Details, datasheet, quote on part number: XYL2LMR61D
CategoryOptoelectronics => Display => LEDs
DescriptionMaterial (Color) = GaAlAs(Red);; Lens = Red Diffused;; Peak Wave Length = 660;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Min.= *70;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Typ.= *198
CompanySun LED Corporation
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Features, Applications

Notes: 1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches). 2. Tolerance is 0.25(0.01") unless otherwise noted.

T A=25C) Reverse voltage Forward current Forward current (peak) 1/10Duty cycle 0.1ms pulse width Power dissipation Operating temperature Storage temperature Lead solder temperature [2mm below package base] VR IF iFS PT TA Tstg

A=25C) C) Forward voltage (typ.) (I F=20mA) Forward voltage (max.) (I F=20mA) Reverse current (VR=5V) Wavelength at peak emission (I F=20mA) Wavelength at Dominate emission (I F=20mA) Spectral Line half-width (I F=20mA) Capacitance VF IR peak


Some Part number from the same manufacture Sun LED Corporation
XYL2LUG61D Material (Color) = GaP(Green);; Lens = Green Diffused;; Peak Wave Length = 565;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Min.= 5;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Typ.= 8
XYL2LUR61D Material (Color) = GaAsP/GaP(Red);; Lens = Red Diffused;; Peak Wave Length = 627;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Min.= 8;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Typ.= 13
XYL2LUY61D Material (Color) = GaAsP/GaP(Yellow);; Lens = Yellow Diffused;; Peak Wave Length = 590;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Min.= 1.8;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Typ.= 4.5
XYMD101WE12V Material (Color) = InGaAlP(Red);; Lens = Water Clear;; Peak Wave Length = 640;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Min.= *800;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Typ.= *1790
XYMY101W12V Material (Color) = InGaAlP(Yellow);; Lens = Water Clear;; Peak Wave Length = 590;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Min.= *550;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Typ.= *1190
XYSG101W12V Material (Color) = InGaAlP(Green);; Lens = Water Clear;; Peak Wave Length = 574;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Min.= *350;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Typ.= *790
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XLMG12W : Material (Color) = GaP(Green);; Lens = Water Clear;; Peak Wave Length = 565;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Min.= 70;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Typ.= 195.

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