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DescriptionHigh Performance Signal Source
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Model: VCO190-880T Rev: A Date: 4/22/2003 Customer: VARI-L COMPANY Operating Temperature Range: ° C)

Parameter Frequency Range Tuning Voltage: 865 MHz 895 MHz Tuning Sensitivity Output Power Output Phase Noise: 10 kHz 100 kHz Power Supply Current Harmonic Suppression: 2nd Harmonic 3rd Harmonic Spurious (Non-Harmonic) Frequency Pushing 4.75-5.25 V Frequency Pulling dB RL Tuning Port Capacitance Output Impedance -

Package Information Package Type: Dimensions: x 0.156 inches Drawing Number: Drawing Revision: 60035 E


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VCO190-882U High Performance Signal Source
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ICS9169C-27 : Frequency Generator For Pentium(tm) Based Systems. The is a low-cost frequency generator designed specifically for Pentium based chip set systems. The integrated buffer minimizes skew and provides all the clocks required. A 14.318 MHz XTAL oscillator provides the reference clock to generate standard Pentium frequencies. The CPU clock makes gradual frequency transitions without violating the PLL timing.

ICS9248-157 : Motherboards. Frequencygenerator Mobile Pii/iii Systems. Recommended Application: ALI1621/1632M style chipsets Output : 2 - CPUs 7 - PCI @3.3V, (including one free running) 48MHz, @3.3V fixed. 2 - REF @3.3V, 14.318MHz. : to 140 MHz frequency support Support power management: CPU, PCI stop and Power down. Spread spectrum for EMI control (0.5% down spread). Uses external 14.318MHz crystal FS pins for frequency.

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SATCOM : Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators. Frequency from 0.5 MHz to 160 MHz Stability ± 0.1 ppm to +24Vdc supply voltage options Sinewave, HCMOS, TTL options Over 500,000 units produced Applications SATCOM Base Stations and Picocells LMDS, WLL, SONET, Stratum 3 The SATCOM and "1 ppm Forever" series of Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO's) are available in frequencies from 0.5 MHz to 160 MHz.

SJ-2820 : XO XO ECL Oscillators. Surface Mount 4 J Leads Frequency Range (Mhz) : 18.0 - 250.0 Output/input : Differential, -4.5V.

SY89831U : 1:4 Lvpecl 2.5GHz Clock Distribution/translator With Internal Termination.

TLC2934IPW : ti TLC2934, High Performance Single Phase Locked Loop. Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO) ­ Ring Oscillator Using Only One External Biasing Resistor (RBIAS) Recommended Lock Frequency Phase-Frequency Detector (PFD) Includes a High-Speed Edge-Triggered Detector With Internal Charge Pump Independent VCO, PFD Power-Down Mode Thin Small-Outline Package (14 Terminal) Compatible Pin Assignment TLC2932, TLC2933.

VCO190-313T : High Performance Signal Source. Model: VCO190-313T Rev: A Date: 4/22/2003 Customer: VARI-L COMPANY Operating Temperature Range: ° C) Parameter Frequency Range Tuning Voltage: 300 MHz 325 MHz Tuning Sensitivity Output Power Output Phase Noise: 10 kHz 100 kHz Power Supply Current Harmonic Suppression: 2nd Harmonic 3rd Harmonic Spurious (Non-Harmonic) Frequency Pushing 4.75-5.25 V Frequency.

ICS844252-04 : FEMTOCLOCKS™ CRYSTAL-TOLVDS CLOCK GENERATOR The ICS844252-04 is a 10Gb/12Gb Ethernet Clock Generator and a member of the HiPerClocksTM family of high performance devices from ICS. The ICS844252-04 can synthesize 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 12 Gigabit Ethernet with a 25MHz crystal. It can also generate SATA and 10Gb Fibre Channel reference clock frequencies.

HMC829LP6GE : Fractional-N PLL With Integrated VCO 45 - 1050, 1400 - 2100, 2800 - 4200 MHz The HMC829LP6GE is a low noise, wide band, Fractional-N Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) that an integrated Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO ) with a fundamental frequency of 2800 MHz - 4200 MHz, and an integrated VCO Output Divider (divide by 1/2/4/6/60/62), that together allow the HMC829LP6GE.

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