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CategorySemiconductors => Power Management => Offline and Isolated DC/DC Controllers and Converters => Power Factor Correction
Part familyUC3854 High Power Factor Preregulator
DescriptionHigh Power Factor Preregulator 16-SOIC 0 to 70
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
DatasheetDownload UC3854 datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: UCC2857Q, UCC2858DW, UCC3857Q, UCC3858DW, MC33368P, MC33368PG, UC2854ADW, UC2854AJ, UC2854AN, UC2854BDW
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Operating Temperature Range(C)0 to 70
Startup Current(mA)1.5
Approx. Price (US$)1.27 | 1ku
Practical Operating Frequency(Max)(MHz)0.2
Device TypeSingle-phase PFC
Operating Supply Current(mA)10
Control MethodCCM
Operating Supply(Max)(V)30
Peak Output Source Current Gate Drive(A)-1
Peak Output Sink Current Gate Drive(A)1
Package GroupPDIP,SOIC
UVLO Thresholds On/Off(V)16/10
FeaturesAverage Current Mode,Enable
  Mecanical Data
Pin nbPackage typeInd stdJEDEC codePackage qtyCarrierDevice markWidth (mm)Length (mm)Thick (mm)Pitch (mm)
16DWSOICR-PDSO-G40TUBEUC3854DW 7.510.32.351.27
Application notes
• U-134 UC3854 Controlled Power Factor Correction Circuit Design
The UC1854 provides active power factor correction for power systems that otherwise would draw non-sinusoidal current from sinusoidal power lines. This device implements all the control functions necessary to build a power supply capable of optimally using | Doc
• AC Requirements for Power Factor Correction Circuits
This technical brief identifies the recommended range of IAC for each of the devices within the UCC3854 family of PFC controllers. | Doc
• DN-39E Optimizing Performance in UC3854 Power Factor Correction Applications
The performance of the UC3854 Power-Factor Correction IC in the 250W application example has been evaluated using a precision PFC/THD instrument. The result was a power factor of 0.999 and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of 3.81%, measured to the 50th line | Doc
• Accurate PWM Duty Cycle Clamp
Power supply applications using current sense transformers require a duty cycle clamp on the pulse width modulator (PWM) to ensure transformer reset. Not all PWMs come with a duty cycle clamp, presenting a problem for the power supply designer. This applic | Doc
• DN-41 Extend Current Transformer Range
The problems with self reset of current transformers for unipolar pulse applications can be overcome with simple forced-reset techniques derived from magnetic amplifiers. Duty factors above 90% are achievable with these techniques. This design note describ | Doc


Features, Applications


Control Boost PWM to 0.99 Power Factor Limit Line Current Distortion To <5% World-Wide Operation Without Switches Feed-Forward Line Regulation Average Current-Mode Control Low Noise Sensitivity Low Start-Up Supply Current Fixed-Frequency PWM Drive Low-Offset Analog Multiplier/Divider 1A Totem-Pole Gate Driver Precision Voltage Reference


The UC1854 provides active power factor correction for power systems that otherwise would draw non-sinusoidal current from sinusoidal power lines. This device implements all the control functions necessary to build a power supply capable of optimally using available power-line current while minimizing line-current distortion. To do this, the UC1854 contains a voltage amplifier, an analog multiplier/divider, a current amplifier, and a fixed-frequency PWM. In addition, the UC1854 contains a power MOSFET compatible gate driver, 7.5V reference, line anticipator, load-enable comparator, low-supply detector, and over-current comparator. The UC1854 uses average current-mode control to accomplish fixedfrequency current control with stability and low distortion. Unlike peak current-mode, average current control accurately maintains sinusoidal line current without slope compensation and with minimal response to noise transients. The UC1854's high reference voltage and high oscillator amplitude minimize noise sensitivity while fast PWM elements permit chopping frequencies above 200kHz. The UC1854 can be used in single and three phase systems with line voltages that vary from to 275 volts and line frequencies across the to 400Hz range. To reduce the burden on the circuitry that supplies power to this device, the UC1854 features low starting supply current. These devices are available packaged in 16-pin plastic and ceramic dual in-line packages, and a variety of surface-mount packages.

