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TitlePower Controllers & Motor Drivers
DescriptionThree Phase Motor Driver
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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SUPPLY VOLTAGE FROM 52V 5A PEAK CURRENT RDS ON 0.3 TYP. VALUE AT 25C CROSS CONDUCTION PROTECTION TTL COMPATIBLE DRIVER OPERATING FREQUENCY TO 50KHz THERMAL SHUTDOWN INTRINSIC FAST FREE WHEELING DIODES INPUT AND ENABLE FUNCTION FOR EVERY HALF BRIDGE 10V EXTERNAL REFERENCE AVAILABLE DESCRIPTION The is a triple half bridge to drive a brushless motor. It is realized in Multipower BCD technology which combines isolated DMOS power transistors with CMOS and Bipolar circuits on the same chip. By using mixed technology it has been possible to optimize the logic circuitry and the power stage to achieve the best possible performance. The output DMOS transistors can sustain a very high current due to the fact that the DMOS structure is not affected by the second breakdown efPIN CONNECTION (Top view)

fect, the RMS maximum current is practically limited by the dissipation capability of the package. All the logic inputs are TTL, CMOS and P compatible. Each channel is controlled by two separate logic input. L6234 is available in 20 pin POWER DIP package (16+2+2) and in PowerSO20.

Symbol Rth j-pin Rth j-amb1 Rth j-amb2 Rth j-case Parameter Thermal Resistance, Junction to Pin Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient (see Thermal Characteristics) Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient (see Thermal Characteristics) Thermal Resistance Junction-case DIP16+2+2 PowerSO20 Unit C/W

THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS Rth j-pins DIP16+2+2. The thermal resistance is referred to the thermal path from the dissipating region on the top surface of the silicon chip, to the points along the four central pins of the package, at a distance 1.5 mm away from the stand-offs. Rth If a dissipating surface, thick at least 35 m, and with a surface similar or bigger than the one shown, is created making use of the printed circuit. Such heatsinking surface is considered on the bottom side of an horizontal PCB (worst case). Rth j-amb2 If the power dissipating pins (the four central

ones), as well as the others, have a minimum thermal connection with the external world (very thin strips only) so that the dissipation takes place through still air and through the PCB itself. It is the same situation of point above, without any heatsinking surface created on purpose on the board. Additional data on the PowerDip and the PowerSO20 package can be found in: Application Note AN467: Thermal Characteristics of the PowerDip 20,24 Packages Soldered on 1,2,3 oz. Copper PCB Application Note AN668: A New High Power IC Surface Mount Package: PowerSO20 Power IC Packaging from Insertion to Surface Mounting.


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