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DescriptionWhite Led Power Supply
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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FEATURES High efficiency above 80% Can drive to 4 LEDs in series from 2.8V supply Constant LED current regulation Integrated LED disconnect switch that cuts the LEDs branch in shutdown mode Constant switching frequency Stable current regulation across the total input voltage range Supply voltage rejection Inherent soft start by limiting the peak inductor current Peak inductor current adjustability (STLD20DC8 only) Shutdown pin with possibility of PWM dimming control Over voltage and over temperature protection with automatic restart Low shutdown current < 1A Small external inductor (10H, height < 2mm) Tiny ceramic external capacitor Can be supplied by a Li-ion battery - VIN range: to 5Vdc Figure 1: Basic connection

APPLICATION White Led supply for LCD backlight Mobile phone PDA and organizers Any handsets powered from to 4.2V DESCRIPTION The is a constant switching frequency boost regulator with specific features to supply to 4 white LEDs in series. A stable LED current regulation, from 4.2V, is achieved by sensing the LED current through a low ohmic shunt resistor RLED (see figure 1). The device also includes a supply rejection circuit that prevent any kind of flickering effect on the display during dynamic supply voltage variation. A LED disconnect switch cut the LED branch to reduce the current consumption in shutdown mode. The maximum peak inductor current can be programmed. The STLD20D includes often numerous features and innovative design circuit that allows getting an efficiency above 80% across the total supply voltage range. Figure 2: Efficiency versus input voltage (ILED=20mA; Tamb=25C)

Table 1: Order Codes Part Number Marking STLD20D-DEF L2D

This is preliminary information on a new product now in development or undergoing evaluation. Details are subject to change without notice.

- Exposed pad is not connected to the ground of the dice. - Connect exposed pad to pin one.

Table 2: External Components Pproposal (note 1) - Referred basic connection (figure 1) Symbol RLED CIN COUT L Parameter LED current resistance Input filtering capacitor Output capacitance Boost inductor (height < 2mm) Inductance Resistance at 500kHz Isat (RSET = 100k) VRRM IF (peak forward current) = 15V Ceramic type Test Conditions Value Unit Min. Typ. Max. H mA Vdc A F

Note 1: the external components proposal should be considered as a design reference guide. The performances mentioned in the electrical characteristics table are not guaranteed for all the possible electrical parameters of the components included in this list. On an other hand the operation STLD20D is not limited with the use of components included in this list.

Table 3: Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol VIN VESD TOP Tstg BVDS SHDN Parameter Supply voltage range ESD ratings Operating temperature Storage temperature Breakdown voltage at pin SW and TSS and VOUT Maximum voltage applied on SHDN pin HBM MIL STD 883C Test conditions Value Unit Min. Typ. Max. 5 V VIN C V


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