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CategoryRF & Microwaves
DescriptionChip Attenuator Pads
CompanySkyworks Solutions, Inc.
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Specified Flat Response to 40 GHz Return Loss to 40 GHz Available at and 40 dB Power Handling W CW Rugged Thin Film Silicon Chips


The ATN3580 series of attenuator chips incorporate thin film resistors on high resistivity silicon chips to achieve precision attenuation, tight flatness and high return loss to 40 GHz. The design uses a balanced TEE resistive structure to assure broad bandwidth performance. The thin film technology offers improved power handling capability in comparison to the traditional thick film printed attenuator. All ATN3580 attenuator chips are specified for their attenuation at DC. In addition, a wafer probe sample test is performed to 40 GHz to assure meeting the flatness specification. Skyworks' measurements indicate that attenuation typically increases with increasing frequency, as shown in Figure 1.

Characteristic Incident Power @ 25°C Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Value to +200°C

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COPLANAR RESISTOR PADS MUST BE GROUNDED INPUT/OUTPUT 0.012 (0.30 mm) 0.010 (0.25 mm) TYP. 0.030 (0.76 mm) 0.0045 (0.114 mm) 0.0035 (0.089 mm) 2 PLACES SEE NOTE 3 2 PLACES SILICON 0.0075 (0.190 mm) 0.0055 (0.140 mm) IN OUT 0.028 (0.71 mm)

0.0075 (0.191 mm) 0.0055 (0.140 mm) INPUT/OUTPUT 0.002 (0.05 mm) MIN. TYP. 0.006 (0.15 mm) 0.004 (0.10 mm) TYP. SQ. COPLANAR RESISTOR, PADS MUST BE GROUNDED

1. Cross hatching = gold contact areas. 2. Dimensions not specified in this drawing vary per attenuation value. 3. Indicates attenuation value. 4. This DIM. can be as highh 0.012 for high attenuation values. 5. Back surface is gold, grounding not required.

1. Cross hatching = gold contact areas. 2. Dimensions not specified in this drawing vary per attenuation value. 3. Indicates attenuation value. 4. Back surface is gold, grounding not required.


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VNA-21 : Amplifier. Operating Temperature Storage Temperature DC Voltage Power Input Power (no damage) & 5V operation no external biasing circuit required high directivity, 20 dB typ. wide bandwidth, to 2.5 GHz low noise figure, 6.4 dB typ. output power, to +10.2 dBm typ. excellent repeatability low cost Applications MAXIMUM DYNAMIC VSWR* DIRECTIVITY DC THERMAL POWER RANGE.

HMC541LP3 : DC - 5 GHz, 1 Bit, 10dB Attenuation, +50dBm Input IP3 The HMC541LP3 & HMC541LP3E are broadband 1-bit GaAs IC digital attenuators in low cost leadless surface mount packages. This single positive control line digital attenuator utilizes off chip AC ground capacitors for near DC operation, making it suitable for a wide variety of RF and IF applications.

RI-I02-114B-01 : Texas Instruments Tag-it™ HF-I pro transponder inlays consist of 13.56-MHz high-frequency (HF) transponders that are compliant with the ISO/IEC 15693 and ISO/IEC 18000-3 global open standards. These products offer a user-accessible memory of 256 bits, organized in eight blocks, and an extended command set including password protect write available in five.

HMC338LC3B : The HMC338LC3B is a 24 - 34 GHz Sub-harmonically Pumped (x2) MMIC Mixer with an integrated LO amplifi er in a leadless RoHS compliant SMT package. The 2LO to RF isolation is excellent at 30 dB, eliminating the need for additional fi ltering. The LO amplifi er is a single bias (+3V to +4V) design with a nominal -5 dBm drive requirement. The RF and LO ports.

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