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CategoryCommunication => Telephony => Line Interface
DescriptionWLL Subscriber Line Interface Circuit
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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INTEGRATED THERMAL PROTECTION TO +85C OPERATING RANGE DESCRIPTION The is a SLIC device specifically designed for WLL (Wireless Local Loop) application. One of the distinctive characteristics of this device is the ability to operate with a single supply voltage (from to +15.8V) and self generate the negative battery by means an on chip DC/DC converter controller that drives an external

DESCRIPTION (continued) MOS switch. The self generated battery voltage tracks the line resistance. In this way the power dissipation inside the device is low enough to allow the use of small SMD package (TQFP44). Other useful characteristics for application in the WLL environment are the integrated ringing generator and the dual two wire port that allows to drive two different terminal equipment whether the transmission is voice or data. When one port is transmitting the other one is idle. The control interface is a parallel type with open drain output and 3.3V logic levels. The metering pulses are generated on chip starting from two logic signals (0, 3.3V) one defines the metering pulse frequency and the other the PIN CONNECTION

metering pulse duration. An on chip circuit then provides the proper shaping and filtering. Metering pulse amplitude and shaping (rising and decay time) can be programmed by external components. A dedicated cancellation circuit avoid possible CODEC input saturation due to Metering pulse echo. Constant current feed can be set from to 40mA. Off-hook detection threshold is programmable from to 9mA. The device, developed in BCD100II technology (100V process), operates in the extended temperature range and integrates a thermal protection that set the device in power down when Tj exceeds 140C.

Parameter Positive Supply Voltage AGND to BGND Pin P1, P2, DET, DET1, DET2 CKTTX Max. junction Temperature Vbtot=|Vpos|+|Vbat|. (Total voltage applied to the device supply pins).

(1) Vbat is self generated by the on chip DC/DC converter and can be programmed via RF1 and RF2. RF1 and RF2 shall be selected in order to fulfil the a.m limits (see External Components Table page 13)

Symbol Vpos A/BGND Vdig Top Vbat (1) Positive Supply Voltage AGND to BGND Pin D1, D2, DET, DET1, DET2, CKTTX, P1, P2 Ambient Operating Temperature Range Self Generated Battery Voltage Parameter Value +85 -74 max. Unit C V

(1) Vbat is self generated by the on chip DC/DC converter and can be programmed via RF1 and RF2. RF1 and RF2 shall be selected in order to fulfil the a.m limits (see External Components Table page 10)

Symbol Rth j-amb Parameter Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient Typ. Value 60 Unit C/W

N. Name VPOS BGND AGND ZAC TX RX CAC ILTF TIP2 RING2 RLIM RTH IREF CREV Function Positive supply input ranging from to 15.8V. Battery Ground, must be shorted with AGND. Analog Ground, must be shorted with BGND. AC impedance synthesis. RX buffer output, the AC impedance is connected from this node to ZAC. Protection resistors image (the image resistor is connected from this node to ZAC). Balance Network for to 4 wire conversion (the balance impedance ZB is connected from this node to AGND. ZA impedance is connected from this node ZAC1). 4 wire output port (TX output). The signal is referred to AGND. If connected to single supply CODEC input it must be DC decoupled with proper capacitor. 4 wire input port (RX input); 300K input impedance. This signal is referred to AGND. If connected to single supply CODEC output it must be DC decoupled with proper capacitor. AC feedback input, AC/DC split capacitor (CAC). Transversal line current image output. 2 wire port #1; TIP wire (Ia is the current sourced from this pin). 2 wire port #1; RING wire (Ib is the current sunk into this pin). 2 wire port #2; TIP wire (Ia is the current sourced from this pin) 2 wire port #2; RING wire (Ib is the current sunk into this pin) Constant current feed programming pin (via RLIM). RLIM should be connected close to this pin and PCB layout should avoid noise injection on this pin. Off-hook threshold programming pin (via RTH). RTH should be connected close to this pin and PCB layout should avoid noise injection on this pin. Internal bias current setting pin. RREF should be connected close to this pin and PCB layout should avoid noise injection on this pin. Reverse polarity transition time control. One proper capacitor connected between this pin and AGND is setting the reverse polarity transition time. This is the same transition time used to shape the "trapezoidal ringing" during ringing injection. Internal positive voltage supply filter.


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