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Part familyUCC3806 Low Power, Dual Output, Current Mode PWM Controller
TitleCurrent Mode PWM Controllers
DescriptionLow Power, Dual Output, Current Mode PWM Controller 16-SOIC 0 to 70
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
DatasheetDownload UCC3806 datasheet
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Operating Temperature Range(C)0 to 70
UVLO Thresholds On/Off(V)7.5/6.75
Approx. Price (US$)4.10 | 1ku
FeaturesError Amplifier,Multi-topology,Soft Start,Synchronization Pin
Gate Drive(Typ)(A)0.5
Duty Cycle(Max)(%)49
Control MethodCurrent
  Mecanical Data
Pin nbPackage typeInd stdJEDEC codePackage qtyCarrierDevice markWidth (mm)Length (mm)Thick (mm)Pitch (mm)
16DWSOICR-PDSO-G40TUBEUCC3806DW 7.510.32.351.27
Application notes
• DN-51 Programming the UCC3806 Features
The UCC3806 is a pin-for-pin-compatible BiCMOS replacement for the UC3846 and UC3856. However, this design note explains how some functions in the UCC3806 are programmed differently. In particular, the CUR LIM ADJ pin programs the maximum peak current for | Doc
• U-144 UCC3806 BiCMOS Current Mode Control IC
The UCC3806 BiCMOS current-mode controller has the advantages of reductions in current consumption, in power loss, and in propagation delays within the IC. The UCC3806 is pin-for-pin compatible with the popular UC3846 and UC3856 controllers. With minimal p | Doc
• DN-45 UC3846, UC3856 and UCC3806 Push Pull PWM Current Mode Control ICs
The UC3856 is a pin-for-pin-compatible, high-performance, bipolar version of the industry standard UC3846. It can replace the UC3846 with few circuit modifications, and it features increased speed, higher gate-drive current, and reduced propagation delays. | Doc
• DN-62 Switching Power Supply Topology Voltage Mode vs. Current Mode
This design note explains the differences between voltage-mode and current-mode switching power supply topologies. It includes a circuit diagram for each mode and suggests criteria for choosing which mode to use. | Doc


Features, Applications

Low Power, Dual Output, Current Mode PWM Controller

BiCMOS Version of UC1846 Families 1.4mA Maximum Operating Current 100A Maximum Startup Current 1.0A Peak Output Current 125nsec Circuit Delay Easier Parallelability Improved Benefits of Current Mode Control


The UCC1806 family of BiCMOS PWM controllers offers exceptionally improved performance with a familiar architecture. With the same block diagram and pinout of the popular UC1846 series, the UCC1806 line features increased switching frequency capability while greatly reducing the bias current used within the device. With a typical startup current of 50A and a well defined voltage threshold for turn-on, these devices are favored for applications ranging from off-line power supplies to battery operated portable equipment. Dual high current, FET driving outputs and a fast current sense loop further enhance device versatility. All the benefits of current mode control including simpler loop closing, voltage feed-forward, parallelability with current sharing, pulse-by-pulse current limiting, and push-pull symmetry correction are readily achievable with the UCC1806 series. (continued)


Supply Voltage, Low Impedance (Pin 15). +15V Supply Current, High Impedance (Pin 15). +25mA Output Supply Voltage (Pin 13). +18V Output Current, Continuous Source or Sink. 200mA Output Current, Gate Drive. 500mA Analog Input Voltage (Pin -0.3V to +VIN +0.3V Sync Output Current (Pin 10). 30mA Error Amplifier Output Current (Pin 7). +10mA/- (Self Limiting) Power Dissipation = 25C (Note 3). 1000mW Power Dissipation = 25C (Note 3). 2000mW Storage Temperature Range. to +150C Lead Temperature (soldering, 10 seconds). +300C Note 1. All voltages are with respect to Ground, Pin 12. Note 2. Currents are positive into, negative out of the specified terminal. Note 3. Consult packaging section of databook for thermal limitations and considerations of package. Note 4. Pin numbers refer to DIL-16 package.

These devices are available with multiple package options for both through-hole and surface mount applications; and in commercial, industrial, and military temperature ranges. Contact factory for availability. The UCC1806 is specified for operation from to +125C, the UCC2806 is specified for operation from to +85C, and the UCC3806 is specified for operation from to +70C. The part is available in the following package options.

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS:Unless otherwise stated, these specifications hold for to +125C for the to +85C for the UCC2806, and to +70C for the UCC3806; VIN = 330pF, CBYPASS on VREF TA = TJ. PARAMETER TEST CONDITION UCC2806 UCC3806 MIN TYP MAX MIN TYP MAX Reference Section Output Voltage = 0.2mA Load Regulation < 5mA Total Output Variation Line, Load, Temperature (Note Output Noise Voltage = 25C (Note Long Term Stability 125C, 1000 Hours (Note 5) Output Short Circuit

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS:Unless otherwise stated, these specifications hold for to +125C for the to +85C for the UCC2806, and to +70C for the UCC3806; VIN = 330pF, CBYPASS on VREF TA = TJ. PARAMETER TEST CONDITION UCC2806 UCC3806 UNITS MIN TYP MAX MIN TYP MAX Oscillator Section kHz Initial Accuracy 2 % Temperature Stability TMIN TA < TMAX (Note 5) Amplitude V ns SYNC Delay to Outputs Pin = 0V, Pin 9 = VREF, VSYNC 2 mA Discharge Current = 25C, VPIN = 2.0V IOUT 0.4 V SYNC, VOL IOUT 2.4 V SYNC, VOH Pin = 0V, Pin 9 = VREF 0.8 V SYNC, VIL Pin = 0V, Pin 9 = VREF 2.0 V SYNC, VIH SYNC Input Current A Error Amplifier Section Input Offset Voltage 10 mV Input Bias Current -1 A Input Offset Current VIN-2 V Common Mode Range VIN-2 dB Open Loop Gain to 4.0 Unity Gain Bandwidth 1 MHz 1 mA Output Sink Current VID < 20mV, VPIN 1.0V A Output Source Current VID < 20mV, VPIN 4.5 V Output High Level VID 0.5 V Output Low Level VID = 50mV Current Sense Amplifier Section V/V Amplifier Gain VPIN = 0V, VPIN 1 = VREF (Notes 1.1 V Maximum Differential Input VPIN 1 = VREF, VPIN 5 = VREF, VPIN = 0V Signal (VPIN 4 - VPIN mV Input Offset Voltage VPIN = 0.5V, VPIN 7 = OPEN 60 dB CMRR VCM 0 to VIN 3.5 PSRR -1 A Input Bias Current VPIN = 0.5V, PIN 7 OPEN (Note 1 A Input Offset Current VPIN = 0.5V, PIN 7 OPEN (Note ns Delay to Outputs VPIN 5 = VREF, PIN = 0, PIN = 2.75V, PIN 4 PIN to 1.5V step (Note 6) Current Limit Adjust Section V Current Limit Offset VPIN = 0, VPIN = 0, PIN 7 = open Input Bias Current 1 A Minimum Latching Current A Maximum Non-Latching A Current Shutdown Terminal Section Threshold Voltage V 0 VIN V Input Voltage Range 0 VIN ns Delay to Outputs VPIN to 1.3V


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