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Part familyUCC38086 Current Mode Push-Pull PWM With Programmable Slope Compensation
DescriptionCurrent Mode Push-Pull PWM With Programmable Slope Compensation 8-SOIC 0 to 70
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
DatasheetDownload UCC38086 datasheet
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Operating Temperature Range(C)0 to 70
Duty Cycle(Max)(%)50
UVLO Thresholds On/Off(V)4.3/4.1
Approx. Price (US$)1.10 | 1ku
FeaturesMulti-topology,Programmable Slope Compensation
Package GroupPDIP,SOIC
Control MethodCurrent
Gate Drive(Typ)(A)1
  Mecanical Data
Pin nbPackage typeInd stdJEDEC codePackage qtyCarrierDevice markWidth (mm)Length (mm)Thick (mm)Pitch (mm)
8DSOICR-PDSO-G75TUBE38086 3.914.91.581.27
Application notes
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Features, Applications


Programmable Slope Compensation Internal Soft-Start on the UCC38083/4 Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting Low Start-Up Current 120 A and 1.5 mA Typical Run Current Single External Component Oscillator Programmable from 50 kHz to 1 MHz High-Current Totem-Pole Dual Output Stage Drives Push-Pull Configuration with 1-A Sink and 0.5-A Source Capability Current Sense Discharge Transistor to Improve Dynamic Response Internally Trimmed Bandgap Reference Undervoltage Lockout with Hysteresis

High-Efficiency Switch-Mode Power Supplies Telecom dc-to-dc Converters Point-of-Load or Point-of-Use Power Modules Low-Cost Push-Pull and Half-Bridge Applications


The is a family of BiCMOS pulse width modulation (PWM) controllers for dc-to-dc or off-line fixed-frequency current-mode switching power supplies. The dual output stages are configured for the push-pull topology. Both outputs switch at half the oscillator frequency using a toggle flip-flop. The dead time between the two outputs is typically 110 ns, limiting each output's duty cycle to less than 50%. The new UCC3808x family is based on the UCC3808A architecture. The major differences include the addition of a programmable slope compensation ramp to the CS signal and the removal of the error amplifier. The current flowing out of the ISET pin through an external resistor is monitored internally to set the magnitude of the slope V OUT compensation function. This device also includes an internal discharge transistor from the CS pin to ground, which is activated at each clock cycle after the pulse is terminated. This discharges any filter capacitance on the CS pin during each cycle and helps minimize filter capacitor values and current sense delay. The UCC38083 and the UCC38084 devices have a typical soft-start interval time 3.5 ms while the UCC38085 and the UCC38086 has less than 100 s for applications where internal soft-start is not desired. The UCC38083 and the UCC38085 devices have the turn-on/off thresholds 8.3 V, while the UCC38084 and the UCC38086 has the turn-on/off thresholds 4.1 V. Each device is offered in 8-pin TSSOP (PW), 8-pin SOIC (D) and 8-pin PDIP (P) packages.

Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet.

PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to specifications per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters.

THERMAL RESISTANCE TABLE PACKAGE SOIC-8 (D) PDIP-8 (P) TSSOP-8 (PW) jc(C/W) 50 32(2) ja(C/W) 160(1) 110(1)

to 257(2) NOTES: (1) Specified ja (junction to ambient) is for devices mounted FR4 PC board with one ounce copper where noted. When resistance range is given, lower values are for 5 inch2 aluminum PC board. Test PWB was 0.062 inch thick and typically used 0.635-mm trace widths for power packages and 1.3-mm trace widths for non-power packages with x 100-mil probe land area at the end of each trace. (2). Modeled data. If value range given for ja, lower value is for 3x3 inch. 1 oz internal copper ground plane, higher value is for 1x1-inch. ground plane. All model data assumes only one trace for each non-fused lead.


UCC38086PW The D and PW packages are available taped and reeled. Add R suffix to device type, e.g. UCC28083DR (2500 devices per reel) UCC38083PWR (2000 devices per reel). OR P PACKAGE (TOP VIEW) PW PACKAGE (TOP VIEW) OUTA VDD CTRL ISET OUTB GND RT CS

absolute maximum ratings over operating free-air temperature (unless otherwise noted)

Supply voltage, VDD (IDD < 10 mA). 15 V Supply current, IDD. 20 mA Sink current (peak): OUTA. 1.0 A OUTB. 1.0 A Source current (peak): OUTA. -0.5 A OUTB. -0.5 A Analog inputs: CTRL. V to VDD +0.3 V CS. V to VDD +0.3 V, not to exceed 6 V RSET (minimum). A < IRT < 100 A). 2.0 V Power dissipation 25C (P package). 1 W Power dissipation 25C (D package). 650 mW Power dissipation = 25C (PW package). 400 mW Junction operating temperature, TJ. to 150C Storage temperature, Tstg. to 150C Lead temperature (soldering 10 seconds). 300C

Stresses beyond those listed under "absolute maximum ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated under "recommended operating conditions" is not implied. Exposure to absolute-maximum-rated conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability. All voltages are with respect to GND. Currents are positive into, and negative out of the specified terminal.

electrical characteristics over recommended operating virtual junction temperature range, VDD 10 V (See Note 1),1-F capacitor from VDD to GND, = 220 pF, RSET to 85C for to 70C for = TJ (unless otherwise noted) overall

PARAMETER Start-up current Supply current CTRL 0 V, See Note 1 TEST CONDITIONS VDD < UVLO start threshold voltage 0 V, MIN TYP 120 1.5 MAX 200 2.5 UNITS A mA

PARAMETER UCC38083/5 Start threshold voltage Minimum operating voltage after start Hysteresis voltage UCC38083/5 UCC38084/6 See Note 1 TEST CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX V UNITS

PARAMETER Frequency Voltage amplitude Oscillator fall time (dead time) RT pin voltage 2 x f(OUTA) See Note 2 TEST CONDITIONS MIN 180 1.4 TYP MAX UNITS kHz ns V


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