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CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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DESCRIPTION The BTA/BTB08 B/C triac family are high performance glass passivated PNPN devices. These parts are suitables for general purpose applications where high surge current capability is required. Application such as phase control and static switching on inductive or resistive load. ABSOLUTE RATINGS (limiting values)

Symbol IT(RMS) RMS on-state current (360 conduction angle) Non repetitive surge peak on-state current ( Tj initial ) I2t value Critical rate of rise of on-state current Gate supply = 500mA diG/dt = 1A/s Parameter BTA BTB 10 ms Repetitive 50 Hz Non Repetitive Tstg Tj Tl Storage and operating junction temperature range Maximum lead temperature for soldering during 4.5 mm from case Parameter 400 VDRM VRRM Repetitive peak off-state voltage C 400 BTA / BTB08-... B/C C A2s A/s A Value 8 Unit A

Symbol Rth (j-a) Junction to ambient BTA BTB Rth (j-c) AC Junction to case for 360 conduction angle F= 50 Hz) BTA BTB Parameter Value C/W Unit C/W

Symbol Test Conditions Quadrant B IGT VD=12V (DC) =33 Tj=25C I-II-III IV VGT VGD tgt IL VD=12V (DC) Tj=110C Tj=25C I-II-III-IV I-III-IV IH * VTM * IDRM IRRM dV/dt * IT= 500mA gate open ITM= 11A tp= 380s VDRM VRRM Rated Tj=25C Tj=110C MAX MIN 250 MAX MIN TYP V/s V mA Suffix s mA Unit

* For either polarity of electrode A2 voltage with reference to electrode A1.
Package IT(RMS) A BTA (Insulated) 8 VDRM / VRRM V BTB (Uninsulated) Sensitivity Specification

Fig.1 : Maximum RMS power dissipation versus RMS on-state current (F=50Hz). (Curves are cut off by (dI/dt)c limitation)

Fig.2 : Correlation between maximum RMS power dissipation and maximum allowable temperatures (Tamb and Tcase) for different thermal resistances heatsink + contact (BTA).

Fig.3 : Correlation between maximum RMS power dissipation and maximum allowable temperatures (Tamb and Tcase) for different thermal resistances heatsink + contact (BTB).


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