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DescriptionX-ray Thickness Gage
CompanyToshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
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The X-ray thickness gage is used to measure the thickness of a strip continuously without contacting that strip. This gage uses the fact that the amount of radiation that passes through the strip varies with the thickness of that strip. The is a high quality thickness gage for cold rolling achieving outstanding safety, operability, accuracy and cost-performance developed over many years. It has the following features. Noise immunity is improved by digitizing the signals between the measuring head and the equipment cabinet.

The operation-PC uses Windows® NT, and is a user-friendly PC. A newly-developed X-ray generator is used, providing extremely accurate measurement results with a quick response time. The TOSGAGE-7525 focuses X-ray beams finely in the strip width direction to improve thickness resolution in the strip width direction, and making it suited to measuring the shape of the section of measured materials. The TOSGAGE-7525 can also be used as a AGC backup for when the fixed thickness gage (TOSGAGE-7521/7522) has failed.

*AVR warning lamp CVVS 3C 5.5S(AC200V) CVVS 3C 3.5S(AC200V,1) CVVS 1.25S 35 NC-HIV 8S CVVS 3C 8S(AC100V) CVVS 2C 3.5S(AC100V) Special cable (power) * Measuring head CVVS 20C 1.25S(Signal) Special cable (Signal) Special cable (Signal) (Customer's CVVS 10P 1.25S(Signal) D-type Special cable (Snet) computer) Special cable (motor power supply) CVVS 1.25S(Signal) 22 CVVS M B

23 CVVS 1.25S(Signal) 5C-2V-CCY CVVS 2C 2S (reverse limit) 29 CVVS 1.25S 26 AUI 27 AUI 24 CVVS 2C 2S (forward (PG Signal) AUI Transceiver Bridge CVVS 2C 2S (standby) 34 Transceiver * Limit switch 30 CVVS 25 AUI Transceiver 21 NC-HIV 8S NC-HIV 2C 2S (line center) 1 Conditions 0BASE5 1. Apart from special cables to , all cables are (Operation-PC) the responsibility of the customer. C-type D-type Printer 2. Length of cable between equipment cabinet and 33 NC-HIV 32

automatic voltage regulator is 10m max. 8S D-type 3. Distance between automatic voltage regulator and customer's distribution board is 10m max. 4. Length of cable between driving control box and 3C 3.5S(AC100V,1) customer's distribution board is 100m max. 5.5S(AC200V,1) 5. LAN and terminators are the responsibility of the customer. (Hub) bridging and LAN separation are the responsibility of the customer. 6. The application of flame-resistant cable (judgment and liability) is the responsibility of the customer. 7. Components marked * are standard configuration components.

Measuring head 1 Equipment cabinet 1 Operation-PC 1 Automatic voltage regulator 1 Driving control box (also used as a junction box) 1 Standard accessories 1 set Safety valve (1) Flow switch (1) Limit switches (4) Sample holder (1) Cable ducts (1 set) Special cable m) (1 set) Hose m) (1 set) Standard spare parts (1 set) Fuses/lamps 1 set 2. Optional Configuration

17-type monitor Transceiver (with cables) X-ray/shutter warning lamps (for three lamps) Individual Unit Configuration Measuring head The C-Frame can be broadly divided into the Xray generator, standard changer, and detector. Each component is an individual unit and can be replaced easily. <Main components> C-Frame (standard: measuring air gap height 750mm, depth 2500mm) X-ray generator Generator control power supply Standard changer Detector (ionization chamber) Ionization chamber power supply C-Frame carriage drive unit (AC motor) Air purge nozzle Safety valve Flow switch DC power supply unit (+5V, +24V) Cable duct Air cooler Driving control box (also used as junction box) This is integrated with junction box of the past, so it features the necessary control display on the machine side. <Main components> Driving control box X-ray and shutter ON/OFF switch X-ray interlock C-Frame carriage drive unit Carriage forward/reverse/stop switch Shutter and carriage drive interlock Control location selection switch (local, remote) Equipment cabinet The FA control computer (V300) was developed for industrial measurement and control. is a computer that features reliability and expandability (utilizes a VME bus).

Measuring head peripheral equipment Rails Rack and rack mounting plate Hanger rails Test samples X-ray/shutter warning lamps 1 set (red/green) Piping parts Air filter Strainer Reducing valve (for air) Reducing valve (for nitrogen) Nitrogen escape valve Nitrogen cylinder Air dryer Cooling water supply unit Oil mist separator Flow rate gage (for cooling water) Pressure switch (for air) Pressure switch (for nitrogen) Valve stand Interface (for PI/O interface with purchaser's PC) Indicator/recorder Wide angle indicator (110°) Recorder (hybrid-type) Cabinet (houses control panel, recorder, etc.) Cables Various types Hoses Various types Accessories Maintenance PC Operation-PC printer

<Main components> Equipment cabinet FA computer (V300) DC power supply unit (+24V) Circuit breaker (100V AC single phase) Circuit breaker (200V AC single phase) Isolated amplifier (for deviation output) Operation-PC Uses FA computer to display different kinds of settings, self-diagnosis and deviation trends. Communications are carried out via the microcomputer and Ethernet, settings are carried out via a microcomputer, and status detection information is sent and received. <Main components> FA3100 main unit (Windows® NT) 15-type color monitor Keyboard Mouse Ethernet board Standard software package Automatic voltage regulator This is used to stabilize the power supply provided to the main unit of the thickness gage. Specify frequency of either or 60 Hz. Input AC is also possible) Output (0.7KVA), 1 Distortion 5% max., capacity 1.6kVA Special Cables Special cable between driving control box and measuring head (20m). Hoses Special hose between customer's piping and measuring head (20m). Cooling water hose (neoprene, 3/4B) Air purge hose (neoprene, 1/2B, 3/4B) Nitrogen hose (neoprene, 1/4B) Standard spare parts Fuses 3A, 5A Lamps 40W

Measuring head peripheral equipment X-ray/shutter warning lamp Limit switches Documents Contract Specifications 5 copies Contract Drawings 5 copies Test Report 5 copies Operation Manual (including maintenance) 5 copies Schematic Diagram 5 copies

When the X-rays emitted from the X-ray generator pass through the material being measured, they are scattered and absorbed by that material. The X-rays that pass through the material are received by the detector (ionization chamber) and are converted into electrical signals (ionization current) proportional to the quantity of X-rays. These signals are subjected to A/D conversion at the integrated A/D converter before being sent to the microcomputer by the highspeed serial interface. At the equipment cabinet, these signals are calculated by the microcomputer and then output as thickness signals.

Integrated A/D converter Thickness gage Deviation output Detector Calibration curve
Measured material Standard changer Calibration information

Measurement Method The is a single-beam thickness gage that uses previously calibrated standard plates to create and store a calibration curve throughout the entire measurement range. The signals detected for the X-rays that have passed through the measuring material during measurements are applied to the calibration curve to derive the thickness.


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