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DescriptionUPSD33XX (Turbo Series) Fast 8032 MCU With Programmable Logic
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications
Turbo Series Fast 8032 MCU with Programmable Logic

FAST 8-BIT TURBO 8032 MCU, 40MHz Advanced core, 4-clocks per instruction 10 MIPs peak performance (5V) JTAG Debug and In-System Programming Branch Cache & 6 instruction Prefetch Queue Dual XDATA pointers with auto incr & decr Compatible with 3rd party 8051 tools DUAL FLASH MEMORIES WITH MEMORY MANAGEMENT Place either memory into 8032 program address space or data address space READ-while-WRITE operation for InApplication Programming and EEPROM emulation Single voltage program and erase 100K guaranteed erase cycles, 15-year retention CLOCK, RESET, AND SUPPLY MANAGEMENT SRAM is Battery Backup capable Flexible 8-level CPU clock divider register Normal, Idle, and Power Down Modes Power-on and Low Voltage reset supervisor Programmable Watchdog Timer PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC, GENERAL PURPOSE 16 macrocells Create shifters, state machines, chipselects, glue-logic to keypads, panels, LCDs, others COMMUNICATION INTERFACES I2C Master/Slave controller, 833KHz SPI Master controller, 10MHz Two UARTs with independent baud rate IrDA protocol support to 115K baud to 46 I/O, 5V tolerant 3.3V uPSD33xxV

A/D CONVERTER Eight Channels, 10-bit resolution, 6s TIMERS AND INTERRUPTS Three 8032 standard 16-bit timers Programmable Counter Array (PCA), six 16-bit modules for PWM, CAPCOM, and timers 8/10/16-bit PWM operation 11 Interrupt sources with two external interrupt pins OPERATING VOLTAGE SOURCE 5V devices use both 5.0V and 3.3V sources 3.3V devices use only 3.3V source

This is preliminary information on a new product now in development or undergoing evaluation. Details are subject to change without notice.

Part Number uPSD3354DV-40U6 1st Flash (bytes) 256K 2nd Flash (bytes) 16K 32K SRAM (bytes) 8K 32K GPIO Bus No Yes No Yes VCC 3.3V VDD 5.0V 3.3V Pkg. Temp.

FEATURES SUMMARY. 1 SUMMARY DESCRIPTION. 7 PIN DESCRIPTIONS. 8 uPSD33xx HARDWARE DESCRIPTION. 13 MEMORY ORGANIZATION. 15 Internal Memory (MCU Module, Standard 8032 Memory: DATA, IDATA, SFR). 16 External Memory (PSD Module: Program memory, Data memory). 16 8032 MCU CORE PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENTS. 17 Pre-Fetch Queue (PFQ) and Branch Cache (BC). 19 PFQ Example, Multi-cycle Instructions. 19 Aggregate Performance. 19 MCU MODULE DISCRIPTION. 21 8032 MCU REGISTERS. 21 Stack Pointer (SP). 21 Data Pointer (DPTR). 21 Program Counter (PC). 21 Accumulator (ACC). 21 B Register (B). 21 General Purpose Registers R7). 22 Program Status Word (PSW). 22 SPECIAL FUNCTION REGISTERS (SFR). 23 8032 ADDRESSING MODES. 30 Register Addressing. 30 Direct Addressing. 30 Register Indirect Addressing. 30 Immediate Addressing. 30 External Direct Addressing. 30 External Indirect Addressing. 30 Indexed Addressing. 31 Relative Addressing. 31 Absolute Addressing. 31 Long Addressing. 31 Bit Addressing. 31 uPSD33xx INSTRUCTION SET SUMMARY. 32


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