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CategoryCommunication => Freq/Signal Converters/Generators
DescriptionFM Stereo Decoder
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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DESCRIPTION The is a monolithic decoder circuit for FM stereo transmissions. Packaged a 16-pin DIP, it functions with very few external components and requires no inductors. PIN CONNECTION

Symbol VS IL Ptot Toper Tstg Parameter Supply Voltage Lamp Current o Power Dissipation at Tamb 70 C Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Value Unit mA mW

Symbol R th (j-a) Parameter Junction-ambient Thermal Resistance Max. Value 100

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (refer to the test circuit, Tamb = 90%, pilot = 1kHz, unless otherwise specified)

Symbol VI RI Sep d UR Parameter Supply Voltage Range Current Drain Max. Standard Composite Input Signal Max. Mono Input Signal Input Resistance Stereo Channel Separation Audio Output Voltage Mono Channel Balance Total Harmonic Distortion Ultrasonic Frequency Rejection Test Conditions Lamp "OFF" R2 = Variable (see note = 270 Pilot Tone "OFF" VIN = 38kHz Min. Typ. 18 Max. 14 Unit V mA mVRMS % dB

Parameter SCA Rejection (see note 2) Signal to Noise Ratio Muting Threshold Voltage (Pin 9) Pilot Input Level for Lamp ON Pilot Input Level Hysteresis for Lamp Turn ON-OFF Capture Range

R2 has to be adjusted for best figure of channel separation. SCA = AUX. SUB. CARRIER.
Figure 2 : P.C. Board and Components layout of the test Circuit of Figure 1 (1:1 scale)


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5962-8852514XX : AC SERIES, DUAL POSITIVE EDGE TRIGGERED D FLIP-FLOP, COMPLEMENTARY OUTPUT, CDFP14 Specifications: Flip-Flop Type: D ; Triggering: Positive-edge Triggered ; Supply Voltage: 3V ; Output Characteristics: Complementary Output ; Propagation Delay: 17.5 ns ; Operating Temperature: -55 to 125 C (-67 to 257 F) ; Package Type: CERAMIC, DFP-14 ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Number of Pins: 14

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M57714M : 430-450MHz, 12.5V, 7W FM Mobile Radio.

M68732LA : Module->200-500 MHz. RF Power Module For 400-450MHz, 7W FM Portable Radio.

MAX9169 : MAX9169, MAX9170 4-Port LVDS And Lvttl-to-lvds Repeaters. The MAX9169/MAX9170 low-jitter, low-voltage differential signaling LVDS/LVTTL-to-LVDS repeaters are ideal for applications that require high-speed data or clock distribution while minimizing power, space, and noise. The devices accept a single LVDS (MAX9169) or LVTTL (MAX9170) input and repeat the input at four LVDS outputs. Each differential output.

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ML4665 : Low Cost Single Chip 10base-fl Transceiver. The is a low power, low cost, single chip 10BASE-FL transceiver. The ML4665 contains a fiber optic data quantizer and an LED output driver for direct connection to an optical module(s). The ML4665 offers a standard IEEE 802.3 AU interface that allows to be directly connected to industry standard manchester encoder/decoder chips or an AUI connector.

NEWPORT : Newport Atm Access Soc. System-on-a-chip integrated circuit supports lowspeed ATM access for next-generation wireless base transmission station (BTS), base station controller BSC), and remote access concentrator (RAC) applications. IC provides an integrated octal framer that supports T1/E1/J1/J2 formats. Supports inverse multiplexing for ATM (IMA) over selected group and link.

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