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TitleMagnetic components
CompanyTalema Electronic LLC
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Features matched to Infineon's & PEB20950 and AMD's & AM20950 chipsets excellent and consistent balance between windings compact sizes in through-hole and surface mount packages complies fully with all international standards for U-Interface manufactured in ISO-9001 approved Talema facility operating temperature to +85C

Part Number UF-130A UV-130A Turns Ratio LP (mH Min) 1,7 1.7 ^IDC (mA) 75 LL (H) 6 CC (pF Max) 100 DCR (Ohms per w inding) Pri 2,00 VP (Vrms) 2500

Test Conditions: Inductance: Leakage Inductance: Coupling Capacitance: Test Voltage:

Line side windings in series - measurement 10kHz, 100mVrms Line side windings in series, IC side windings short circuited - measurement 100mVrms IC side winding to Line side windings in parallel 100mVrms 2,5kV for 1 sec. - Line side windings in series to IC winding 0,5kV for 2 sec. - Line side winding to winding Dimensions & Schematic

Dimensions: Inches (Millimeters) Tolerance: 0.010 (0.25) unless specified otherwise
Talema Electronic 101 West 10th Street Rolla, (573) 364-2422 Fax: (573) 364-5390


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