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CategorySemiconductors => Power Management => Supervisor and Reset IC
Part familyTPS3824 Voltage Monitor With Watchdog Timer
DescriptionVoltage Monitor With Watchdog Timer 5-SOT-23 -40 to 85
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
DatasheetDownload TPS3824-30DBVR datasheet
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Time Delay(ms)200
Threshold Voltage 1(Typ)(V)2.25,2.63,2.93,4.55
Operating Temperature Range(C)-40 to 85
Package GroupSOT-23
FeaturesWatchdog Timer
# of Supplies Monitored1
Output Driver Type / Reset OutputActive-high,Active-low,Push-pull
Approx. Price (US$)0.66 | 1ku
Watchdog Timer WDI(sec)1.6
Monitored Voltage 1 (typ)(Nom)(V)2.5,3,3.3,5
Reset Threshold Accuracy(%)2.4
  Mecanical Data
Pin nbPackage typeInd stdJEDEC codePackage qtyCarrierDevice markWidth (mm)Length (mm)Thick (mm)Pitch (mm)
Application notes
• Power Supply Sequencing Solutions for Dual Supply Voltage DSPs (Rev. A)
This application report describes power-supply sequencing recommendations and techniques applicable to dual supply voltage DSPs in TI's TMS320C2000, TMS320C5000 and TMS320C6000 families. These techniques take advantage of the reset, power good, enable and | Doc


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Delay Time ms (TPS3820) Manual Reset Input (TPS3820/3/5/8) Reset Output Available in Active-Low (TPS3820/3/4/5), Active-High (TPS3824) and Open-Drain (TPS3828) Supply Voltage Supervision Range 5 V Watchdog Timer (TPS3820/3/4/8) Supply Current 15 A (Typ) SOT23-5 Package Temperature Range. to 85C


or Microprocessors Industrial Equipment Programmable Controls Automotive Systems Portable/Battery-Powered Equipment Intelligent Instruments Wireless Communications Systems Notebook/Desktop Computers


The TPS382x family of supervisors provides circuit initialization and timing supervision, primarily for DSP and processor-based systems.

During power-on, RESET is asserted when GND supply voltage VDD becomes higher than 1.1 V. Thereafter, the supply voltage supervisor monitors VDD and keeps RESET active as long as VDD remains below the threshold voltage VIT. An internal timer delays the return of the output to the inactive state (high) to ensure proper system reset. The delay time, td, starts after VDD has risen above the threshold voltage VIT. When the supply voltage drops below the threshold voltage VIT, the output becomes active (low) again. No external components are required. All the devices of this family have a fixed-sense threshold voltage VIT set by an internal voltage divider.

Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet.

This document contains information on products in more than one phase of development. The status of each device is indicated on the page(s) specifying its electrical characteristics.

The TPS3820/3/5/8 devices incorporate a manual reset input, MR. A low level at MR causes RESET to become active. The TPS3824/5 devices include a high-level output RESET. TPS3820/3/4/8 have a watchdog timer that is periodically triggered by a positive or negative transition at WDI. When the supervising system fails to retrigger the watchdog circuit within the time-out interval, ttout, RESET becomes active for the time period td. This event also reinitializes the watchdog timer. Leaving WDI unconnected disables the watchdog. In applications where the input to the WDI pin may be active (transitioning high and low) when the TPS3820/3/4/8 is asserting RESET, the TPS3820/3/4/8 does not return to a non-reset state when the input voltage is above Vt. If the application requires that input to WDI is active when RESET is asserted, WDI must be decoupled from the active signal. This can be accomplished by using an N-channel FET in series with the WDI pin, with the gate of the FET connected to the RESET output as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 The product spectrum is designed for supply voltages 3.3 V, and 5 V. The circuits are available 5-pin SOT23-5 package. The TPS382x devices are characterized for operation over a temperature range to 85C.


The DBVT package indicates tape and reel of 250 parts. The DBVR package indicates tape and reel of 3000 parts. For other threshold voltage versions, please contact the local TI sales office.



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