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TitleTC74AC Series
DescriptionFunction = 3-to-8 Line Decoder ;; Pins = 16
CompanyToshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
DatasheetDownload TC74AC138FN datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: 74AC11138, CD4028B, CD4511B, CD4543B, CD4555B, CD4556B, CD74AC138, CD74AC238, CD74ACT138, CD74HC137
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TC74AC138FT Function = 3-to-8 Line Decoder ;; Pins = 16
TC74AC139 Dual 2-to-4 Line Decoder
TC74AC139FN Function = Dual 2-to-4 Line Decoder ;; Pins = 16
TC74AC14 Hex Schmitt Inverter
TC74AC14FN Function = Hex Schmitt Inverter ;; Pins = 14
TC74AC151 8-channel Multiplexer
TC74AC151FN Function = 8-channel Multiplexer ;; Pins = 16
TC74AC153 Dual 4-channel Multiplexer
TC74AC153FN Function = Dual 4-channel Multiplexer ;; Pins = 16
TC74AC157 Quad 2-channel Multiplexer
TC74AC157FN Function = Quad 2-channel Multiplexer ;; Pins = 16
TC74AC161 Synchronous Presettable 4-bit Binary Counter

2SK3387 : VDDS = 150 ;; Id = 18 ;; Package Type = TFP

TC220G86 : Standard Cell Sli Asic 0.3um Standard Cell, Embedded Arrays, Gate Arrays

TC74HC4024AF : 7-stage Binary Counter


TC94A48FG : Single-chip Audio Digital Signal Processor

MT3S37T : UHF LOW Noise Amplifier Application

TLFGE1008A : Panel Circuit Indicator

GT60N322(Q) : Igbt - Single Discrete Semiconductor Product 57A 1000V 200W Standard; IGBT 1000V 57A TO-3P LH Specifications: Input Type: Standard ; Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max): 1000V ; Current - Collector (Ic) (Max): 57A ; Vce(on) (Max) @ Vge, Ic: 2.9V @ 15V, 60A ; Power - Max: 200W ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Package / Case: TO-3PL ; Packaging: Tube ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS

TPCA8065-H,LQ(S : Fet - Single Discrete Semiconductor Product 16A 30V 25W Surface Mount; MOSFET N-CH 30V 16A 8SOP-ADV Specifications: Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; FET Type: MOSFET N-Channel, Metal Oxide ; Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss): 30V ; Current - Continuous Drain (Id) @ 25° C: 16A ; Rds On (Max) @ Id, Vgs: 11.4 mOhm @ 8A, 10V ; Input Capacitance (Ciss) @ Vds: 1600pF @ 10V ; Power - Max: 25W ; Packaging: Tap

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74ACT241 : Bus Oriented Circuits. Octal Buffer/line Driver With 3-STATE Outputs. The is an octal buffer and line driver designed to be employed as a memory address driver, clock driver and bus-oriented transmitter or receiver which provides improved PC board density. s ICC and IOZ reduced 50% s Non-inverting 3-STATE outputs drive bus lines or buffer memory address registers s Outputs source/sink s ACT241 has TTL-compatible inputs.

74ALVT16823 : 74ALVT16823; 18-bit Bus-interface D-type Flip-flop With Reset And Enable (3-State);; Package: SOT370-1 (SSOP48).

7601301EA : D-Type Flip-Flops. ti SN54LS76A, Dual J-k Flip-flops With Preset And Clear.

7802601EA : ti SN54LS390, Dual 4-Bit Decade And Binary Counters. PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to s per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters. .

AZ10EL01 : Bipolar->ECL 100 Family. 4-input Or/nor. 230ps Propagation Delay High Bandwidth Output Transitions 75k Internal Input Pulldown Resistors Direct Replacement for ON Semiconductor & MC100EL01 PACKAGE AVAILABILITY PACKAGE SOIC 8 SOIC 8 T&R SOIC 8 T&R SOIC 8 SOIC 8 T&R SOIC 8 T&R TSSOP 8 TSSOP 8 T&R TSSOP 8 T&R TSSOP 8 TSSOP 8 T&R TSSOP 8 T&R PART NO. AZ100EL01TR1 AZ100EL01TR2 MARKING AZTEL01 AZHEL01.

