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CategoryMemory => Flash => NOR Flash => Industry Standard Boot Block 3V
TitleIndustry Standard Boot Block 3V
Description16 Mbit (1MB X16, Boot BLOCK) 3V Supply Flash Memory
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications
16 Mbit (1Mb x16, Boot Block) 3V Supply Flash Memory

0CFEATURES SUMMARY s SUPPLY VOLTAGE VDD to 3.6V Core Power Supply VDDQ= to 3.6V for Input/Output VPP = 12V for fast Program (optional)

ACCESS TIME: 85, 90,100ns PROGRAMMING TIME: 10s typical Double Word Programming Option

COMMON FLASH INTERFACE 64 bit Security Code MEMORY BLOCKS Parameter Blocks (Top or Bottom location) Main Blocks

BLOCK LOCKING All blocks locked at Power Up Any combination of blocks can be locked WP for Block Lock-Down

SECURITY 64 bit user Programmable OTP cells 64 bit unique device identifier One Parameter Block Permanently Lockable


TABLE OF CONTENTS SUMMARY DESCRIPTION. 5 Figure 2. Logic Diagram. 5 Table 1. Signal Names. 5 Figure 3. TSOP Connections. 6 Figure 4. TFBGA Connections (Top view through package). 7 Figure 5. Block Addresses. 8 Figure 6. Security Block and Protection Register Memory Map. 8 SIGNAL DESCRIPTIONS. 9 Address Inputs (A0-A19). 9 Data Input/Output (DQ0-DQ15). 9 Chip Enable (E). 9 Output Enable (G). 9 Write Enable (W). 9 Write Protect (WP). 9 Reset (RP). 9 VDD Supply Voltage. 9 VDDQ Supply Voltage. 9 VPP Program Supply Voltage. 9 VSS Ground. 9 BUS OPERATIONS. 10 Read. 10 Write. 10 Output Disable. 10 Standby. 10 Automatic Standby. 10 Reset. 10 Read Electronic Signature Command. 11 Table 2. Bus Operations. 10 COMMAND INTERFACE. 11 Read Memory Array Command. 11 Read Status Register Command. 11 Read Electronic Signature Command. 11 Read CFI Query Command. 11 Block Erase Command. 11 Program Command. 11 Double Word Program Command. 12 Clear Status Register Command. 12 Program/Erase Suspend Command. 12 Program/Erase Resume Command. 12 Protection Register Program Command. 12 Block Lock-Down Command. 13

Table 3. Commands. 14 Table 4. Read Electronic Signature. 14 Table 5. Read Block Lock Signature. 15 Table 6. Read Protection Register and Lock Register. 15 Table 7. Program, Erase Times and Program/Erase Endurance Cycles. 15 BLOCK LOCKING. 16 Reading a Block's Lock Status. 16 Locked State. 16 Unlocked State. 16 Lock-Down State. 16 Locking Operations During Erase Suspend. 16 Table 8. Block Lock Status. 17 Table 9. Protection Status. 17 STATUS REGISTER. 18 Program/Erase Controller Status (Bit 7). 18 Erase Suspend Status (Bit 6). 18 Erase Status (Bit 5). 18 Program Status (Bit 4). 18 VPP Status (Bit 3). 18 Program Suspend Status (Bit 2). 18 Block Protection Status (Bit 1). 19 Reserved (Bit 0). 19 Table 10. Status Register Bits. 19 MAXIMUM RATING. 20 Table 11. Absolute Maximum Ratings. 20 DC and AC PARAMETERS. 21 Table 12. Operating and AC Measurement Conditions. 21 Figure 7. AC Measurement I/O Waveform. 21 Figure 8. AC Measurement Load Circuit. 21 Table 13. Capacitance. 21 Table 14. DC Characteristics. 22 Figure 9. Read Mode AC Waveforms. 23 Table 15. Read AC Characteristics. 23 Figure 10. Write AC Waveforms, Write Enable Controlled. 24 Table 16. Write AC Characteristics, Write Enable Controlled. 25 Figure 11. Write AC Waveforms, Chip Enable Controlled. 26 Table 17. Write AC Characteristics, Chip Enable Controlled. 27 Figure 12. Power-Up and Reset AC Waveforms. 28 Table 18. Power-Up and Reset AC Characteristics. 28


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ST2L05-2533PT : DUAL OUTPUT, FIXED/ADJUSTABLE POSITIVE REGULATOR, PDSO8 Specifications: Regulator Type: Standard ; Output Polarity: Positive ; Output Voltage Type: Fixed, Adjustable / Variable ; Package Type: Other, 6 X 5 MM, DFN-8 ; Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; Output Voltage: 1.46 to 1.54 volts ; IOUT: 1 amps

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AM27X256 : 256K. Express ROM 256k: 32kx8. As an OTP EPROM alternative: Factory optimized programming Fully tested and guaranteed As a Mask ROM alternative: Shorter leadtime Lower volume per code s Fast access time ns s Single +5 V power supply s Compatible with JEDEC-approved EPROM pinout s 10% power supply tolerance s High noise immunity s Low power dissipation 20 A maximum CMOS standby.

