Details, datasheet, quote on part number: TK15407MTL
CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing
Description75 Ohm Video Line Driver
CompanyToko America Incorporated
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Features, Applications

s Fixed Gain (6 dB) s Internal 75 Drivers s Very Small Output Capacitor Using SAG Function Pin s Active High ON/OFF Control s Very Low Standby Current (typ. ISTBY 25 A) s Very Small SOT23L-8 Package

Video Equipment Digital Cameras CCD Cameras TV Monitors Video Tape Recorders LCD Projectors

Operating from a single +5 V supply, the is a dual video driver IC that takes standard video signals as analog inputs and provides buffered analog outputs for driving 150 loads (series 75 resistor and 75 cable load). Both amplifiers have a fixed gain 6 dB and can be used in series for 12 dB gain. The luminance (Y) input is clamped 1.29 V and amplified dB to produce 2 VP-P (typical) into a series 75 resistor and 75 cable load. The internal 1.5 k SAG function resistor provides gain compensation for low frequency signals. The chromanance (C) input is biased 2.6 V and amplified dB to produce 1.1 VP-P (typical) into a series 75 resistor and 75 cable load. During standby (Pin 3 grounded), the TK15407 consumes only W of power. Nominal power dissipation (no input) is typically 76 mW. The TK15407 is ideally suited for S-VHS systems. The TK15407M is available in the very small SOT23L-8 surface mount package.

Supply Voltage........................................................... 6 V Operating Voltage Range.............................. 5.5 V Power Dissipation (Note 200 mW Storage Temperature Range................... +150 C Operating Temperature +75 C

Test conditions: VCC 5.0 V, VIN = 1.0 VP-P, 25 C unless otherwise specified. SYMBOL ICC ISTBY IOS VTHL VTLH VCMP VBIAS GVA TH D VOUT(MAX) PARAMETER Supply Current Standby Supply Current Standby Terminal Current Threshold Voltage (High to Low) Threshold Voltage (Low to High) Clamp Voltage Bias Voltage Gain Differential Gain (Y Signal) Differential Phase (Y Signal) Frequency Response Total Harmonic Distortion (C Signal) Maximum Output Voltage (C Signal) TEST CONDITIONS No input Pin 3 Grounded Pin 3 in Standby mode Pin 3 Operating to Standby mode Pin 3 Standby to Operating mode Pin 2 Y Signal Input terminal Pin 4 C Signal Input terminal fin = 1 MHz Staircase signal input Staircase signal input fin = 1 MHz / 5 MHz fin = 1.0 kHz THD = 10% point 0.9 GND MIN TYP MAX VCC UNITS dB % deg dB % Vrms

Note 1: Power dissipation mW in free air. Derate at 1.6 mW/C for operation above 25C.

MEASUREMENT METHOD 1. Supply Current (ICC) The Pin 7 current is measured with no input signal and the Standby Pin (Pin 3) open. 2. Standby Supply Current (ISTBY) The Pin 7 current is measured when the Standby Pin (Pin ) is connected to ground. 3. Standby Terminal Current (IOS) The Pin 3 current is measured when Pin 3 is connected to ground. 4. Threshold Voltage (High to Low) (VTHL) The Pin 3 voltage is measured at the point which changes the device from operating mode into standby mode. 5. Threshold Voltage (Low to High) (VTLH) The Pin 3 voltage is measured at the point which changes the device from standby mode into operating mode. 6. Clamp Voltage (VCMP) The DC voltage at Pin 2 is measured with no input signal. 7. Bias Voltage (VBIAS) The DC voltage at Pin 4 is measured with no input signal. 8. Voltage Gain (GVA) The voltage gain equation is as follows: GVA log10 V2/V1 Where V1 is the input voltage TP1 (TP4) and V2 is the measured voltage (TP5). 9. Differential Gain (DG) The differential gain is measured at TP3 when a staircase waveform of 10 steps is applied to TP1.


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