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TitleTC74AC Series
DescriptionFunction = Octal D Flip-flop With Clear ;; Pins = 20
CompanyToshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
DatasheetDownload TC74AC273FT datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: 74AC273MTC, HD74AC273T, MC74AC273DT, SN74AC374, SN74AC564, SN74AC574
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TC74AC273FW Function = Octal D Flip-flop With Clear ;; Pins = 20
TC74AC280 9-bit Parity Generator/checker
TC74AC280FN Function = 9-bit Parity Generator/checker ;; Pins = 14
TC74AC283 4-bit Binary Full Adder
TC74AC283FN Function = 4-bit Binary Full Adder ;; Pins = 16
TC74AC299 8-bit Pipo Shift Register With Asynchronous Clear
TC74AC299FW Function = 8-bit Pipo Shift Register ;; Pins = 20
TC74AC32 Quad 2-input OR GATE
TC74AC32FN Function = Quad 2-input OR GATE ;; Pins = 14
TC74AC367 Hex Bus Buffer (3-state)
TC74AC367FN Function = Hex Bus Buffer (3-state) ;; Pins = 16
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100323D : Low Power Hex Bus Driver. The is a monolithic device containing six bus drivers capable of driving terminated lines with terminations as low 25. To reduce crosstalk, each output has its own respective ground connection. Transition times were designed to be longer than on other F100K devices. The driver itself performs the positive logic AND of a data input (D1D6) and the OR of two select.

54ACT11470 : Bus Oriented Circuits. 8-bit Registered Bus Transceivers With 3-state Outputs.

CD74AC32E : ti CD74AC32, Quad 2-Input OR GATEs. AC Types Feature to 5.5-V Operation and Balanced Noise Immunity 30% of the Supply Buffered Inputs Speed of Bipolar F, AS, and S, With Significantly Reduced Power Consumption Balanced Propagation Delays 24-mA Output Drive Current Fanout 15 F Devices SCR-Latchup-Resistant CMOS Process and Circuit Design Exceeds 2-kV ESD Protection Per MIL-STD-883,.

CD74HC541E : Non-Inverting Buffers and Drivers. ti CD74HC541, High Speed CMOS Logic Octal Non-inverting Buffers And Line Drivers With 3-State Outputs.

IDT54FCT16244AT : Bus Oriented Circuits. Fast CMOS 16-bit Buffer/line Driver. MICRON CMOS Technology High-speed, low-power CMOS replacement for ABT functions Typical tSK(o) (Output Skew) < 250ps Low input and output leakage 1 A (max.) ESD > 2000V per MIL-STD-883, Method > 200V using machine model = 0) High drive outputs (-32mA IOH, 64mA IOL) Power off disable outputs permit "live insertion" Typical VOLP (Output Ground.

MC74VHCT125AD : Buffers. Quad Bus Buffer With 3-State Control Inputs, Package: Soic, Pins=14.

MM74HC4020MTC : 14-stage Binary Counter 12-stage Binary Counter. The MM74HC4020, MM74HC4040, are high speed binary ripple carry counters. These counters are implemented utilizing advanced silicon-gate CMOS technology to achieve speed performance similar to LS-TTL logic while retaining the low power and high noise immunity of CMOS. The a 14 stage counter and the a 12-stage counter. Both devices are incremented on the falling.

SN74AS808B : Bipolar->AS Family. Hex 2-input And Drivers. High Capacitive-Drive Capability Typical Delay Time 3.2 ns (CL = 50 pF) and Typical Power Dissipation of Less Than 13 mW Per Gate Package Options Include Plastic Small-Outline (DW) Packages, Ceramic Chip Carriers (FK), and Standard Plastic (N) and Ceramic (J) 300-mil DIPs These devices contain six independent 2-input AND drivers. They perform the Boolean.

SN74CBT3253CD : Bus Exchange/Multiplexing Switches. ti SN74CBT3253C, Dual 1-Of-4 Fet Multiplexer/demultiplexer With -2 V Undershoot-protection.

SN74HC240 : Bus Oriented Circuits. Octal Line Driver/buffer With Inverting 3-state Outputs.

SN74LS138D : Multiplexers. 1-of-8 Decoder/Demultiplexer, Package: Soic, Pins=16. The LSTTL/MSI is a high speed 1-of-8 Decoder/ Demultiplexer. This device is ideally suited for high speed bipolar memory chip select address decoding. The multiple input enables allow parallel expansion a 1-of-24 decoder using just three LS138 devices a 1-of-32 decoder using four LS138s and one inverter. The LS138 is fabricated with the Schottky barrier.

SN74LS190N : ti SN74LS190, Synchronous Up/down Decade Counters. SN74LS190, SN74LS191 SYNCHRONOUS UP/DOWN COUNTERS WITH DOWN/UP MODE CONTROL PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to s per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters. SN74LS190, SN74LS191 SYNCHRONOUS UP/DOWN COUNTERS WITH DOWN/UP.

SN74LVC139A : CMOS/BiCMOS->LVC/ALVC/VCX Family->Low Voltage. Dual 2-line to 4-line Decoder/demultiplexer.

933672890602 : F/FAST SERIES, 4-BIT BIDIRECTIONAL PARALLEL IN PARALLEL OUT SHIFT REGISTER, TRUE OUTPUT, PDIP16. s: Register Type: Parallel In / Parallel Out ; Shift Direction: Bidirectional ; Supply Voltage: 5V ; Package Type: DIP, Other, 0.300 INCH, PLASTIC, SOT-38-4, DIP-16 ; Logic Family: TTL ; Pin Count: 16 ; Number of units in IC: 1 ; Number of Bits (Stages):.

935263590118 : AHCT/VHCT SERIES, POSITIVE EDGE TRIGGERED D FLIP-FLOP, TRUE OUTPUT, PDSO20. s: Flip-Flop Type: D ; Triggering: Positive-edge Triggered ; Supply Voltage: 5V ; Output Characteristics: TRUE ; Propagation Delay: 11.5 ns ; fMAX: 45 MHz ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 125 C (-40 to 257 F) ; Package Type: 7.50 MM, PLASTIC, MS-013AC, SOT-163-1, SO-20 ; Logic.

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