AT5FC004 : 4-megabyte Flash Memory Pcmcia Card. Single Power Supply Read and Write Voltage, 5% High Performance 200 ns Maximum Access Time 6 ms Typical Sector Write CMOS Low Power Consumption 20 mA Typical Active Current (Byte Mode) 400 A Typical Standby Current Fully MS-DOS Compatible Flash Driver and Formatter Virtual-Disk Flash Driver with 512 Bytes/Sector Random Read/Write to any Sector No Erase.

GM71VS16160 : . The GM71V(S)16160C/CL is the new generation dynamic RAM organized x 16 bit. GM71V(S)16160C/CL has realized higher density, higher performance and various functions by utilizing advanced CMOS process technology. The GM71V(S)16160C/CL offers Fast Page Mode as a high speed access mode. Multiplexed address inputs permit the to be packaged in standard 400 mil 42pin.

HYB25D512400AT : 512mbit Double Data Rate Sdram. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Edition 2004-03 Published by Infineon Technologies AG, St.-Martin-Strasse 53, 81669 Mnchen, Germany Infineon Technologies AG 2004. All Rights Reserved. Attention please! The information herein is given to describe certain components and shall not be considered as a guarantee of characteristics.

HYM75V32M636LT6 : ->SO DIMM. based on 32Mx16 SDRAM with LVTTL, 4 banks & 8K Refresh The HYM75V32M636(L)T6 Series are 32Mx64bits Synchronous DRAM Modules. The modules are composed of four 32Mx16bits CMOS Synchronous DRAMs 400mil 54pin TSOP-II package, one 2Kbit EEPROM in 8pin TSSOP package a 144 pin glass-epoxy printed circuit board. Two 0.33uF and one 0.1uF decoupling capacitors.

IS41C16105 : . TTL compatible inputs and outputs; tristate I/O Refresh Interval: cycles/16 ms Refresh Mode: RAS-Only, CAS-before-RAS (CBR), Hidden JEDEC standard pinout Single power supply: 10% (IS41LV16105) Byte Write and Byte Read operation via two CAS Industrail temperature range to 85oC 16-bit high-performance CMOS Dynamic Random Access Memories. Fast Page Mode.

M58MR064C : Advanced Architecture. 64 Mbit (4MB X16, Mux I/O, Dual Bank, BURST) 1.8V Supply Flash Memory.

M5M4V16169DRT-10 : 16mcdram:16m ( 1m-word BY 16-bit ) Cached DRAM With 16k ( 1024-word BY 16-bit ) SRAM.

TM4SR72EPN : 4,194,304 BY 72-bit Sdram Module (dimm). Organization x 72 Bits x 72 Bits Single 3.3-V Power Supply (10% Tolerance) Designed for 66-MHz 4-Clock Systems JEDEC 168-Pin Dual-In-Line Memory Module (DIMM) Without Buffer for Use With Socket TM2SR72EPN Uses Nine 16M-Bit Synchronous Dynamic RAMs (SDRAMs) 8-Bit) in Plastic Thin Small-Outline Packages (TSOPs) TM4SR72EPN Uses 18 16M-Bit SDRAMs 8-Bit).

V436632S04VTG-75 : 3.3 Volt 32m X 64 High Performance Pc133 Unbuffered Sdram Module. V436632S04VTG-75 3.3 VOLT x 64 HIGH PERFORMANCE PC133 UNBUFFERED SDRAM MODULE s 168 Pin Unbuffered ECC x 64 bit Oganization SDRAM Modules s Utilizes High Performance x 8 SDRAM in TSOPII-54 Packages s Fully PC Board Layout Compatible to INTEL'S Rev 1.0 Module s Single +3.3V 0.3V) Power Supply s Programmable CAS Latency, Burst Length, and Wrap Sequence.

PD485505 : . The a 5,048 words by 8 bits high speed FIFO (First In First Out) line buffer. Its CMOS static circuitry provides high speed access and low power consumption. The PD485505 can be used for one line delay and time axis conversion in high speed facsimile machines and digital copiers. Moreover, the PD485505 can execute read and write operations independently.

M29DW128G60ZA6E : 8M X 16 FLASH 3V PROM, PBGA64. s: Memory Category: Flash, PROM ; Density: 134218 kbits ; Number of Words: 8000 k ; Bits per Word: 16 bits ; Package Type: 10 X 13 MM, 1 MM PITCH, ROHS COMPLIANT, TFBGA-64 ; Pins: 64 ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Supply Voltage: 3V ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F).

MT16JTF1G64AZ-1G1XX : 1G X 64 DDR DRAM MODULE, DMA240. s: Memory Category: DRAM Chip ; Density: 68719477 kbits ; Number of Words: 1000000 k ; Bits per Word: 64 bits ; Package Type: HALOGEN FREE, UDIMM-240 ; Pins: 240 ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Supply Voltage: 1.5V ; Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F).

71T75902S75BG : 1M X 18 ZBT SRAM, 7.5 ns, PBGA119. s: Memory Category: SRAM Chip ; Density: 18874 kbits ; Number of Words: 1000 k ; Bits per Word: 18 bits ; Package Type: BGA, 14 X 22 MM, PLASTIC, BGA-119 ; Pins: 119 ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Supply Voltage: 2.5V ; Access Time: 7.5 ns ; Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F).

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