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CategoryLogic => Flip-Flops => CMOS/BiCMOS->AC/ACT Family
DescriptionOctal D-type Flip Flop With Clear
CompanyToshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
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TC74AC273FT Function = Octal D Flip-flop With Clear ;; Pins = 20
TC74AC280 9-bit Parity Generator/checker
TC74AC280FN Function = 9-bit Parity Generator/checker ;; Pins = 14
TC74AC283 4-bit Binary Full Adder
TC74AC283FN Function = 4-bit Binary Full Adder ;; Pins = 16
TC74AC299 8-bit Pipo Shift Register With Asynchronous Clear
TC74AC299FW Function = 8-bit Pipo Shift Register ;; Pins = 20
TC74AC32 Quad 2-input OR GATE
TC74AC32FN Function = Quad 2-input OR GATE ;; Pins = 14
TC74AC367 Hex Bus Buffer (3-state)
TC74AC367FN Function = Hex Bus Buffer (3-state) ;; Pins = 16

T6K14 :

TA75557F : Dual Operational Amplifier

TC554001-V : Density = 4M ;; Organization = 512Kx8 ;; VDD = 5V ;; Speed = 70,85ns ;; Comment = Low Power SRAM ;; Status = Eol, Recomend to Use A-version ;; Additional Information =  

TC74LVX138FT : TC74LVX Series Function = 3-to-8 Line Decoder ;; Pins = 16 ;; Additional Information = More Info


TMP86CM74AFG : TLCS-870/C ROM Size = 32Kbytes ;; RAM Size = 2048 Bytes ;; Supply Voltage = 2.7 to 5.5 ;; I/o Count = 70 ;; Unique Features = VFT Drive, Sio, 8 X 8-bit ADC, 2 X 16-bit & 2 X 8-bit Timer ;; Additional Information =

TLSU1100 : LED LAMP Panel Circuit Indicator

2SA1586-Y(T5L,F,T) : Transistors Bipolar (BJT) -150mA -50V Specifications: Manufacturer: Toshiba ; Product Category: Transistors Bipolar (BJT) ; RoHS:  Details ; Transistor Polarity: PNP ; Collector- Emitter Voltage VCEO Max: 50 V ; Emitter- Base Voltage VEBO: - 5 V ; Maximum DC Collector Current: 0.15 A ; DC Collector/Base Gain hfe Min: 120 ; Configur

TK46A08N1,S4X : MOSFET N-CH 80V 46A TO-220 U-MOS-H are the 8th generation of high-speed trench-structure MOSFETs. U-MOS-H is a high-efficiency MOSFET series especially designed for use in the secondary side of AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies. Fabricated with the latest trench MOS process and optimized cell design, U-MOS-H achieves excellen

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5962-9070101MEA : ti CD54HCT109, High Speed CMOS Logic Dual Positive-edge Trigger J-k Flip-flops With Set And Reset.

74FCT821 : 10-BIT Bus Interface Register With 3-STATE. Equivalent to AMD's Am29821-25 bipolar registers in pinout/ function, speed and output drive over full temperature and voltage supply extremes IDT54/74FCT821A equivalent to FASTTM speed IDT54/74FCT821B 25% faster than FAST IOL = 48mA (commercial) and 32mA (military) Clamp diodes on all inputs for ringing suppression CMOS power levels (1mW typ. static).

74FST6800DT : FST. 10-Bit Bus Switch With Precharged Outputs , Package: Tssop, Pins=24.

83025012A : ti SN54ALS169B, Synchronous 4-Bit Up/down Binary Counters. Fully Synchronous Operation for Counting and Programming Internal Carry Look-Ahead Circuitry for Fast Counting Carry Output for n-Bit Cascading Fully Independent Clock Circuit Package Options Include Plastic Small-Outline (D) Packages, Ceramic Chip Carriers (FK), and Standard Plastic (N) and Ceramic (J) 300-mil DIPs These synchronous 4-bit up/down binary.

MC14002UBCL : Ub-suffix Series Coms Gates. The UB Series logic gates are constructed with P and N channel enhancement mode devices in a single monolithic structure (Complementary MOS). Their primary use is where low power dissipation and/or high noise immunity is desired. The UB set of CMOS gates are inverting non­buffered functions. Supply Voltage Range = 3.0 Vdc to 18 Vdc Linear and Oscillator.

