Details, datasheet, quote on part number: D950CORE
Description16 Bit Fixed Point Digital Signal Processor Core
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications
16-Bit Fixed Point Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Core

Peripherals and Memory s Macrocells for peripherals such as the bus switch unit, interrupt controller and DMA controller s Standard cells library, I/O library s Memory generators for RAM and ROM Development Tools s JTAG PC board with graphic windowed high level source debugger for AS-DSP emulation s Complete crash-barrier chain (assembler / simulator / linker) running on PC and SUN, s Complete GNU chain (assembler / simulator / linker / C compiler / C debugger) for SUN s VHDL model (SYNOPSYS & MENTOR)

This is preliminary information on a new product in development or undergoing evaluation. Details are subject to change without notice

Performance s 66 Mips - 15ns instruction cycle time Memory Organization s HARVARD architecture s Two x 16-bit data memory spaces s One x 16-bit program memory space s 2 stacks in data memory spaces Fast and Flexible Buses s Two 16-bit address 16-bit data nonmultiplexed data buses s One 16-bit address 16-bit data nonmultiplexed instruction bus Data Calculation Unit x 16-bit parallel multiplier s 40-bit barrel shifter unit s 40-bit ALU s Two 40-bit extended precision accumulators s Fractional and integer arithmetic with support for floating point and multi-precision s 16-bit bit manipulation unit (BMU) Address Calculation Unit s Two address calculation units with modulo and bit-reverse capability x 16-bit address registers x 16-bit index registers x 16-bit base and maximum address registers for modulo addressing Program Control Unit s 16-bit program counter s 3 Hardware Loop Capabilities Power Consumption s Single 3.3V power supply s Low-power standby mode Electrical Characteristics s Operating frequency down to DC Channels s General purpose 8-bit I/O port s Dedicated hardware for Emulation and Test, IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) interface compatible

INTRODUCTION. 5 PIN DESCRIPTION. 6 FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW. 11 BLOCK DESCRIPTION. 13 4.1 DATA CALCULATION UNIT (DCU). Introduction. 13 Registers. 14 Multiplier. 15 Barrel Shifter Unit (BSU). 16 Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU). 17 Bit Manipulation Unit (BMU). 18 Introduction. 20 Registers. 21 Addressing modes. 21 Introduction. 25 Registers. 26 Instruction pipeline. 26 Interrupt Sources. 26 Loop Controller. 28 Sequence control. 29 Halting program execution. 29 Memory Moves with Wait States. 31 Introduction. 32 Registers. 33 STA: Status register. 34 CCR: Condition Code Register. 36


5.4 INSTRUCTION SET. Assignment Instructions. 43 ALU Instructions. 45 Bit Manipulation Instructions. 50 Program Control Instructions. 51 Conditional Assignment Instruction. 52 Loop Control Instructions. 52 Co-processor Instructions. 53 Stack Instructions. 54

5.5 INSTRUCTION CYCLE AND WORD COUNT. 55 ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS. 6.1 DC ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS. 6.2 DC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (CORE LEVEL). 6.3 AC CHARACTERISTICS. Bus AC Electrical Characterstics (for X, Y and I buses). 57 Control I/O Electrical Characteristics. 58 Hardware Reset. 59 Wait States. 60 Interrupt. 62 HOLD. 63 JUMP on Port Condition. 65

ANNEX - HARDWARE PERIPHERAL LIBRARY. 66 7.1 CO-PROCESSOR. 66 7.2 BUS SWITCH UNIT (BSU). Introduction. 67 I/O interface. 68 Operation. 69 BSU control registers. 70 Introduction. 72 I/O interface. 73 Interrupt Controller Peripheral Registers. 73 Introduction. 77


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DATASHEET ST10F168 - 16-BIT MCU - 8KB RAM - 256KB Flash Memory - 111 I/o - 1 CAN 2.0B Interface
DB-900-100W 100W / 26V / 869-894 MHZ pa Using 2X PD57060S
DB-900-60W 60W / 26V / 869-894 MHZ pa Using 1X PD57070S
DB-900-80W 80W / 26V / 869-894 MHZ pa Using 2X PD57045S
DB-915-12W 12W / 12V / 875-915 MHZ pa Using 1X PD55015S
DB-960-60W 60W / 26V / 925-960 MHZ pa Using 1X PD57070S
DB-960-70W 70W / 26V / 925-960 MHZ pa Using 2X PD57045S
DB-960-90W 90W / 26V / 925-960 MHZ pa Using 2X PD57060S
DB3 Diac
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DMV1500H Damper + Modulation Diode For Video

