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TitleDigital Attenuator
DescriptionGAAS ic 5 Bit Digital Attenuator With...
CompanySkyworks Solutions, Inc.
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Features, Applications
GaAs IC 5 Bit Digital Attenuator with Driver 1 dB LSB Positive Control DC2 GHz

Attenuation 1 dB Steps 31 dB With High Accuracy Single Positive Control +5 V) for Each Bit Low DC Power Consumption CMOS Integrated Silicon Driver, Positive and Negative Supplies Required Designed for Use at IF Frequencies High Noise Linearity @ PIN < -10 dBm


The a 5 bit, single positive control GaAs IC FET digital attenuator with driver. It is particularly suited at IF frequencies where high attenuation accuracy, low insertion loss and low intermodulation products are required. Typical applications include base station, wireless data, broadband and wireless local loop gain control circuits. For single supply design and higher input signal levels, see AA110-85.

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Parameter1 Insertion Loss2 Condition Frequency DC0.5 GHz DC1.0 GHz DC2.0 GHz DC0.5 GHz DC1.0 GHz DC2.0 GHz VSWR (I/O)4 Switching Characteristics5 Rise, Fall or 90/10% RF) On, Off (50% CTL to 90/10% RF) Video Feedthru VCC +5 V, VSS -3 V For Two-tone Input Power +5 dBm VCC +5 V VCC VSS VCC 5 V, VSS -3 V VCC 3 V, VSS -3 V VCC 5 V, VSS CTL16 = Logic CTL16 = Logic GHz 0.05 GHz 0.52.0 GHz 0.05 GHz DC2.0 GHz Min. Typ. of Attenuation Setting in dB) of Attenuation Setting in dB) of Attenuation Setting in dB) ns mV dBm mA V Max. 2.1 2.6 Unit dB

Input Power for 1 dB Compression Intermodulation Intercept Point (IP3) Supply Voltages6 Supply Currents Control Voltages7

1. All measurements made a 50 system, unless otherwise specified. 2. Insertion loss changes by 0.003 dB/C. 3. Attenuation referenced to insertion loss. 4. Input/output.

5. Video feedthru measured with 1 ns risetime pulse and 500 MHz bandwidth. 6. VCC must be supplied prior to VSS. 7. Control voltage must not exceed VCC.


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