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Details, datasheet, quote on part number: T410-400
Part numberT410-400
CategoryDiscrete => Thyristors => Triacs => 0.8A - 1A - 4A - 6A - 8A
Title0.8A - 1A - 4A - 6A - 8A
Description4A Triacs
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Specifications, Features, Applications

Symbol IT(RMS) VDRM/VRRM IGTT (Q1) Value to 35 Unit A V

DESCRIPTION Based on ST's Snubberless / Logic level technology providing high commutation performances, the T4 series is suitable for use on AC inductive loads. They are recommended for applications using universal motors, electrovalves.... such as kitchen aid equipments, power tools, dishwashers,... Available in a fully insulated package, the T4...-...W version complies with UL standards (ref. E81734).

Symbol IT(RMS) Parameter RMS on-state current (full sine wave) DPAK / IPAK TO-220AB ISOWATT 220AB ITSM Non repetitive surge peak on-state current (full cycle, Tj initial = 25C) It Value for fusing Critical rate of rise of on-state current 2 x IGT 100 ns Peak gate current Average gate power dissipation Storage junction temperature range Operating junction temperature range A s A/s C A Value Unit A

Symbol Test Conditions Quadrant T405 IGT (1) VGT VGD (2) IL dV/dt II - III II - III II - III MAX. MIN. MAX. I - III = 67 %VDRM gate open = 125C (dV/dt)c = 10 V/s Without snubber MIN. (dI/dt)c (2) (dV/dt)c = 0.1 V/s MAX. T4 T410 V/s A/ms V mA Unit

Note 1: minimum IGT is guaranted 5% of IGT max. Note 2: for both polarities of A2 referenced to A1
Threshold voltage Dynamic resistance VDRM = VRRM

Symbol Rth(j-c) Junction to case (AC) Parameter DPAK IPAK TO-220AB ISOWATT220AB Rth(j-a) Junction to ambient = 0.5 cm DPAK TO-220AB ISOWATT220AB IPAK

Part Number T435-xxxT T435-xxxW Voltage (xxx) 35 mA Logic level Logic level Logic level Logic level Logic level Logic level Logic level Logic level Snubberless DPAK IPAK TO-220AB ISOWATT220AB DPAK IPAK TO-220AB ISOWATT220AB DPAK IPAK TO-220AB ISOWATT220AB Sensitivity Type Package

Packing mode Tube Tape & reel Tube

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