Details, datasheet, quote on part number: TC625CVZB
CategoryASSP (Application-Specific Standard Products)
Description1-wire Digital Thermometer
CompanyTelCom Semiconductor
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Features, Applications


Single Wire Interface to Host Microcontroller High Precision................. 1C Accuracy (Typical) Wide Measurement Range.......... +100C No External Components Required Complimentary (TC625C) or Open Drain Outputs (TC625N) Low Voltage Operation........................ to 5.5V Small Packages......................... TO-92, SOT-23A-5

The is a monolithic temperature sensor that generates a pulse train, the high and low times of which vary in direct proportion to the temperature of the device. This technique allows temperature to be accurately measured by the host microcontroller without an A/D converter, and with only a single I/O port pin. The overall accuracy is 1.5C typical over the rated measurement range to +100C. Unlike voltage output temperature sensors, the digital output of the TC625 offers superior immunity to system noise and does not require an A/D converter. Unlike two wire serial temperature sensors, the TC625 communicates over a single wire, and without serial protocol overhead. The TC625 operates from supply voltages as low as 2.7V. Open drain (TC625N) and complimentary (TC625C) output configurations are available. The TC625 is available in TO-92 and SOT-23A-5 packages.


Isolated Temperature Sensing Environmental Control Systems Process / Industrial Control Systems Power System Temperature Monitoring Process Control Systems

TC62501 5/13/97 TelCom Semiconductor reserves the right to make changes in the circuitry and TC625-01 1 specifications of its devices.

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