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Description3V Supervisor With Battery Switchover
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Watchdog Input STM805 STM806 ActiveLow RST(1) (2) ActiveHigh RST Manual Battery Reset Input Switch-over Power-fail Comparator ChipEnable Gating

Note: 1. All RST outputs push-pull (unless otherwise noted) 2. Open drain output.

FEATURES SUMMARY. 1 Figure 1. Packages. 1 Table 1. Device Options. 1 SUMMARY DESCRIPTION. 4 Figure 2. Logic Diagram (STM690/802/804/805). 4 Figure 3. Logic Diagram (STM704/806). 4 Figure 4. Logic Diagram (STM795). 4 Table 2. Signal Names. 4 Figure 5. STM690/802/804/805 Connections. 5 Figure 6. STM704/806 Connections. 5 Figure 7. STM795 Connections. 5 Table 3. Pin Description. 5 Figure 8. Block Diagram (STM690/802/804/805). 6 Figure 9. Block Diagram (STM704/806). 7 Figure 10.Block Diagram (STM795). 7 Figure 11.Hardware Hookup. 8 OPERATION. 9 Reset Output. 9 Push-button Reset Input (STM704/806). 9 Watchdog Input (NOT available STM704/795/806). 9 Back-up Battery Switchover. 9 Table 4. I/O Status in Battery Back-up. 9 Chip-Enable Gating (STM795 only). 10 Chip Enable Input (STM795 only). 10 Chip Enable Output (STM795 only). 10 Figure 12.Chip-Enable Gating. 10 Figure 13.Chip Enable Waveform (STM795). 10 Power-fail Input/Output (NOT available STM795). 11 Applications Information. 11 Figure 14.Power-fail Comparator Waveform (STM690/704/802/804/805/806). 11 Using a SuperCapTM as a Backup Power Source. 12 Figure 15.Using a SuperCapTM. 12 Negative-Going VCC Transients. 12 TYPICAL OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS. 13 Figure 16.VBAT-to-VOUT On-Resistance vs. Temperature. 13 Figure 17.Supply Current vs. Temperature (no load). 13 Figure 18.VPFI Threshold vs. Temperature. 14 Figure 19.Reset Comparator Propagation Delay vs. Temperature. 14 Figure 20.Power-up trec vs. Temperature. 14 Figure 21.Normalized Reset Threshold vs. Temperature. 15

Figure 22.Watchdog Time-out Period vs. Temperature. 15 Figure 23.E to ECON On-Resistance vs. Temperature. 15 Figure 24.PFI to PFO Propagation Delay vs. Temperature. 16 Figure 25.RST Output Voltage vs. Supply Voltage. 16 Figure 26.RST Output Voltage vs. Supply Voltage. 17 Figure 27.RST Response Time (Assertion). 17 Figure 28.RESET Response Time (Assertion). 18 Figure 29.Power-fail Comparator Response Time (Assertion). 18 Figure 30.Power-fail Comparator Response Time (De-Assertion). 19 Figure 31.VCC to Reset Propagation Delay vs. Temperature. 19 Figure 32.Maximum Transient Duration vs. Reset Threshold Overdrive. 20 Figure 33.E to ECON Propagation Delay vs. Temperature. 20 MAXIMUM RATING. 21 Table 5. Absolute Maximum Ratings. 21 DC and AC PARAMETERS. 21 Table 6. Operating and AC Measurement Conditions. Figure 34.E to ECON Propagation Delay Test Circuit. Figure 35.AC Testing Input/Output Waveforms. Figure 36.MR Timing Waveform. Figure 37.Watchdog Timing. Table 7. DC and AC Characteristics...............................

PACKAGE MECHANICAL. 26 Figure 8-lead Plastic Small Outline, 150 mils body width, Package Mech. Drawing. 26 Table 8-lead Plastic Small Outline, 150 mils body width, Package Mechanical Data. 26 Figure 8-lead, Thin Shrink Small Outline, 3x3mm body size, Outline. 27 Table 8-lead, Thin Shrink Small Outline, 3x3mm body size, Mechanical Data. 27 PART NUMBERING. 28 Table 10. Ordering Information Scheme. 28 Table 11. Marking Description. 29 REVISION HISTORY. 30 Table 12. Document Revision History. 30


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