Package 8-pin NSOIC (derate 6.14mWoC above +70oC)..................500mW 8-pin µSOIC (derate 4.85mWoC above +70oC)...................390mW

The information furnished herein by Sipex has been carefully reviewed for accuracy and reliability. Its application or use, however, is solely the responsibility of the user. No responsibility for the use of this information is assumed by Sipex, and this information shall not explicitly or implicitly become part of the terms and conditions of any subsequent sales agreement with Sipex. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. By the sale or transfer of this information, Sipex assumes no responsibility for any infringement of patents or other rights of third parties which may result from its use. No license or other proprietary rights are granted by implication or otherwise under any patent or patent rights of Sipex Corporation.


PARAMETER Supply Voltage, VDD Supply Current, ICOIL+IDD Coil Voltage, VCOIL HON Input Voltage, VHON LOW: EL off HIGH: EL on HON Current, EL on VDD VDD-0.25 0 VDD MIN. 2.2 TYP. 5 12

(T= 25°C; VDD = 3.0V; Lamp Capacitance = 6000pF; Coil 20 mH (RS = 70); COSC = 150pF unless otherwise noted)

Shutdown Current, ISD=ICOIL+IDD INDUCTOR DRIVE Coil Frequency, fCOIL=fLAMPx32 Coil Duty Cycle Peak Coil Current, IPK-COIL EL LAMP OUTPUT EL Lamp Frequency, fLAMP Peak to Peak Output Voltage 225 110

This data sheet specifies environmental parameters, final test conditions and limits as well suggested operating conditions. For applications which require performance beyond the specified conditions and or limits please consult the factory.

NOTES: 1. Dimensions are in Microns unless otherwise noted. 2. Bonding pads are 125x125 typical 3. Outside dimensions are maximum, including scribe area. 4. Die thickness is 10 mils 1. 5. Pad center coordinates are relative to die center. 6. Die size x 53 mils).

SP4423 Electroluminescent Lamp Driver © Copyright 2000 Sipex Corporation

THEORY OF OPERATION The SP4423 is made up of three basic circuit elements, an oscillator, coil, and switched H-bridge network. The oscillator provides the device with an on-chip clock source used to control the charge and discharge phases for the coil and lamp. An external capacitor connected between pins 7 and 8 allows the user to vary the oscillator frequency from to 400kHz. The graphs on page 6 show the relationship between C OSC and lamp output voltage. In general, increasing the COSC capacitor will increase the lamp output voltage and decrease the lamp frequency. The suggested oscillator frequency 64kHz (COSC=150pF). The oscillator output is internally divided to create two internal control signals, fCOIL and fLAMP. The oscillator output is internally divided down by 8 flip flops; a 64kHz signal will be divided into 8 frequencies; and 0.25 Hz. The 3rd flip flop output (8kHz) is used to drive the coil (see Figure 2 on page 9) and the 8th flip flop output (250Hz) is used to drive the lamp. Although the oscillator frequency can be varied to optimize the lamp output, the ratio of fCOIL/f LAMP will always equal 32.

Pin 1 ­ HON- Enable for driver operation, high = active; low = inactive. Pin 2 ­ VSS- Power supply common, connect to ground. Pin 3 ­ Coil- Coil input, connect coil from VDD to pin 3. Pin 4 ­ Lamp- Lamp driver output2, connect to EL lamp. Pin 5 ­ Lamp- Lamp driver output1, connect to EL lamp. Pin 6 ­ VDD- Power supply for driver, connect to system VDD. Pin ­ Cap1- Capacitor input 1, connect to COSC. Pin ­ Cap2- Capacitor input 2, connect to COSC.


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