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CategoryPower Management => Supervisory Circuits => Microprocessor Supervisors
DescriptionMicroprocessor Supervisors And Reset ICs
5 V supervisor with battery switchover
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications

5 V operating voltage NVRAM supervisor for external LPSRAM Chip-enable gating (STM818 only) for external LPSRAM (7 ns max prop delay) RST and RST outputs 200 ms (typ) trec Watchdog timer - 1.6 sec (typ) Automatic battery switchover Low battery supply current 0.4 µA (typ) Power-fail comparator (PFI/PFO) Low supply current 40 µA (typ) Guaranteed RST (RST) assertion down to VCC 1.0 V Operating temperature: to +85°C (industrial grade) RoHS compliance ­ Lead-free components are compliant with the RoHS directive. Device summary

Watchdog Active-low Activehigh RST input RST(1) Manual reset input(1) Battery Power-fail switchcomparator over Chipenable gating Battery freshness seal (DS)(1) SO8 (M)

Reset output. 13 Push-button reset input (STM703/704/819). 13 Watchdog input (NOT available STM703/704/819). 13 Backup battery switchover. 14 Chip-enable gating (STM818 only). 14 Chip-enable input (STM818 only). 15 Chip-enable output (STM818 only). 15 Power-fail input/output (NOT available STM818). 16 Applications information. 16 Using a SuperCapTM as a backup power source. 17 Negative-going VCC transients. 17 Battery freshness seal (STM817/818/819). 18

Typical operating characteristics. 19 Maximum ratings. 31 DC and AC parameters. 32
Package mechanical data. 37 Part numbering. 40 Revision history. 42


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