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CategoryPower Management => Supervisory Circuits => Microprocessor Supervisors => 3-Pin/5-Pin
Description3-pin Supply Voltage Supervisors
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
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Features, Applications

3-Pin SOT-23 Package Supply Current 9 µA (Typical) Precision Supply Voltage Monitor 5 V Power-On Reset Generator With Fixed Delay Time 200 ms Pin-For-Pin Compatible With MAX 809 Temperature Range. to 85°C


The TPS3809 family of supervisory circuits provides circuit initialization and timing supervision, primarily for DSPs and processor-based systems. During power-on, RESET is asserted when the supply voltage VDD becomes higher than 1.1 V. Thereafter, the supervisory circuit monitors VDD and keeps RESET active as long as VDD remains below the threshold voltage VIT. An internal timer delays the return of the output to the inactive state (high) to ensure proper system reset. The delay time, td(typ) = 200 ms, starts after VDD has risen above the threshold voltage VIT. When the supply voltage drops below the threshold voltage VIT, the output becomes active (low) again. No external components are required. All the devices of this family have a fixed sense-threshold voltage VIT set by an internal voltage divider. The product spectrum is designed for supply voltages 3.3 V, and 5 V. The circuits are available 3-pin SOT-23. The TPS3809 devices are characterized for operation over a temperature range to 85°C.

typical applications

Applications Using DSPs, Microcontrollers, or Microprocessors Wireless Communication Systems Portable/Battery-Powered Equipment Programmable Controls Intelligent Instruments Industrial Equipment Notebook/Desktop Computers Automotive Systems

Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet.

PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to specifications per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters.


The DBVR passive indicates tape and reel of 3000 parts. The DBVT passive indicates tape and reel of 250 parts. FUNCTION/TRUTH TABLE, TPS3809 VDD>VIT 0 1 RESET H TPS380 ORDERING INFORMATION J 25 DBV R Reel Package Nominal Supply Voltage Nominal Threshold Voltage Functionality Family

absolute maximum ratings over operating free-air temperature (unless otherwise noted)

Supply voltage, VDD (see 7 V All other pins (see Note 7 V Maximum low output current, IOL. 5 mA Maximum high output current, IOH. ­5 mA Input clamp current, IIK (VI<0 or VI>VDD). ±20 mA Output clamp current, IOK (VO<0 or VO>VDD). ±20 mA Continuous total power dissipation. See Dissipation Rating Table Operating free-air temperature range, TA. to 85°C Storage temperature range, Tstg. to 150°C Soldering temperature. 260°C

Stresses beyond those listed under "absolute maximum ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated under "recommended operating conditions" is not implied. Exposure to absolute­maximum­rated conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability. NOTE 1: All voltage values are with respect to GND. For reliable operation the device should not be operated 7 V for more than t=1000h continuously. DISSIPATION RATING TABLE PACKAGE DBV TA <25°C POWER RATING 437 mW DERATING FACTOR ABOVE 25°C 3.5 mW/°C = 70°C POWER RATING = 85°C POWER RATING 227 mW

recommended operating conditions at specified temperature range
MIN Supply voltage, VDD Operating free-air temperature range, 2 ­40 MAX 6 85 UNIT V °C


Some Part number from the same manufacture Texas Instruments, Inc.
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TPS3809L30DBV 3-pin Supply Voltage Supervisors
TPS3809L30DBVR ti TPS3809L30, 3-Pin Supply Voltage Supervisor
TPS3809L30QDBVRQ1 ti TPS3809L30-Q1, Automotive Catalog 3-Pin Supply Voltage Supervisor
TPS3813I50DBVR ti TPS3813I50, Supervisors With Programmable Watchdog Window
TPS3813J25DBVR ti TPS3813J25, Supervisors With Programmable Watchdog Window
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TPS3813L30DBVR ti TPS3813L30, Supervisors With Programmable Watchdog Window
TPS3820 Processor Supervisory Circuits
TPS3820-33DBVR ti TPS3820-33, Processor Supervisory Circuits
TPS3820-33QDBVRQ1 ti TPS3820-33-Q1, Automotive Catalog Processor Supervisory Circuits
TPS3820-50DBVR ti TPS3820-50, Processor Supervisory Circuits
TPS3820-50QDBVRQ1 ti TPS3820-50-Q1, Automotive Catalog Processor Supervisory Circuits
TPS3823 25 - Supply Voltage Supervisor W/watchdog Input And Manual Reset
TPS3823-25DBVR 25 - Supply Voltage Supervisor W/watchdog Input And Manual Reset