OR4E10 : Field-programmable Gate Arrays. High-performance platform design. 0.13 µm seven-level metal technology. Internal performance of >250 MHz (four logic levels). I/O performance of >416 MHz for all user I/Os. Over 1.5 million usable system gates. Meets multiple I/O interface standards. 1.5 V operation (30% less power than 1.8 V operation) translates to greater performance. Embedded.

SL74HC175 : Quad D Flip-flop With Common Clock And Reset. Quad D Flip-Flop with Common Clock and Reset The SL74HC175 is identical in pinout to the LS/ALS175. The device inputs are compatible with standard CMOS outputs; with pullup resistors, they are compatible with LS/ALSTTL outputs. This device consists of four D flip-flops with common Reset and Clock inputs, and separate D inputs. Reset (active-low) is asynchronous.

SN7448N : Decoders. ti SN7448, Bcd-to-seven-segment Decoders/drivers. PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to s per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters. .

SN74ABT162244 : CMOS/BiCMOS->ABT/BCT Family. 16-bit Buffer/driver With 3-state Outputs.

SN74ALS174 : Bipolar->ALS Family. Hex/quadruple D-type Flip-flops With Clear. 'ALS174 and 'AS174 Contain Six Flip-Flops With Single-Rail Outputs 'ALS175 and 'AS175B Contain Four Flip-Flops With Double-Rail Outputs Buffered Clock and Direct-Clear Inputs Applications Include: ­ Buffer/Storage Registers ­ Shift Registers ­ Pattern Generators Fully Buffered Outputs for Maximum Isolation From External Disturbances ('AS Only) These.

SN74FB2033K : Bus Oriented Circuits. 8-bit Ttl/bti Registered Transceiver. Compatible With IEEE Std 1194.1-1991 (BTL) TTL A Port, Backplane Transceiver Logic (BTL) B Port Open-Collector B-Port Outputs Sink 100 mA BIAS VCC Pin Minimizes Signal Distortion During Live Insertion/Withdrawal High-Impedance State During Power Up and Power Down B-Port Biasing Network Preconditions the Connector and PC Trace to the BTL High-Level Voltage.

SN74HC652DW : Registered Transceivers. ti SN74HC652, Octal Bus Transceivers And Registers With 3-State Outputs.

SN74LS685 : Bipolar->LS Family. 8-bit Magnitude/identity Comparator.

SN74LVC374ADBLE : D-Type (3-State) Flip-Flops. ti SN74LVC374A, Octal Edge-triggered D-type Flip-flops With 3-State Outputs.

SN74SSTL16837A : 20-bit Sstl_3 Interface Universal Bus Driver With 3-state Outputs. Member of the Texas Instruments WidebusTM Family Supports SSTL_3 Signal Inputs and Outputs Flow-Through Architecture Optimizes PCB Layout Meets SSTL_3 Class I and Class II s Latch-Up Performance Exceeds 250 mA Per JESD 17 Packaged in Plastic Thin Shrink Small-Outline Package This 20-bit universal bus driver is designed for to 3.6-V VCC operation and SSTL_3.

T67H0002A : = 258 CH Tft-lcd 3 Output Level Gate Driver ic ;; Package = 258 Tcp/cof.

TC74VHC4040FN : TC74VHC Series. Function = 12-stage Binary Counter ;; Pins = 16.

TC7MZ373FK : LCX Equivalent. Function = Low-voltage Octal D-type Latch With 5 V Tolerant Inputs And Outputs ;; = Low: VCC = 2.0~3.6 V High: TPD = 8.0 NS (max) (VCC = 3.0~3.6 V).

TC7WZ74FU(TE12L) : LVC/LCX/Z SERIES, POSITIVE EDGE TRIGGERED D FLIP-FLOP, COMPLEMENTARY OUTPUT, PDSO8. s: Flip-Flop Type: D ; Triggering: Positive-edge Triggered ; Supply Voltage: 1.8V ; Output Characteristics: Complementary Output ; Propagation Delay: 23 ns ; fMAX: 180 MHz ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F) ; Package Type: 0.65 MM PITCH, PLASTIC, SSOP-8,.

74AC32SCT : AC SERIES, QUAD 2-INPUT OR GATE, PDSO14. s: Gate Type: OR ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Inputs: 2 ; Propagation Delay: 9 ns ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F) ; Pin Count: 14 ; IC Package Type: SOIC, Other, SOIC-14.

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