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Part familyBQ2085-V1P3 SBS-Compliant Gas Gauge IC For Use With The bq29311
DescriptionSBS-Compliant Gas Gauge IC For Use With The bq29311 38-TSSOP -20 to 85
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
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Features, Applications

FEATURES D Provides Accurate Measurement of Available Programmable Cell Modeling for Maximum D

Battery Fuel Gauge Accuracy Drives or 5-Segment LED Display for Remaining Capacity Indication 38-Pin TSSOP (DBT)

Charge in Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Batteries Supports the Smart Battery Specification (SBS) V1.1 Integrated Time Base Removes Need for External Crystal Works With the TI bq29311 Analog Front End (AFE) Protection IC to Provide Complete Pack Electronics for or 14.4-V Battery Packs With Few External Components Based on a Powerful Low-Power RISC CPU Core With High-Performance Peripherals Integrated FLASH Memory Eliminates the Need for External Configuration EEPROM Measures Charge Flow Using a High Resolution 16-Bit Integrating Converter Better Than 3-nVh of Resolution Self-Calibrating Offset Error Less Than 1-V Uses 16-Bit Delta Sigma Converter for Accurate Voltage and Temperature Measurements

APPLICATIONS D Notebook PCs D Medical and Test Equipment D Portable Instrumentation DESCRIPTION

The bq2085 SBS-compliant gas gauge IC for battery pack or in-system installation maintains an accurate record of available charge in Li-ion or Li-polymer batteries. The bq2085 monitors capacity and other critical parameters of the battery pack and reports the information to the system host controller over a serial communication bus. It is designed to work with the bq29311 analog front-end (AFE) protection IC to maximize functionality and safety and minimize component count and cost in smart battery circuits. Using information from the bq2085, the host controller can manage remaining battery power to extend the system run time as much as possible.

Pack+ Charge/Discharge Power FETs Supply Voltage SMBus LDO bq29311 bq2085 Glueless Interface Cell Inputs Safety Control Level Translator + Li-Ion Cells +

Temp Sensor 512 Bytes Config. FLASH EPROM

Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet.

PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to specifications per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters.

The bq2085 uses an integrating converter with continuous sampling for the measurement of battery charge and discharge currents. Optimized for coulomb counting in portable applications, the self-calibrating integrating converter has a resolution better than 3-nVh and an offset measurement error of less than 1-V (typical). For voltage and temperature reporting, the bq2085 uses a 16-bit A-to-D converter. In conjunction with the bq29311, the onboard ADC also monitors individual cell voltages in a battery pack and allows the bq2085 to generate the control signals necessary to implement the cell balancing and the required safety protection for Li-ion and Li-polymer battery chemistries. The bq2085 supports the Smart Battery Data (SBData) commands and charge-control functions. It communicates data using the System Management Bus (SMBus) 2-wire protocol. The data available include the battery's remaining capacity, temperature, voltage, current, and remaining run-time predictions. The bq2085 provides LED drivers and a push-button input to depict remaining battery capacity from full to empty or 33% increments with or 5-segment display. The bq2085 contains 512 bytes of internal data flash memory, which store configuration information. The information includes nominal capacity and voltage, self-discharge rate, rate compensation factors, and other programmable cell-modeling factors used to accurately adjust remaining capacity for use-conditions based on time, rate, and temperature. The bq2085 also automatically calibrates or learns the true battery capacity in the course of a discharge cycle from programmable near full to near empty levels. The bq29311 AFE protection IC provides power to the bq2085 from or 4 series Li-ion cell stack, eliminating the need for an external regulator circuit.

No internal connection AVAILABLE OPTIONS TA PACKAGE 38-PIN TSSOP (DBT) bq2085DBT{

to 85C The bq2085 is available taped and reeled. Add an R suffix to the device type (e.g., bq2085DBTR) to order tape and reel version.

TERMINAL NAME CLKOUT DISP FILT EVENT LED4 LED5 MRST N/C OC RBI ROSC SAFE SCLK SDATA SMBC SMBD SR2 TS VDDA VDDD VIN VSSA VSSD VSSP No. I/O Connections for a small small-value value sense resistor to monitor the battery charge charge- and discharge discharge-current current flow Thermistor voltage input connection to monitor temperature Positive supply for analog circuitry Positive supply for digital circuitry and I/O pins Single cell voltage input from the bq29311 Negative supply for analog circuitry Negative supply for digital circuitry Negative supply for output circuitry Master reset input that forces the device into reset when held high No connection Analog input for auto ADC offset compensation; should be connected to VSSA Register backup that provides backup potential to the bq2085 data registers during periods of low operating voltage. RBI accepts a storage capacitor or a battery input. Internal time base bias input Output for additional level of safety protection; e.g., fuse blow. Communication clock to the bq29311 Data transfer to and from bq29311 SMBus clock open-drain bidirectional pin used to clock the data transfer to and from the bq2085 SMBus data open-drain bidirectional pin used to transfer address and data to and from the bq2085 LED dis display lay segments that each may drive an external LED 32.768-kHz output to the bq29311 Display control for the LED drivers LED1 through LED5 Analog input connected to the external PLL filter Input from bq29311 XALERT output DESCRIPTION


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