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TitleD-Type Flip-Flops
Descriptionti 74AC11174, 6-Bit Positive-edge-triggered D-type Flip-flops With Clear
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
DatasheetDownload 74AC11174DW datasheet
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Features, Applications

Applications Include: Buffer/Storage Registers, Shift Registers, Pattern Generators Flow-Through Architecture Optimizes PCB Layout Center-Pin VCC and GND Pin Configurations Minimize High-Speed Switching Noise EPIC TM (Enhanced-Performance Implanted CMOS) 1-m Process 500-mA Typical Latch-Up Immunity at 125C Package Options Include Plastic Small-Outline Packages and Standard Plastic 300-mil DIPs


This device contains six D-type flip-flops and is positive-edge-triggered with a direct clear input. Information at the D inputs meeting the setup time requirements is transferred to the outputs on the positive-going edge of the clock pulse. Clock triggering occurs at a particular voltage level and is not directly related to the transition time of the positive-going pulse. When the clock input is at either the high or low level, the D input signal has no effect at the output. The 74AC11174 is characterized for operation from to 85C.

PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to specifications per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters.

This symbol is in accordance with ANSI/IEEE Std 91-1984 and IEC Publication 17 3D
absolute maximum ratings over operating free-air temperature range (unless otherwise noted)

Supply voltage range, VCC. 7 V Input voltage range, VI (see Note V to VCC 0.5 V Output voltage range, VO (see Note V to VCC 0.5 V Input clamp current, IIK (VI VI > VCC). 20 mA Output clamp current, IOK (VO VO > VCC). 50 mA Continuous output current, IO (VO 0 to VCC). 50 mA Continuous current through VCC or GND. 150 mA Storage temperature range. to 150C

Stresses beyond those listed under "absolute maximum ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated under "recommended operating conditions" is not implied. Exposure to absolute-maximum-rated conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability. NOTE 1: The input and output voltage ratings may be exceeded if the input and output clamp-current ratings are observed.

MIN VCC VIH Supply voltage High-level input voltage VCC 3 V VCC 4.5 V VCC 5.5 V VCC 3 V VCC 4.5 V VCC VI VO IOH Input voltage Output voltage High-level output current VCC 3 V VCC 4.5 V VCC 5.5 V VCC 3 V VCC 4.5 V VCC 5.5 V VCC ns/ C mA NOM 5 MAX 5.5 UNIT V

Low-level output current Input transition rise or fall rate Operating free-air temperature

electrical characteristics over recommended operating free-air temperature range (unless otherwise noted)

VI = VCC or GND 5V 4 Not more than one output should be tested at a time, and the duration of the test should not exceed 10 ms.


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