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TitleVoice-Band Codecs
Descriptionti TLV320AC37, Voice-band Audio Processor
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
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Single 3-V Operation Low Power Consumption: Operating Mode. 20 mW Typ Standby Mode. 5 mW Typ Power-Down Mode. 2 mW Typ Combined A/D, D/A, and Filters Extended Variable-Frequency Operation Sample Rates to 16 kHz Pass-Band to 7.2 kHz Electret Microphone Bias Reference Voltage Available Drive a Piezo Speaker Directly Compatible With All Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)

Selectable Between 8-Bit Companded and 13-Bit (Dynamic Range) Linear Conversion: TLV320AC36. -Law and Linear Modes TLV320AC37. A-Law and Linear Modes Programmable Volume Control in Linear Mode 3.6 kHz Passband with Specified Master Clock Designed for Standard 2.048-MHz Master Clock for U.S. Analog, U.S. Digital, CT2, DECT, GSM, and PCS Standards for Hand-Held Battery-Powered Telephones


These devices have limited built-in ESD protection. The leads should be shorted together or the device placed in conductive foam during storage or handling to prevent electrostatic damage to the MOS gates.

Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. VBAP is a trademark of Texas Instruments Incorporated.

PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to specifications per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters.


The TLV320AC36 and TLV320AC37 voice-band audio processor (VBAP) integrated circuits are designed to perform the transmit encoding (A /D conversion) and receive decoding (D/A conversion) together with transmit and receive filtering for voice-band communications systems. Cellular telephone systems are targeted in particular; however, these integrated circuits can function in other systems including digital audio, telecommunications, and data acquisition. These devices are pin-selectable for either of two modes, companded and linear, providing data in two formats. In the companded mode, data is transmitted and received in 8-bit words. In the linear mode, 13 bits of data, and either three bits of gain-setting control data, or three zero bits of padding to create a16-bit word, are sent and received. The transmit section is designed to interface directly with an electret microphone element. The microphone input signal (MICIN) is buffered and amplified with provision for setting the amplifier gain to accommodate a range of signal input levels. The amplified signal is passed through antialiasing and band-pass filters. The filtered signal is then applied to the input of a compressing analog-to-digital converter (COADC) when companded mode is selected. Otherwise, the analog-to-digital converter performs a linear conversion. The resulting data is then clocked out of DOUT as a serial data stream. The receive section takes a frame of serial data on DIN and converts it to analog through an expanding digital-to-analog converter (EXDAC) when the companded mode is selected; otherwise, a linear conversion is performed. The analog signal then passes through switched capacitor filters, which provide out-of-band rejection, (sin x)/x correction functions, and smoothing. The filtered signal is sent to the earphone amplifier. The earphone amplifier has a differential output with adjustable gain and is designed to minimize static power dissipation. A single on-chip high-precision band-gap circuit generates all voltage references, eliminating the need for external reference voltages. An internal reference voltage equal to VCC /2, VMID, is used to develop the midlevel virtual ground for all the amplifier circuits and the microphone bias circuit. Another reference voltage, MICBIAS, can supply bias current for the microphone. The TLV320AC3xC devices are characterized for operation from to 70C. The TLV320AC3xI devices are characterized for operation from to 85C.

LINSEL 15 MICMUTE MICIN 6 18 Input Buffer Transmit Third-Order Antialias Transmit Sixth-Order Low Pass Transmit First-Order High Pass ADC Output Logic 13 DOUT

12 MICGS 19 256 kHz Band-Gap Voltage Reference A/D Converter Voltage Reference 256 kHz D/A Converter Voltage Reference 8 kHz Autozero 8 kHz

256 kHz 2 EARA 3 EARB 4 EARGS 10 EARMUTE Receive Buffer Receive Filter Input Logic


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