DM74ALS37A : Bipolar->ALS Family. Quadruple 2-Input NAND Buffers. This device contains four independent gates, each of which performs the logic NAND function. s Switching s pF s Switching s guaranteed over full temperature and VCC range s Advanced oxide-isolated, ion-implanted Schottky TTL process s Functionally and pin for pin compatible with LS TTL counterpart s Improved AC performance over LS37 s Improved line.

FST3125 : Bus Oriented Circuits. 4-Bit Bus Switch. The Fairchild Switch FST3125 provides four high-speed CMOS TTL-compatible bus switches. The low on resistance of the switch allows inputs to be connected to outputs without adding propagation delay or generating additional ground bounce noise. The device is organized as four 1-bit switches with separate OE inputs. When OE is LOW, the switch is ON and Port.

HS9-26CT32RH : Radiation Hardened Quad Differential Line Receiver. Radiation Hardened Quad Differential Line Receiver Intersil's Satellite Applications FlowTM (SAF) devices are fully tested and guaranteed to 100kRAD total dose. These QML Class T devices are processed to a standard flow intended to meet the cost and shorter lead-time needs of large volume satellite manufacturers, while maintaining a high level of reliability.

M74HC4094 : HC/HCT->High Speed CMOS. 8 Bit Sipo Shift Latch Register (3-STATE).

MC54HC86AJ : Quad 2-input Exclusive OR GATE. The MC54/74HC86A is identical in pinout to the LS86; this device is similar in function to the MM74C86 and L86, but has a different pinout. The device inputs are compatible with standard CMOS outputs; with pullup resistors, they are compatible with LSTTL outputs. Output Drive Capability: 10 LSTTL Loads Outputs Directly Interface to CMOS, NMOS, and TTL Operating.

MC74AC540 : Bus Oriented Circuits. Octal Buffer/line Driver With 3 State Outputs. The MC74AC540/74ACT540 and MC74AC541/74ACT541 are octal buffer/line drivers designed to be employed as memory and address drivers, clock drivers and bus oriented transmitter/receivers. The is a noninverting option of the MC74AC540/74ACT540. These devices are similar in function to the MC74AC240/74ACT240 and MC74AC244/74ACT244 while providing flow­through.

SN54HC590AFK : 8-bit Binary Counters With 3-state Output Registers. 8-Bit Counter With Register High-Current 3-State Parallel Register Outputs Can Drive to 15 LSTTL Loads Counter Has Direct Clear Package Options Include Plastic Small-Outline (D, DW), and Ceramic Flat (W) Packages, Ceramic Chip Carriers (FK), and Standard Plastic (N) and Ceramic (J) 300-mil DIPs The 'HC590A contain an 8-bit binary counter that feeds.

SN74ALVCH16524 : Bus Oriented Circuits. 18-bit Registered Bus Transceiver With 3-state Outputs.

SN74LS09 : Bipolar->LS Family. Quad 2-input And Gate With Open Collector Outputs.

SN74V283-10GGM : Synchronous FIFOs. ti SN74V283, 32768 X 18 Synchronous Fifo Memory. Choice of Memory Organizations SN74V293 166-MHz Operation 6-ns Read/Write Cycle Time User-Selectable Input and Output Port Bus Sizing to ×9 out to ×18 out to ×9 out to ×18 out Big-Endian/Little-Endian User-Selectable Byte Representation 5-V-Tolerant Inputs Fixed, Low First-Word Latency Zero-Latency Retransmit Master Reset Clears Entire FIFO Partial.

TC74HC125 : CMOS/BiCMOS->HC/HCT Family. Quad Bus Buffer.

XC7SH14GV : LV/LV-A/LVX/H SERIES, 1-INPUT INVERT GATE, PDSO5. s: Gate Type: NOT ; Supply Voltage: 5V ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Inputs: 1 ; Propagation Delay: 20.5 ns ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 125 C (-40 to 257 F) ; Pin Count: 5 ; IC Package Type: Other, PLASTIC, SOT-753, SC-74A, 5 PIN.

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