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CD74HCT164M96G4 : HCT SERIES, 9-BIT ENCODER, PDSO16 Specifications: Number of Bits: 9 ; Supply Voltage: 5V ; Package Type: TSSOP, PLASTIC, TSSOP-16 ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Number of Pins: 16 ; Propagation Delay: 53 ns ; Operating Temperature: -55 to 125 C (-67 to 257 F)

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NJM2891 : 2ch Low Dropout Voltage Regulator. s GENERAL The NJM2891 is low dropout voltage regulator designed for cellular phone application. Advanced Bipolar technology achieves low noise, high ripple rejection and low quiescent current. s qHigh Ripple Rejection 70dB typ. (f=1kHz) qOutput Noise Voltage Vno=30µVrms (Cp=0.01µF) qOutput capacitor with 1.0uF ceramic capacitor (Vo2.7V) qOutput Current.

PT6443 : Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters. 6A Output Current Input Voltage Range: V 90% Efficiency Adjustable Output Voltage Standby Function Short Circuit Protection Small Footprint (0.61 in2) Solderable Copper Case 8.8 106 Hours MTBF The PT6440 ExcaliburTM power modules are a series of high performance Integrated Switching Regulators (ISRs), housed in a thermally efficient solderable copper.

REF3025AIDBZR : ti REF3025, 2.5V 50ppm/C, 50uA in SOT23-3 Series (Bandgap) Voltage Reference.

SG3524 : Regulating Pulse Width Modulators. COMPLETE PWM POWER CONTROL CIRCUITRY UNCOMMITTED OUTPUTS FOR SINGLEENDED OR PUSH PULL APPLICATIONS LOW STANDBY CURRENT 8mA TYPICAL OPERATION 300KHz 1% MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE VARIATION OF REFERENCE VOLTAGE The SG3524 incorporates on a single monolithic chip all the function required for the construction of regulating power suppies inverters or switching.

TPS76338DBVR : ti TPS76338, Low-power 150-mA Low-dropout (LDO) Linear Regulator. 150-mA Low-Dropout Regulator Output Voltage: 1.6 V and Variable Dropout Voltage, Typically 150 mA Thermal Protection Over Current Limitation Less Than 2-µA Quiescent Current in Shutdown Mode to 125°C Operating Junction Temperature Range 5-Pin SOT-23 (DBV) Package The TPS763xx family of low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulators offers the benefits of low-dropout.

AP1122 : AP1122 is a low dropout positive fixed-mode regulator with minimum of 1A output current capability. The product is specifically designed to provide well-regulated supply for low voltage IC applications such as high-speed bus termination and low current 1.2V logic supply. AP1122 is also well suited for other applications such as VGA cards. AP1122 is guaranteed.

LM22672 : 1A SIMPLE SWITCHER®, Step-Down Voltage Regulator With The LM22672 series of regulators are monolithic integrated circuits which provide all of the active functions for a step-down (buck) switching regulator capable of driving up to 1A loads with excellent line and load regulation characteristics. High efficiency (>90%) is obtained through the use of a low ON-resistance.

FAN21SV06 : 6A, 24V Input, Single Supply, Integrated Synchronous Buck Regulator The FAN210SV06 TinyBuck™ is a highly efficient, small-footprint, programmable-frequency, 6A integrated synchronous buck regulator. FAN21SV06 contains both synchronous MOSFETs and a controller/driver with optimized interconnects in one package, which enables designers to solve high-current.

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