LD2985BM31R : 1.8V- Very Low Drop And Low Noise Regulator

M27C1024-15XB7TR : 1 Mbit 64kb X16 uv EPROM And OTP EPROM

M74HC7240B1R : HC/HCT->High Speed CMOS Octal Bus Buffer With 3 State Outputs (INVERTED)

PSD8145V20JT : Flash In-system Programmable Isp Peripherals For 8-bit MCUs

PSD913F2-B-15U : Flash In-system Programmable Isp Peripherals For 8-bit MCUs

ST62P20LB3/OTP : 8-bit MCUs WITH A/D Converter, TWO Timers, Oscillator Safeguard & SAFE Reset

PSD854F4-70JIT : Flash In-system Programmable ISP Peripherals For 8-bit MCUs

STGW39NC60VD_06 : 40 A - 600 V - very fast IGBT

W9N150V : N-channel 1500v - 2.2„ų - 8A - To-247 Very high Voltage Powermesh¢ā Power Mosfet

M24C08-WDW3TP/W : 1K X 8 I2C/2-WIRE SERIAL EEPROM, PDIP8 Specifications: Density: 8 kbits ; Number of Words: 1 k ; Bits per Word: 8 bits ; Bus Type: Serial ; Production Status: Full Production ; Data Rate: 0 MHz ; Supply Voltage: 5V ; Package Type: LEAD FREE, PLASTIC, DIP-8, DIP ; Pins: 8 ; Operating Range: AUTOMOTIVE ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 125 C

M93C56-WDW7TP : 128 X 16 MICROWIRE BUS SERIAL EEPROM, PDSO8 Specifications: Density: 2 kbits ; Number of Words: 128 k ; Bits per Word: 16 bits ; Bus Type: Serial ; Production Status: Full Production ; Data Rate: 2 MHz ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Supply Voltage: 5V ; Package Type: 3 X 3 MM, TSSOP-8, TSSOP ; Pins: 8 ; Operating Range: AUTOMOTIVE ; Operating Tempera

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2SD2016 : . Symbol ICBO IEBO V(BR)CEO hFE VCE(sat) VBE(sat) fT COB Conditions VCB=10V, f=1MHz Ratings 40typ V MHz pF Silicon NPN Triple Diffused Planar Transistor sAbsolute maximum ratings (Ta=25°C) Symbol VCBO VCEO VEBO PC Tj Tstg Ratings to +150 Unit °C 5000 DC Curr ent Gain F E Transient Thermal Resistance C/W) 5 Natural Cooling Silicone Grease Heatsink: Aluminum.

OPA4137P : ti OPA4137, Low Cost Fet-input Operational Amplifiers. LOW COST FET-INPUT OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS MicroAmplifier TM Series FET INPUT: = 5pA LOW OFFSET VOLTAGE: 1.5mV WIDE SUPPLY RANGE: to ±18V LOW QUIESCENT CURRENT: 220µA/channel EXCELLENT SPEED/POWER: 1MHz INPUT TO POSITIVE SUPPLY MicroSIZE PACKAGES: SOT-23-5, MSOP-8 SINGLE, DUAL, AND QUAD OPA137 series FET-input operational amplifiers are designed for low cost.

MMK : Metallized Polyester FILM Capacitors.

TAA4136 : Pigtailed PD for Analog Application. Long wavelength InGaAs PIN-PD Detection wavelength range to 1.6µm SMF or MMF Pigtailed SC, FC, ST, or LC Connector InGaAs long wavelength PIN photodiode Operation & 1550nm High responsivity, low dark current and low capacitance Operating temperature to +85 Single-mode fiber or multimode fiber pigtailed with or FC connector The TxP4NN3 series is a reliable.

