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TitleLEDs/Segment Display Drivers
DescriptionUltra-quiet Electroluminescent Lamp Driver For Cellular Phone Applications
CompanySipex Corporation
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Features, Applications

Ultra-Quiet Electroluminescent Lamp Driver For Cellular Phone Applications

s Patent Pending Output Waveshaping s Waveshaped Output Optimized For Low Acoustic Noise And Maximum Efficiency s Reduced Supply Current And Standby Current Up to15cd/m2 For Cell Phone Sized EL Lamps to 3 sq. in.) s Waveshaped Output And Low Frequency Operation Minimize Stress On EL Lamp To Extend Its Lifetime s Uses 820H, Sub-2mm Coils s Gradual Rising And Falling Edges Minimizes EMI To +3.3V Battery Operation s Space-Saving 8-pin MSOP package APPLICATIONS s Cellular Radios s Wireless Communication Products

DESCRIPTION The SP4438 device is a low noise, high voltage output DC-AC inverter designed to drive electroluminescent lamps to backlight liquid crystal display and keypads used in cellular phones, cordless phones, 2-way radios, and other wireless communication products. The output waveform of the SP4438 device is ideal for cell phone applications requiring low acoustic noise performance. One external resistor is used to set the internal oscillator frequency and one inductor is required to generate the high voltage AC output to drive an EL lamp to 3 square inches in size. The SP4438 operates from a +3.0V battery source and has a low power standby mode that draws less than 1A, making it ideal for low-power cellular applications. All input pins are ESD protected with internal diodes to VDD and VSS. The SP4438 is offered in a space-saving 8-pin MSOP package.

These are stress ratings only and functional operation of the device at these ratings or any other above those indicated in the operation sections of the specifications below is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods of time may affect reliability. Supply Voltage (VDD VSS)........................-0.3V, +5V Operating to +85C Storage to +150C Power Dissipation Per Package 8-pin MSOP (derate 4.85mW/OC above +70OC).........................400mW


VDD to +3.3V, LCOIL = 820H/14, ROSC 714k, EL Lamp Load + 2.5k)/1M, and TAMB to +85OC. TAMB = 25OC for typical values unless otherwise noted.

PARAMETER INPUT CHARACTERISTICS Supply Voltage, VDD Supply Current, ICOIL+IDD Coil Voltage, VCOIL ELEN Input Voltage, VELEN LOW: EL OFF HIGH: EL on ELEN Input Impedance Shutdown Current, ISD=ICOIL+IDD INDUCTOR DRIVE Coil Frequency, fCOIL Coil Duty Cycle Peak Coil Current, IPK-COIL EL LAMP OUTPUT EL Lamp Frequency, fLAMP Peak to Peak Output Voltage, VP-P

TAMB = +3.0V,with load TAMB to +85OC TAMB = +3.0V,with load TAMB to +85OC TAMB = +3.0V, NOTE 1 TAMB = +3.0V,with load, measured from to 90%

NOTE 1: Audible Noise is measured inside an acoustic sound chamber. The Sound Level Meter is a B&K Mediator 2238, A-weighted with Condenser Mic type 4188 positioned 1/4 inch above the lamp an 8 cubic inch volume. See Figure 5 on page 6.

Rev. 3/19/01 SP4438 Ultra-Quiet Electroluminescent Lamp Driver Copyright 2001 Sipex Corporation

PIN ASSIGNMENTS Pin 1 VDD Positive Battery Power Supply. Connect such that +2.7V < VDD < +3.3V. Pin 2 ELEN Electroluminescent Lamp Enable. When driven HIGH, this input pin enables the EL driver outputs for EL1 and EL2. This pin has an internal pulldown resistor. Pin 3 ROSC Oscillator Resistor. Connecting a resistor to this input pin sets the frequency of the internal clock. Pin 4 VSS Power Supply Common. Connect to the lowest circuit potential, typically ground. Pin 5 COIL The inductor for the EL lamp is connected from VDD to this input pin. Pin 6 CINT Integrating Capacitor. An integrating capacitor (47nF typical) connected from this pin to ground filters out any coil switching spikes or ripple present in the output waveform to the EL lamp. Connecting a fast recovery diode from COIL to CINT increases the light output of the EL lamp. Pin 7 EL2 Electroluminescent Lamp Output 2. This is a high voltage lamp driver output pin to connect to the EL lamp. Pin 8 EL1 Electroluminescent Lamp Output 1. This is a high voltage lamp driver output pin to connect to the EL lamp.


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