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Part familyTLC59116 16-Bit Fast-Mode Plus (FM+) I2C-Bus Constant-Current LED Sink Driver
Description16-Bit Fast-Mode Plus (FM+) I2C-Bus Constant-Current LED Sink Driver 28-TSSOP -40 to 85
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
DatasheetDownload TLC59116 datasheet
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FeaturesGlobal PWM Dimming,LED Open Detection,Thermal Shutdown
Operating Temperature Range(C)-40 to 85
Data Transfer Rate(Typ)(MHz)1
Analog Dimming Steps256
Ch to Ch Accuracy(Typ)(+/- %)6
Package GroupTSSOP,VQFN
Approx. Price (US$)1.00 | 1ku
  Mecanical Data
Pin nbPackage typeInd stdJEDEC codePackage qtyCarrierDevice markWidth (mm)Length (mm)Thick (mm)Pitch (mm)
Evaluation Kits
TLC59116EVM-390: 16-Channel LED Driver Evaluation Module


Features, Applications


Open-Load/Overtemperature Detection Mode to Detect Individual LED Errors Output State Change Programmable on Acknowledge or Stop Command to Update Outputs Byte by Byte or All at the Same Time (Default to Change on Stop) Output Current Adjusted Through an External Resistor Constant Output Current Range: 100 mA Maximum Output Voltage: V 25-MHz Internal Oscillator Requires No External Components 1-MHz Fast Mode Plus Compatible I2C Bus Interface With 30-mA High Drive Capability on SDA Output for Driving High-Capacitive Buses Internal Power-On Reset Noise Filter on SCL/SDA Inputs No Glitch on Power Up Active-Low Reset Supports Hot Insertion Low Standby Current or 5-V Supply Voltage 5.5-V Tolerant Inputs Offered in 28-pin TSSOP (PW) Package to 85C Operation

16 LED Drivers (Each Output Programmable at Off, On, Programmable LED Brightness, or Programmable Group Dimming/Blinking Mixed With Individual LED Brightness) 16 Constant-Current Open-Drain Output Channels 256-Step (8-Bit) Linear Programmable Brightness Per LED Output Varying From Fully Off (Default) to Maximum Brightness Using a 97-kHz PWM Signal 256-Step Group Brightness Control Allows General Dimming [Using a 190-Hz PWM Signal From Fully Off to Maximum Brightness (Default)] 256-Step Group Blinking With Frequency Programmable From 10.73 s and Duty Cycle From to 99.6% Four Hardware Address Pins Allow 14 TLC59116 Devices to Be Connected to the Same I2C Bus Four Software-Programmable I2C Bus Addresses (One LED Group Call Address and Three LED Sub Call Addresses) Allow Groups of Devices to Be Addressed at the Same Time in Any Combination Software Reset Feature (SWRST Call) Allows Device to Be Reset Through I2C Bus to 14 Possible Hardware-Adjustable Individual I2C Bus Addresses Per Device, So That Each Device Can Be Programmed

The an I2C bus controlled 16-channel LED driver that is optimized for red/green/blue/amber (RGBA) color mixing and backlight application for amusement products. Each LED output has its own 8-bit resolution (256 steps) fixed-frequency individual PWM controller that operates at 97 kHz, with a duty cycle that is adjustable from to 99.6%. The individual PWM controller allows each LED to be set to a specific brightness value. An additional 8-bit resolution (256 steps) group PWM controller has both a fixed frequency 190 Hz and an adjustable frequency between Hz to once every 10.73 seconds, with a duty cycle that is adjustable from to 99.6%. The group PWM controller dims or blinks all LEDs with the same value. Each LED output can be off, on (no PWM control), or set at its individual PWM controller value at both individual and group PWM controller values. The TLC59116 is one of the first LED controller devices in a new Fast-mode Plus (Fm+) family. Fm+ devices offer higher frequency (up to 1 MHz) and longer, more densely populated bus operation (up to 4000 pF).

Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Software programmable LED group and three Sub Call I2C bus addresses allow all or defined groups of TLC59116 devices to respond to a common I2C bus address allowing, for example, all red LEDs to be turned on or off at the same time or a marquee chasing effect, thus minimizing I2C bus commands. Four hardware address pins allow to 14 devices on the same bus. The Software Reset (SWRST) call allows the master to perform a reset of the TLC59116 through the I2C bus, identical to the Power-On Reset (POR) that initializes the registers to their default state, causing the outputs to be set high (LED off). This allows an easy and quick way to reconfigure all device registers to the same condition. ORDERING INFORMATION (1)


For the most current package and ordering information, see the Package Option Addendum at the end of this document, or see the TI web site at Package drawings, thermal data, and symbolization are available at

Output Driver and Error Detection RESET Power-On Reset Control PWM Register X Brightness Control LED State Select Register

TERMINAL NAME REXT OUT2 OUT3 GND OUT10 OUT11 GND OUT14 OUT15 GND RESET SCL SDA VCC (1) NO. I = input, O = output I I/O (1) DESCRIPTION Input terminal used to connect an external resistor for setting up all output currents Address input 0 Address input 1 Address input 2 Address input 3 Constant current output 0 Constant current output 1 Constant current output 2 Constant current output 3 Ground Constant current output 4 Constant current output 5 Constant current output 6 Constant current output 7 Constant current output 8 Constant current output 9 Constant current output 10 Constant current output 11 Ground Constant current output 12 Constant current output 13 Constant current output 14 Constant current output 15 Ground Active-low reset input Serial clock input Serial data input/output Power supply


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