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CategoryRF & Microwaves => Hybrid Power Modules
TitleHybrid Power Modules
DescriptionRF Power Module Satellite Communications Applications
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications


DESCRIPTION The STM1645-30 hybrid RF Power Module is designed for high power satellite communication applications in the 1.6 GHz frequency range. High fT, gold metallized silicon microwave power devices, optimized for use in STM1645-30, are employed to provide high gain and efficiency while ensuring excellent reliability.

Symbol V PIN T STG TC Parameter DC Supply Voltage RF Input Power (P OUT 30 W) Storage Temperature Range Operating Case Temperature Value + 70 Unit Vdc mW

Symbol BW P OUT IN H Parameter Frequency Range Power Output Power Gain Efficiency Input Impedance Harmonics P OUT vs T CASE P OUT vs Frequency Load Mismatch P OUT Control Range Stability

Note 12 V regulated 1% POUT adjusted by varying VC3 REF. 1015506I

P OUT 30 W reference 10mW f MHz VSWR = 10:1 POUT W P OUT 30 W POUT to 30 W** Load VSWR = 3:1 any phase = 28 Vdc

No Degradation in Output Power 10 dB All Spurious Outputs More Than 60 dB Below Carrier

TYPICAL PERFORMANCE Power Output vs Frequency and Power Input Power Gain vs Frequency and Power Input


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AA038N1_N2-00 : 28 40 GHZ GAAS Mmic Low Noise Amp. Single Bias Supply Operation 3.8 dB Typical Noise Figure at 38 GHz 17 dB Typical Small Signal Gain 0.25 m Ti/Pd/Au Gates 100% On-Wafer RF, DC and Noise Figure Testing 100% Visual Inspection MT 2010 Skyworks' four-stage reactively-matched 2840 GHz GaAs MMIC low noise amplifier has typical small signal gain 17 dB with a typical noise figure at 38 GHz.

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BX5118 : Frequency (MHz) = 3 - 100 ;; Gain (Typ/Min) (dB) = 16.3 / 15.5 ;; Noise Figure (Typ/Max) (dB) = 1.5 / 2 ;; P1dB Comp Point (Typ/Min) (dBm) = +6.5 / +5.5 ;; 3rd Order Intercept (Typ) (dBm) = +19 ;; 2nd Order Intercept (Typ) (dBm) = +25 ;; DC Power (Typ) (V/mA) = +15 / +21 ;; Package = Package = Package = 4 Pin TO-8 Package = Surface Mount Package = Flatpack.

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MASWSS0024 : 0.5-3 Ghz, SPDT High ISOlation Terminated Switch. Positive Voltage Control / +5 V) High Isolation (55 dB typ. @ 0.9 GHz, 50 dB typ @ 1.9 GHz) 50-Ohm Internal Terminations Low Insertion Loss (0.6 dB typ. @ 0.9 GHz, 0.7 dB typ. @ 1.9 GHz) MSOP-8-EP Package The M/A-COM MASWSS0024 GaAs monolithic switch provides high isolation in a low-cost, plastic surface mount package. The MASWSS0024 is ideal for applications.

NC3101 : Calibrated Coaxial Noise Source. Noise output rise and fall times less than 1 s. VSWR less than 1.35:1 for units with 15.5 dB ENR. Noise output variation with temperature less than 0.01 dB/C. Noise output with voltage less than 0.1 dB/1%V. Operating temperature + 85C. Storage temperature to 125C. Input power +28 VDC 30 mA max. Noise Com's NC 3000 Series calibrated noise sources.

P35-4307 : DC-16GHz 5 Bit Digital Attenuator. The is a high performance broadband Gallium Arsenide monolithic 5 bit digital attenuator offering an attenuation range in 0.5dB steps. It is suitable for use in broadband communications, instrumentation and electronic warfare applications. The attenuator is controlled by the application of complimentary or 0/-8V signals to the control lines in accordance.

SD4013 : UHF Transistors. UHF Communications Applications RF & Microwave Transistors.

TIM7785-4SL : C-Band Power GaAs IMFETs. Frequency Band (GHz) = 7.7-8.5 ;; P1dB (dBm) = 36.5 ;; G1dB (dB) = 6.5 ;; P.A.E. (%) Typ. = 32 ;; VDS (V) = 10 ;; Ids (A) Typ. = 1.1 ;; IM3 (dBc) Typ. = -45 ;; RTH ( C/W) Typ. = 4.5 ;; Additional Information =  .

HMC608LC4 : POWER AMPLIFIER, 9.5 - 11.5 GHz The HMC608LC4 is a high dynamic range GaAs PHEMT MMIC Medium Power Amplifi er housed in a leadless Pb free SMT package. The amplifi er has two modes of operation: high gain mode (Vpd pin shorted to ground); and low gain mode (Vpd pin left open). The electrical specifi cations in the table below are shown for the amplifi.

HMC719LP4E : Low Noise Amplifier SMT, 1.3 - 2.9 GHz The HMC719LP4(E) is a GaAs PHEMT MMIC Low Noise Amplifier that is ideal for Cellular/3G and LTE/WiMAX/4G basestation front-end receivers operating between 1.3 and 2.9 GHz. The amplifier has been optimized to provide 1 dB noise figure, 34 dB gain and +39 dBm output IP3 from a single supply of +5V..

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