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Details, datasheet, quote on part number: STTH200L06TV1
Part numberSTTH200L06TV1
DescriptionUltrafast Recovery Diode
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Specifications, Features, Applications

Ultrafast Very low switching losses High frequency and high pulsed current operation Low leakage current Insulated package: ISOTOP Electrical insulation = 2500 VRMS Capacitance 45 pF


The STTH200R04TV series uses ST's new 400 V planar Pt doping technology. The STTH200R04 is specially suited for switching mode base drive and transistor circuits, such as welding equipment.

Absolute ratings (limiting values per diode 25 C, unless otherwise specified)

Parameter Repetitive peak reverse voltage Non repetitive peak reverse voltage RMS forward current Average forward current, = 0.5 Repetitive peak forward current Per diode Per diode Per package = 5 s, = 1 kHz square 65 C Value + 150 Unit C

Surge non repetitive forward current 10 ms Sinusoidal Storage temperature range Maximum operating junction temperature

Symbol Rth(j-c) Rth(c) Parameter Per diode Junction to case Total Coupling thermal resistance 0.1 C/W Value 0.50 Unit

When the diodes are used simultaneously: P(diode1) x Rth(j-c) (per diode) P(diode2) x Rth(c) Table 3.

Parameter Reverse leakage current Test conditions VR = VRRM Min. Typ Max. A V Unit
To evaluate the conduction losses use the following equation: 0.8 x IF(AV) x IF2(RMS)
Parameter Test conditions 1 A, dIF/dt = -50 A/s, 25 C Min. Typ Max. nC ns Unit

Reverse recovery current Reverse recovery charges Softness factor Forward recovery time Forward recovery voltage

100 A, dIF/dt = -200 A/s, 100 A, dIF/dt = -200 A/s, 100 A, dIF/dt = -200 A/s, 100 A dIF/dt = 100 A/s VFR 1.5 x VFmax, 100 A, dIF/dt = 100 A/s, 25 C

Forward voltage drop versus forward current
Relative variation of thermal impedance junction to case versus pulse duration
Peak reverse recovery current versus dIF/dt (typical values)

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