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TitleSecure digital host controllers (SDHC)
DescriptionSecure Digital Host Controllers (SDHC) Are The First Standalone Chips to Provide a Dedicated Hardware Interface For SD Memory, Smartmedia And Multimedia Cards And CAN be Integrated Into Laptops, Cell Phones, Pdas, Digital Cameras And Other Mobile Products.
CompanyToshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
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Features, Applications
Toshiba PC Card ATA to Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card Controller--TC6374AF

Highlights Flexible configuration with slots for both an SD Memory/MultiMedia card and a SmartMedia Card Popular PC Card ATA controller for use with laptop computers and computer notebooks Automatic, 4-state power-down mode significantly reduces power consumption Features PC Card ATA Controller Conforms to PC Card '97 (250ns version) Standard Conforms to ATA/ATAPI-5 Standard 1321 Conforms to SDA "SD Card PC Card Adapter Media Card Pass Through" Specification Supports 8/16 bit access Power mode: 4 states (Sleep, Standby, Idle, Active) Supports Auto power down Supports Windows standard ATA driver SD/MMC Controller Supports SD Memory Card Conforms to SD Memory Card "Physical Layer Specification 1.0" Supports Write protection function Supports Unique ID Read MultiMedia Card Conforms to MultiMedia Card System Specification 2.2 Supports 1-bit MultiMedia Card mode interface Supports Unique ID Read SmartMedia Controller Conforms to the SSFDC Forum "SmartMedia" Physical Format Supports 1MB 128MB SmartMedia Supports 4MB 128MB MROM Supports Wear Leveling Supports ECC (1-bit error correction, 2-bit error detection) SmartMedia, MROM automatic recognition function Device Specifications 0.35m CMOS process 0.4-mm lead pitch, 128-pin LQFP package, (Height: 1.6mm, Body Size: x 14mm)

NORTHWEST San Jose, CA TEL: (408) 526-2400 FAX: (408) 526-8910 Portland, OR TEL: (503) 629-0818 FAX: (503) 629-0827 SOUTHWEST Irvine, CA TEL: (949) 455-2000 FAX: (949) 707-5576 Richardson, TX TEL: (972) 480-0470 FAX: (972) 235-4114 CENTRAL Deerfield, IL TEL: (847) 945-1500 FAX: (847) 945-2902 NORTHEAST Wakefield, MA TEL: (781) 224-0074 FAX: (781) 224-1096 Edison, NJ TEL: (732) 248-8070 FAX: (732) 248-8030 SOUTHEAST Duluth, GA TEL: (770) 931-3363 FAX: (770) 931-7602

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TC6377AF Host Bus Interface = Standard Memory I/f (SRAM Like) ;; Sdio Support = no ;; Card Interface = SD Memory Card + SD or Smartmedia Card ;; Additional Information = More Info
TC6380AF Host Bus Interface = Standard Memory I/f (SRAM Like) ;; Sdio Support = Yes ;; Card Interface = SD Memory Card or Smartmedia ;; Additional Information = More Info
TC6384AF Secure Digital Host Controllers (SDHC) Are The First Standalone Chips to Provide a Dedicated Hardware Interface For SD Memory, Smartmedia And Multimedia Cards And CAN be Integrated Into Laptops, Cell Phones,
TC6391XB Host Bus Interface = Standard Memory I/f (SRAM Like) ;; Sdio Support = Yes ;; Card Interface = SD Memory Card/sdio Card or Smartmedia or Compact Flash or Usb ;; Additional Information = More Info
TC6393XB Secure Digital Host Controllers (SDHC) Are The First Standalone Chips to Provide a Dedicated Hardware Interface For SD Memory, Smartmedia And Multimedia Cards And CAN be Integrated Into Laptops, Cell Phones,
TC74AC00 Quad 2-input NAND Gate
TC74AC00FN Function = Quad 2-input NAND Gate ;; Pins = 14
TC74AC02 Quad 2-input NOR GATE
TC74AC02FN Function = Quad 2-input NOR GATE ;; Pins = 14
TC74AC04 Hex Inverter
TC74AC04FN Function = Hex Inverter ;; Pins = 14
TC74AC05 Hex Inverter (open Drain)
TC74AC05FN Function = Hex Inverter (open Drain) ;; Pins = 14
TC74AC08 Quad 2-input And Gate
TC74AC08FN Function = Quad 2-input And Gate ;; Pins = 14

