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DescriptionHigh Performance Signal Source
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Model: VCO790-1500T Rev: C Date: 4/17/2003 Customer: VARI-L COMPANY Operating Temperature Range: ° C)

Parameter Frequency Range Tuning Voltage: 1000 MHz 2000 MHz Tuning Sensitivity: 1000 MHz 1250 MHz 1500 MHz 1750 MHz 2000 MHz Output Power Output Phase Noise: 10 kHz 100 kHz Power Supply Current Harmonic Suppression: 2nd Harmonic 3rd Harmonic Spurious (Non-Harmonic) Frequency Pushing 4.75-5.25 V Frequency Pulling dB RL Tuning Port Capacitance Output Impedance -

Package Information Package Type: Dimensions: x 0.156 inches Drawing Number: Drawing Revision: 60035 E


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ABM2 : Crystal Oscillators.  8.0 X 4.5 X 2.0 MM Ceramic Glass Sealed 6.0MHz to 100MHz.

CDC351 : General Purpose/. 1-to-10 Buffer Clock Driver. Low Output Skew, Low Pulse Skew for Clock-Distribution and Clock-Generation Applications Operates at 3.3-V VCC LVTTL-Compatible Inputs and Outputs Supports Mixed-Mode Signal Operation (5-V Input and Output Voltages With 3.3-V VCC) Distributes One Clock Input to Ten Outputs Distributed VCC and Ground Pins Reduce Switching Noise High-Drive Outputs 32-mA.

CG6234AS : Mpeg Clock Generator With Vcxo. Integrated phase-locked loop (PLL) Low-jitter, high-accuracy outputs VCXO with analog adjust 3.3V operation Highest-performance PLL tailored for multimedia applications Meets critical timing requirements in complex system designs Application compatibility for a wide variety of designs Table 1. Frequency Table Part Number Outputs CG6234AS 1 Input Frequency.

CLV1425E : Package Style = MINI-14S ;; Frequency (MHz) = 1410 to 1440 ;; N@10KHz (dBc/Hz) = -111 ;; Tuning Voltage (Vdc) = 1.00 to 5.00 ;; Tuning Sensitivity (MHz/V) = 15 ;; Power (dBm) = -1.50 ± 3.00 ;; Op.temp ( C) = -40 to 85 ;; VCC (Vdc) = 5.00 ;; Icc (mA) = 27.

CY25823 : Ck-sscd Spread Spectrum Differential Clock 3.3V Operation 96- And 100-MHz Frequency Support Selectable Slew Rate Control 200-ps Jitter I2C Programmability 250-µA Power-down Current Lexmark Spread Spectrum For Best Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Reduction 16-pin Tssop Package.

CY28331OC-2 : Frequency Timing Generators For PC And Server Motherboards. Supports AMD Hammer CPU Two differential pair of CPU clocks Eight low-skew/-jitter PCI clocks One free-running PCI clock Four low-skew/-jitter PCI/HyperTransport clocks One 48M output for USB One programmable or 48M for FDC Three REF 14.318-MHz clocks Dial-a-Frequency programmability Lexmark Spread Spectrum for optimal electromagnetic interference (EMI).

CY29962AI : PLL Based Clock Distribution Device. or 3.3V operation Output frequency to 150MHz Supports PowerPC ® and Pentium® processors 21 clock outputs: drive to 42 clock lines LVPECL or LVCMOS/LVTTL clock input Output-to-output skew < 150 ps Split 2.5V/3.3V outputs Spread-spectrum-compatible Glitch-free output clocks transitioning Output disable control Pin-compatible with MPC9600 Industrial.

DS1075-IND : Timekeeping, Timers, and Counters. Econoscillator/divider. Dual Fixed frequency outputs (30 kHz - 100 MHz) User-programmable on-chip dividers (from - 513) User-programmable on-chip prescaler 4) No external components ±0.5% initial tolerance ±3% variation over temperature and voltage Internal clock, external clock or crystal reference options Single 5V supply Power-down mode Synchronous output gating The DS1075-IND.

ICS9159-12 : Frequency Generator And Buffers For Mobile Pentium(tm) Systems. Frequency Generator and Buffers for Mobile Pentium Systems The ICS9159-12 generates all clocks required for mobile microprocessor systems based on Pentium/Mobile Triton chip sets. Three different reference frequency multiplying factors are externally selectable with smooth frequency transitions. These multiplying factors can be customized for specific.

ICS9248-168 : Motherboards. AMDK7 Mobile System Clock. Recommended Application: VIA KT133 style chipset Output : 1 - Differential pair open drain CPU clocks 1 - CPU clock 7 - SDRAM 8 - PCI @ 3.3V fixed. 3 - REF 3.3V, 14.318MHz. : to 153MHz frequency support Support power management: CPU stop and Power down Mode from I2C programming. Spread spectrum for EMI control ± 0.6% center, or -1.0% down spread). Uses.

K1700A : Package = 14 Pin MTL Dil ;; Frequency = 2.000 to 35.000 MHZ ;; Output Logic = CMOS/ttl ;; Supply Voltage = 5V.

MC100EP16VCDR2 : Amplifier. 3.3V / 5V Ecl Differential Receiver/driver With High Gain And Enable Output, Package: Soic, Pins=8.

PI6C1201 : Clock Circuits. Precision Clock Generator For Laser Printers. Supports laser printer pixel rates to 40 MHz. 70 MHz for C speed version. Jitter less than 300ps. Easily programmable frequency selections via parallel interface. Post divider (R) designed to load only during the Beam Detect interval. Source clock input can be from crystal or oscillator. Source clock rates from 8 MHz to 22 MHz (from crystal or oscillator).

SF0115CD02260T : 114.99. Micro Networks Corp., 324 Clark Street, Worcester, MA 01606, USA tel: 508-852-5400, fax:508-852-8456, Parameter Center Frequency (Fc) 1 dB Bandwidth 3 dB Bandwidth 45 dB Bandwidth Rejection (10 MHz FC-2.5 MHz)2 Rejection (FC+2.5 MHz to 120 MHz) 2 Rejection (120 MHz 124 MHz)2 Rejection (124 MHz 500 MHz)2 Input Power Minimum Insertion.

SMV1400A : Package Style = Sub-l ;; Frequency (MHz) = 1380 to 1420 ;; N@10KHz (dBc/Hz) = -94 ;; Tuning Voltage (Vdc) = 0.00 to 3.00 ;; Tuning Sensitivity (MHz/V) = 100 ;; Power (dBm) = 3.00 ± 2.00 ;; Op.temp ( C) = -55 to 85 ;; VCC (Vdc) = 3.00 ;; Icc (mA) = 15.

SY100EP11U : 1:2 Differential Fanout Buffer. 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V power supply options s Guaranteed AC parameters over temperature: fMAX < 20ps output-to-output skew tr / tf < 300ps propagation delay s Wide temperature range: +85°C s Available 8-pin (3mm) MSOP and SOIC packages The is a precision, high-speed 1:2 differential fanout buffer. Having within-device skews and output transition times.

TFS140F : SAW Devices (Surface Acoustic Wave). Application = Wireless Communication ;; Center Frequency = 140.0 MHZ ;; 3 DB = 3.20 MHZ ;; Pass Band Ripple = 1,0dB ;; Insertion Loss = 20.0dB ;; Group Delay Ripple = 200ns ;; Package = 19 MM X 6 MM LCC.

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