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Part familyUCC3750 Source Ringer Controller
TitleTelecom Ringers Power Management
DescriptionSource Ringer Controller 28-SOIC 0 to 70
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
DatasheetDownload UCC3750DW datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: UCC2750DW, UCC2750DWTR, UCC2750DW
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Operating Temperature Range(C)0 to 70
Package GroupSOIC
Approx. Price (US$)6.90 | 1ku
Operating Supply(Min)(V)4.5
Operating Supply(Max)(V)5.5
Operating Supply Current(mA)0.5
  Mecanical Data
Pin nbPackage typeInd stdJEDEC codePackage qtyCarrierDevice markWidth (mm)Length (mm)Thick (mm)Pitch (mm)
28DWSOICR-PDSO-G20TUBEUCC3750DW 7.517.92.351.27
Application notes
• U-169 A Complete Control Solution for a Four-Quadrant Flyback Converter
The UCC3750 Source-Ringer Controller provides a complete control and drive solution for a four quadrant flyback-based ring generator circuit. The IC controls a primary-side switch, which is modulated when power transfer is taking place from input to output | Doc


Features, Applications


Provides Control for Flyback Based Four Quadrant Amplifier Topology Onboard Sine Wave Reference with Low THD Selectable Ringing Frequency for Different Phone Systems (20Hz, 25Hz and 50Hz) Programmable Output Amplitude and DC Offset DC Current Limiting for Short Circuit Protection Secondary Side Voltage Mode Control Operates from a Single 5V Supply


The UCC3750 Source Ringer Controller provides a complete control and drive solution for a four quadrant flyback-based ring generator circuit. The IC controls a primary side switch, which is modulated when power transfer is taking place from input to output. It also controls two secondary switches which act as synchronous rectifier switches during positive power flow. These switches are pulse-width-modulated when the power is being delivered back to the source. The UCC3750 has an onboard sine wave reference with programmable frequencies 20Hz, 25Hz and 50Hz. The reference is derived from a high-frequency (32kHz) crystal connected externally. Two frequency-select pins control an internal divider to give a sinusoidal output or 50Hz. The ring generator can also be used at other frequencies by supplying externally generated sine-waves to the chip or by clocking the crystal input at a fixed multiple of the desired frequency. Other features included in the UCC3750 are programmable DC current limit (with buffer amplifier), a charge-pump circuit for gate drive voltage, internal 3V and 7.5V references, a triangular clock oscillator and a buffer amplifier for adding programmable DC offset to the output voltage. The UCC3750 also provides an uncommitted amplifier (AMP) for other signal processing requirements.

Input Supply Voltage VDD. 7.5V Maximum Forced Voltage VCP. OUT1, OUT2, AMPOUT, OUTDC Maximum Forced Voltage. to 7.5V Maximum Forced Current. Internally Limited NEG1, NEG2, AMPIN, NEGDC Maximum Forced Voltage. to 7.5V SINREF, SINFLT Maximum Forced Voltage. to 7.5V Logic Inputs Maximum Forced Voltage. to 7.5V Reference Output Current (REF). Internally Limited Output Current GD2, GD3) Pulsed. 1.5A Storage Temperature. to +150°C Junction Temperature. to +150°C Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 Sec.). +300°C Unless otherwise indicated, voltages are reference to ground and currents are positive into, negative out of the specified terminal. Pulsed is defined as a less than 10% duty cycle with a maximum duration of 500ns. Consult Packaging Section of Databook for thermal limitations and considerations of packages.


ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS:Unless otherwise stated, these specifications apply for to 70°C for the to +85°C for the = 470pF, CREF = 0, VDD TA = TJ.

PARAMETER VDD Supply Current - Active Internal Reference w/External Bypass Output Voltage (REF) Load Regulation Line Regulation Amplifier Input Voltage Input Bias Current AVOL VOH VOL Short Circuit Current Sine Reference Accuracy Total Harmonic Distortion Amplitude Offset = 25°C, Program Frequency­Reference Frequency (Note 1) Peak % V VOUT to 4V Source 100µA Sink 100µA VIN = 0V and 5V with VOUT = 0V and 0.5 5.35 Error, DC Offset and Amp Amplifiers DC Limit Amplifier V mA IREF ­ 2mA VCP to 13V, IREF V mV With 12V Supplied to VCP and Charge Pump Disabled 1 mA TEST CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITS

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS:Unless otherwise stated, these specifications apply for to 70°C for the to +85°C for the = 470pF, CREF = 0, VDD TA = TJ.

PARAMETER Oscillator Accuracy Peak Voltage Valley Voltage Charge Pump Switch Pull Up Resistance (VS1, VS2) Switch Pull Down Resistance (VS1, VS2) Output Voltage (VCP) Output Drivers Pull Up Resistance Pull Down Resistance Rise Time Fall Time Current Limit DC Limit Threshold Voltage Positive DC Limit Threshold Voltage Negative Duty Cycle Maximum PWM Duty Cycle Rectifier Duty Cycle Note 1: Guaranteed by measuring the steps of the PWL Sine Wave. STATE VCC VALUE FOR REF STATE VCC VALUE FOR REF 2.7nF ns VDD = 5V, IVCP 10mA V kHz V TEST CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITS

AMPIN: Inverting input of the uncommitted amplifier. AMPOUT: Output of the uncommitted amplifier. CT: This pin programs the internal PWM oscillator frequency. Capacitor from CT to GND sets the charge and discharge time of the oscillator. ENBL: Logic input which enables the outputs and the charge pump when high. ENBL should be pulled low to turn the outputs off. FS0, FS1: Frequency select pins for the internal sine-wave generator. Table 1 provides the SINREF frequencies as a function of FS0 and FS1 when a 32kHz crystal is used at the crystal inputs (XTAL1, XTAL2). Other proportional frequencies can be obtained with a different crystal. Inputs FS0 and FS1 are TTL compatible. 3

Table I. Frequency selection table (for 32kHz crystal).

GD1: Output driver that controls the primary side switch in a flyback converter through a gate drive transformer. The output signal on this pin is PWM during positive power transfer modes and zero during negative power transfer modes.


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