Supply Voltage VCC. GT Drv Current, Continuous. GT Drv Current, 50% Duty Cycle. Input Voltage, VSENSE, VRMS. Input Voltage, ISENSE, Mult Out. Input Voltage, PKLMT. Input Current, RSET, IAC , PKLMT, ENA. Power Dissipation. Storage Temperature. Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 Seconds). +150oC. +300oC

Note 1: All voltages with respect to Gnd (Pin 1). Note 2: All currents are positive into the specified terminal. Note 3: ENA input is internally clamped to approximately 14V. Note 4: Consult Unitrode Integrated Circuits databook for information regarding thermal specifications and limita-

& SOIC-16 (Top View) & DW Packages & LCC-20 (Top View) & L Packages


Unless otherwise stated, RSET=15k to ground, CT=1.5nF to ground, PKLMT=1V, ENA=7.5V, ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS VA Out=5V, VSENSE =7.5V, no load on SS, CA Out, VA Out, REF, GT Drv, 55oC<TA<125oC for the UC1854, 40oC<TA<85oC for the UC2854, and 0oC<TA <70oC for the UC3854, and TA=TJ. TEST CONDITIONS ENA=0V MIN TYP MAX

PARAMETER OVERALL Supply Current, Off Supply Current, On VCC Turn-On Threshold VCC Turn-Off Threshold ENA Threshold, Rising ENA Threshold Hysteresis ENA Input Current VRMS Input Current

VOLTAGE AMPLIFIER Voltage Amp Offset Voltage VA Out=5V VSENSE Bias Current Voltage Amp Gain Voltage Amp Output Swing Voltage Amp Short Circuit Current Out=0V SS Current SS=2.5V

Unless otherwise stated, RSET=15k to ground, CT=1.5nF to ground, PKLMT=1V, ENA=7.5V, ELECTRICAL VRMS VSENSE=7.5V, no load on SS, CA Out, CHARACTERISTICS VA Out, REF, GT Drv, 55oC<T <125oC for the 40oC<T <85oC for the UC2854, and A 0oC<TA<70oC for the UC3854, and TA=TJ. PARAMETER CURRENT AMPLIFIER Current Amp Offset Voltage ISENSE Bias Current Input Range, ISENSE, Mult Out Current Amp Gain Current Amp Output Swing Current Amp Short Circuit Current Amp Gain-BW Product REFERENCE Reference Output Voltage VREF Load Regulation VREF Line Regulation VREF Short Circuit Current MULTIPLIER Mult Out Current IAC Limited Mult Out Current Zero Mult Out Current RSET Limited Mult Out Current TEST CONDITIONS MIN Out=0V TA=25oC (Note TA=25oC IREF=0mA, Over Temp. VRMS=1V, VA Out VRMS=1V, VA=2V (Note RSET=8.2k to TYP MAX 4 500 UNITS V mA kHz A V kHz A ns

Multiplier Gain Constant OSCILLATOR Oscillator Frequency

CT Ramp Peak-to-Valley Amplitude CT Ramp Valley Voltage GATE DRIVER Maximum GT Drv Output Voltage 0mA load on GT Drv, 18V<VCC<35V GT Drv Output Voltage High GT Drv Output Voltage Low, Off GT Drv Output Voltage Low Peak GT Drv Current GT Drv Rise/Fall Time GT Drv Maximum Duty Cycle CURRENT LIMIT PKLMT Offset Voltage PKLMT Input Current PKLMT to GT Drv Delay 200mA load on GT Drv, VCC=0V, 50mA load on GT Drv 200mA load on GT Drv 10mA load on GT Drv 10nF from GT Drv to Gnd 1nF from GT Drv to Gnd VCA Out=7V


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