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CategoryCommunication => Wireless => Bluetooth
DescriptionBluetooth Radio Transceiver
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications

Bluetooth® V1.1 specification certified Fully integrated single chip: ­ transceiver with minimum of external RF components ­ PLL completely integrated ­ Integrated antenna switch

Supports Power Class 2 and 3 operation with power control Outstanding maximum usable input signal Interface with base-band: ­ BlueRF compatible ­ unidirectional ­ received data: RxMode2 and RxMode2+ are supported ­ serial interface: JTAG

DESCRIPTION The is a fully integrated Bluetooth® single chip radio transceiver. Together with a BB processor, like STLC2410, it offers a compact and complete solution for short-range wireless connectivity for a variety of applications. The STLC2150 implements a low-IF receiver for Bluetooth® modulated input signals and no external IF filtering is required. The GFSK demodulator is fully integrated and supplies digital output data and RSSI. The transmit section features a fully integrated GFSK modulator, followed by a direct up-conversion stage, giving an output signal of 0 dBm. Optional power control is available. On-chip VCO covers full Bluetooth® band and contains all of the tank resonator circuitry. Unidirectional BlueRF compatible interface and 4 wires serial JTAG interface are used to control all functions of radio transceiver, enabling operation with wide range of BB processors.

CMOS technology Standard VFQFPN-48 package Low standby power consumption extended temperature range

APPLICATIONS s Wireless data transmission applications to 432 Kbps symmetrical or 721 Kbps asymmetrical. s Typical applications in which the STLC2150 is used are: s Computer peripherals s Modems s Cameras s Portable computers, PDA s Handheld data transfer devices s Mobile phone s Other types of devices that require the wireless communication provided by Bluetooth®.

This is preliminary information on a new product now in development. Details are subject to change without notice.

QUICK REFERENCE DATA Table 1. Absolute Maximum Ratings Operation of the device beyond these conditions is not guaranteed. Sustained exposure to these limits will adversely effect device reliability.

Symbol VDD VIN Conditions Power supply Analogue and Digital Core Input voltage on any pin Min VSS - 0.3 VSS - 0.3 Max 3.5 VDD + 0.3 AND < 3.5(*) VDDIO + 0.3 AND Unit V

Maximum voltage difference between different VSS* pins Power supply for digital I/O

Table 2. Operating Ranges Operating ranges define the limits for functional operation and parametric characteristics of the device. Functionality outside these limits is not implied.

Symbol VDD VDDIO Tamb Conditions Power supply Analogue and Digital Core Power supply for I/O Ambient temperature Min 2.50 -20 Typ 2.70 Max 3.60 70 Unit V °C

Pin# Pin Name VSS3 AOUTIP AOUTIN AOUTQP AOUTQN LPCLK BDCLK DVDD1 DVSS1 BNDEN BMOSI BMISO RESETN BXTLEN BTXEN BRXEN IOVDD1 CLK13MHZ BTXD BRCLK OTP_ZAP BPKTCTL BRXD BSEN Description Analogue Ground Analogue test output Analogue test output Analogue test output Analogue test output or 32 KHz clock output JTAG TCK Digital Core Supply pin Digital Core Ground pin JTAG TMS JTAG TDI JTAG TDO Reset Oscillator enable Tx path enable Rx path enable Digital IO Supply pin 13 MHz output Tx data 1 MHz-clock associated with data OTP ZAP Access code successfully decoded Rx data Synthesizer enable Pin# Pin Name XTAL130 XTAL13I VDDXTAL VDD7 VSS7 AINQN AINQP VDD4 VSS4 RF_N RF_P VSS4 VDD4 AININ AINIP VDD3 Description 13 MHz Crystal oscillator output pin 13 MHz Crystal oscillator input pin 13 MHz oscillator supply Analogue Ground Analogue Supply Analogue Supply Analogue Ground Analogue Ground Analogue Supply Analogue Supply Analogue Ground Analogue Supply Analogue Ground Analogue test input Analogue test input Analogue Supply Analogue Ground RF antenna connection RF antenna connection Analogue Ground Analogue Supply Analogue test input Analogue test input Analogue Supply



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