1591XXBSFLBK : Plastic, Non Specified PCB Supports Box Boxes, Enclosures, Rack Box with Mounting Flange; BOX PLAS 4.48X2.49X1.29" BLACK. s: Color: Black ; Design: Cover Included ; : PCB Supports ; Material: Plastic, Non Specified ; Ratings: IP54 ; Shipping Info: Shipped from Digi-Key ; Size / Dimension: 4.481" L x 2.493" W (113.82mm x 63.32mm) ; Thickness: 0.079".

073031202 : Strain Relief. s: Accessory Type: Strain Relief Cord Grip ; For Use With: Insulated Cable.

MC9S08QG8CFFER : Microcontrollers (MCU) CONSUMER ROO 9S08QG. s: Manufacturer: Freescale Semiconductor ; Product Category: Microcontrollers (MCU) ; RoHS:  Details ; Core: HCS08 ; Processor Series: S08QG ; Data Bus Width: 8 bit ; Maximum Clock Frequency: 20 MHz ; Program Memory Size: 8 KB ; Data RAM Size: 512 B ; On-Chip ADC: Yes ; Package / Case: QFN EP ; Mounting.

PHE840MB6470MB16R17 : Suppression Film Capacitors 275volts 0.47uF 11.%. KEMET 's XY Film Capacitors for Electromagnetic Interference Suppression ( EMI ) must be approved by a relevant authority either as a electromagnetic interference capacitor or as part of a complete unit of equipment. The standards for EMI capacitors are EN/IEC 60384-14:2005. KEMET's X capacitors are for use in positions.

1665880000 : Heavy Duty - Accessory Connectors, Interconnect Cover with Retaining Cord; CONN COVER HOUSING BASE HA SIZE2. s: Accessory Type: Cover with Retaining Cord ; For Use With/Related Products: Rockstar® Bases ; Ratings: - ; s: Size 2, Side Locking Pegs ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

0034.3108.PT : Fuses FST 250V 125mA PT. s: Manufacturer: Schurter ; Product Category: Fuses ; RoHS:  Details ; Current Rating: 0.125 Amp ; Voltage Rating: 250 Volts ; Fuse Size / Group: 5 mm x 20 mm ; Termination Style: Axial ; Fuse Type: Time Delay / Slow Blow ; Body Material: Glass ; Dimensions: 22.5 mm L x 5.4 mm D ; Product: Axial Lead and Cartridge Fuses.

41765 : Terminal - Magnetic Wire Connectors, Interconnect Splice; CONN SPLICE END FEED THRU MAGNET. s: Terminal Type: Splice ; Style: Thru Type ; Size: - ; : Serrated Mating Area ; Wire Gauge: 1500-5000 CMA ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Termination: Crimp ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

ALV1215R80 : Led Supply - Constant Voltage Power Supply - External/internal (off-board); POWER SUPPLY AC-DC 15V 0.8A 12W. s: Voltage - Input: 90 ~ 264VAC ; Voltage - Output: 15V ; Current - Output: 800mA ; Termination Style: Wire Leads ; Size / Dimension: 3.62" L x 1.36" W x 0.83" H (92.0mm x 34.5mm x 21.0mm) ; Power (Watts): 12W ; Mounting Type: Chassis Mount ; Approvals:.

ADS1148IRHBR : 1-CH 16-BIT DELTA-SIGMA ADC, SERIAL ACCESS, PQCC32. s: Package Type: GREEN, PLASTIC, QFN-32 ; Screening Level: AUTOMOTIVE ; Pins: 32 ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 125 C (-40 to 257 F) ; ADC Type: Sigma-Delta ; Sample Rate: 2 kSamples/Sec ; Input Voltage: -2.5 to 2.5 volts.

HC51R8 : CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR, CLOCK, 100 MHz, HCMOS/TTL OUTPUT. s: Oscillator Type: XO ; Package / Form Factor: Through Hole ; Frequency: 100 MHz ; Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F) ; Supply Voltage: 5.0 Volts ; Output Type: TTL, HCMOS.

293D405X0025A2TE3 : CAPACITOR, TANTALUM, SOLID, POLARIZED, 25 V, 1 uF, SURFACE MOUNT, 3216. s: Configuration / Form Factor: Chip Capacitor ; RoHS Compliant: Yes ; General : Polarized ; Capacitance Range: 1 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 20 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 25 volts ; Leakage Current: 0.5000 microamps ; Mounting Style: Surface Mount Technology ; EIA Case Size: 3216 ; Operating.

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