2GWJ42 : Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBDs) VRRM (V) = 40 ;; Vfm(max) (V) = 0.55 ;; If(av) (Amps) = 2 ;; Package = DO-15L ;; Feature =

2SC4253 : Bipolar Transistors Vceo (V) = 25 ;; Ic (mA) = 50 ;; PC (mW) = 100 ;; Cob (pF) = 1.1 ;; Cre (pF) = - ;; .fT(Typ.) (GHz) = 0.6 ;; Package = Usm ;; Application = Pif Amp

TC55257-12 : 256k CMOS SRAM: 32kx8

TIM7179-8SL : GaAs Microwave Power GAAS Fet

TK16H60C : Switching Regulator Applications

TA8200AH_02 : Dual Audio Power Amplifier

2SK3568 : Silicon N Channel MOS Type Switching Regulator Applications

TMP92FD54AIF : Embedded - Microcontroller Integrated Circuit (ics) External Tray 4.5 V ~ 5.25 V; IC CPU CISC W/CAN 100-LQFP Specifications: Program Memory Size: 512KB (512K x 8) ; RAM Size: 32K x 8 ; Number of I /O: 68 ; Package / Case: 100-LQFP ; Speed: 10MHz ; Oscillator Type: External ; Packaging: Tray ; Program Memory Type: FLASH ; EEPROM Size: - ; Core Processor: 900/H1 ; Data Converters: A/D 12x10b ; Core Size: 32-

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AAM7969 : Taxichip Integrated Circuits ( Transparent Asynchronous Xmitter-receiver Interface ).

AFE1205E : DSL Codecs. ti AFE1205, 2Mbps, Single PaIR HDSL Analog Front End. E1/T1 SINGLE PAIR 2B1Q OPERATION COMPLETE ANALOG INTERFACE 385mW POWER DISSIPATION PROGRAMMABLE POWER 48-LEAD SSOP PACKAGE SCALEABLE DATA RATE OPERATION FROM 160kbps +5V ONLY OR 3.3V DIGITAL) TO +85C OPERATION Burr-Brown's Analog Front End greatly reduces the size and cost of a single pair HDSL (High bit rate Digital Subscriber Line) system by providing.

CLC418AJ : Dual High-speed, Low-power Line Driver. Comlinear CLC418 Dual High-Speed, Low-Power Line Driver The Comlinear CLC418 dual high-speed current-feedback operational amplifier is designed to drive low-impedance and high capacitance loads while maintaining high signal fidelity. Operating on 5V power supplies, each of the CLC418's amplifiers produces a continuous 96mA output current. Into a back-terminated.

CS3411 : Convolutional Viterbi Decoder (Intelsat). The CS3411 Viterbi Decoder is a high performance implementation suitable for a range of Forward Error Correction applications. This highly integrated application specific core can be used in conjunction with other FEC related cores available from Amphion to rapidly construct complete FEC solutions. The Viterbi decoder provides a wide range of coding.

FBL2031 : FBL2031; 9-bit BTL 3.3V Latched/registered/pass-thru Futurebus+ Transceiver.

HCF4529B : Analog Data Selector Dual 4-channel or Single 8-channel. DATA PATHS ARE BIDIRECTIONAL 10 MHz OPERATION (typical) 3-STATE OUTPUTS "ON" RESISTANCE 125 W TYPICAL @ 15V SUPPLY VOLTAGE RANGE TO 18Vdc The HCC4529B (extended temperataure range) and HCF4529b (intermediate temperature range) are monolithic integrated circuits available in 16lead dual in line plastic or ceramic package and plastic micropackage. The is a DUAL.

HFBR-53D3 : 1 X 9 5V Fiber Optic Transceiver For Fibre Channel - no Shield, Plastic Housing.

LTC1756 : Smart Card/Secure Card. Smart Card Interface. Fully ISO 7816-3 and EMV Compliant (Including Auxiliary I/O Pins) Buck-Boost Charge Pump Generates to 6.0V Input Voltage Range (LTC1755) Very Low Operating Current: > 10kV ESD on All Smart Card Pins Dynamic Pull-Ups Deliver Fast Signal Rise Times Soft-Start Limits Inrush Current at Turn 3V 5V Signal Level Translators Shutdown Current: < 1A Short-Circuit.

