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DescriptionExcalibur Low-noise High-speed Precision Operational Amplifiers
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
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10 Hz. 15 nV/Hz 1 kHz. 10.5 nV/Hz 10 000-pF Load Capability 20-mA Min Short-Circuit Output Current 27-V/s Min Slew Rate High Gain-Bandwidth Product. 5.9 MHz Low VIO. 500 V Max at 25C

D Single or Split Supply. V D Fast Settling Time D

The TLE214x and TLE214xA devices are high-performance, internally compensated operational amplifiers built using Texas Instruments complementary bipolar Excalibur process. The is a tighter offset voltage grade of the TLE214x. Both are pin-compatible upgrades to standard industry products. The design incorporates an input stage that simultaneously achieves low audio-band noise of 10.5 nV/Hz with 10-Hz 1/f corner and symmetrical 40-V/s slew rate typically with loads to 800 pF. The resulting low distortion and high power bandwidth are important in high-fidelity audio applications. A fast settling time a 10-V step with a 2-k/100-pF load is useful in fast actuator/positioning drivers. Under similar test conditions, settling time is 400 ns. The devices are stable with capacitive loads to 10 nF, although the 6-MHz bandwidth decreases to 1.8 MHz at this high loading level. As such, the TLE214x and TLE214xA are useful for low-droop sample-and-holds and direct buffering of long cables, including to 20-mA current loops. The special design also exhibits an improved insensitivity to inherent integrated circuit component mismatches as is evidenced a 500-V maximum offset voltage and 1.7-V/C typical drift. Minimum common-mode rejection ratio and supply-voltage rejection ratio are 85 dB and 90 dB, respectively. Device performance is relatively independent of supply voltage over the 22-V range. Inputs can operate between VCC 0.3 to VCC 1.8 V without inducing phase reversal, although excessive input current may flow out of each input exceeding the lower common-mode input range. The all-npn output stage provides a nearly rail-to-rail output swing of VCC 0.1 to VCC under light current-loading conditions. The device can sustain shorts to either supply since output current is internally limited, but care must be taken to ensure that maximum package power dissipation is not exceeded. Both versions can also be used as comparators. Differential inputs of VCC can be maintained without damage to the device. Open-loop propagation delay with TTL supply levels is typically 200 ns. This gives a good indication as to output stage saturation recovery when the device is driven beyond the limits of recommended output swing. Both the TLE214x and TLE214xA are available in a wide variety of packages, including both the industry-standard 8-pin small-outline version and chip form for high-density system applications. The C-suffix devices are characterized for operation from to 70C, I-suffix devices from to 105C, and M-suffix devices over the full military temperature range to 125C.

Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet.

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The D packages are available taped and reeled. Add R suffix to device type (e.g., TLE2141ACDR). TLE2142 AVAILABLE OPTIONS PACKAGED DEVICES TA VIOmax 750 V SMALL OUTLINE (D) TLE2142ID TLE2142AMD CHIP CARRIER (FK) TLE2142AMFK CERAMIC DIP (JG) TLE2142AMJG PLASTIC DIP (P) TLC2142AIP TLC2142IP TSSOP (PW) TLE2142CPWLE CERAMIC FLAT PACK (U) TLE2142AMU TLE2142MU

TLE2142MFK TLE2142MJG The D packages are available taped and reeled. Add R suffix to device type (e.g., TLC2142ACDR). The PW packages are available left-ended taped and reeled. Add LE the suffix to device type (e.g., TLC2142CPWLE). TLE2144 AVAILABLE OPTIONS PACKAGED DEVICES to 125C VIOmax 2.5 mV SMALL OUTLINE (DW) TLE2144IDW TLE2144MDW CHIP CARRIER (FK) TLE2144AMFK TLE2144MFK CERAMIC DIP (J) TLE2144AMJ TLE2144MJ

The DW packages are available taped and reeled. Add R suffix to device type (e.g., TLE2144CDWR).

OFFSET N1 (see Note IN - OFFSET N2 (see Note A) NOTES: A. OFFSET N1 AND OFFSET N2 are only availiable on the TLE2241x devices. + OUT -


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