MAX3287EVKIT : MAX3287EVKIT Evaluation Kit For The MAX3287/MAX3288/MAX3297/MAX3298 Shortwave or Vcsel (Common Cathode).

PBL38615-1 : Subscriber Line Interface Circuit. The PBL 386 15/1 Subscriber Line Interface Circuit (SLIC) 90 V bipolar integrated circuit for use in ISDN Network Terminal Adapters, DAML, FITL and other short loop telecommunication equipment which often are remote powered, and by that, the available power is limited. The PBL 386 15/1 has been optimized for low total line interface cost, low power.

PENTIUMRIIMMC-2ON-DIECACHE : Pentium(r) ii Processor With On-die Cache Mobile Module Connector 2 (mmc-2).

S2065 : Quad Serial Backplane Device W/dual I/o. QUAD SERIAL BACKPLANE DEVICE WITH DUAL I/O QUAD SERIAL BACKPLANE DEVICE WITH DUAL I/O GENERAL Broad operating rate range (770 MHz - 1.3 GHz) - 1062 MHz (Fibre Channel) - 1250 MHz (Gigabit Ethernet) line rates - 1/2 Rate Operation Quad Transmitter incorporating phase-locked loop (PLL) clock synthesis from low speed reference Quad Receiver PLL provides.

S3024 : Sonet/sdh Clock Recovery Unit. SONET/SDH/ATM CLOCK RECOVERY UNIT BiCMOS LVPECL CLOCK GENERATOR SONET/SDH/ATM RECOVERY UNIT GENERAL Complies with Bellcore and ITU-T s for jitter tolerance, jitter transfer and jitter generation On-chip high frequency PLL with internal loop filter for clock recovery Supports clock recovery for OC-12/STM-4 (622.08 Mbit/s) OC-3/STM-1 (155.52 Mbit/s) NRZ data.

S5T5855A : Universal 15 Memory Dialer. The is 15 memory Tone/pulse switchable dialer with 32 digit redial memory. 16 digit indirect 10 memory and 16 digit direct 4 memory are possible. The Flash time is selectable on the keypad Also, Hands-Free and Hold functions are controlled on the keypad. The S5T5855A can fulfill all the standards of each country. Flash Time selectable on the keyboard.

SN67168 : Speech Controller. a 168 seconds single chip voice synthesizer IC which contains I/O pins and a tiny controller. By programming through the tiny controller, user's applications including section combination, trigger modes, output status, and other logic functions can then be easily implemented. Single power supply - 5.1V Built in a tiny controller 168 seconds voice capacity.

TL16C552FN : ti TL16C552, Dual Uart With 16-Byte Fifos & Parallel Port. TL16C552 DUAL ASYCHRONOUS COMMUNICATIONS ELEMENT WITH FIFO IBM PC/AT TM Compatible Two TL16C550 ACEs Enhanced Bidirectional Printer Port 16-Byte FIFOs Reduce CPU Interrupts Independent Control of Transmit, Receive, Line Status, and Data Set Interrupts on Each Channel Individual Modem Control Signals for Each Channel Programmable Serial Interface Characteristics.

W183 : Full Feature Peak Reducing Emi Solution. Cypress PREMISTM family offering Generates an EMI optimized clocking signal at the output Selectable output frequency range Single 1.25%, 3.75% down or center spread output Integrated loop filter components Operates with or 5V supply Low power CMOS design Available in 14-pin SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit) Table 1. Modulation Width Selection.

W89C840AF : LAN. 10/100 Fast Ethernet Mac With Acpi. is a highly integrated Ethernet LAN controller for both 100BaseT and 10BaseT Ethernet. It provides a host bus interface complying with the PCI local bus revision 2.1, and the MII interface complying with the IEEE802.3u standard for easily implementing an Ethernet LAN adapter. The built-in 2K bytes transmit FIFO and 4K bytes receive FIFO, controlled.

B841 : ADSL Line Transformer for Conexant CO Chipset - Annex A & C application - Matched to Globespan Virata CPE Caf ADSL chipset - DMT Annex A Designed to meet IEC60950 supplementary insulation requirements at 250V working voltage 1500V Breakdown Isolation between windings.

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