Details, datasheet, quote on part number: TC74AC299
CategoryLogic => Registers => CMOS/BiCMOS->AC/ACT Family
Description8-bit Pipo Shift Register With Asynchronous Clear
CompanyToshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
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TC74AC299FW Function = 8-bit Pipo Shift Register ;; Pins = 20
TC74AC32 Quad 2-input OR GATE
TC74AC32FN Function = Quad 2-input OR GATE ;; Pins = 14
TC74AC367 Hex Bus Buffer (3-state)
TC74AC367FN Function = Hex Bus Buffer (3-state) ;; Pins = 16
TC74AC373 Octal D-type Latch With 3-state Output
TC74AC373FT Function = Octal D-type Latch (3-state) ;; Pins = 20
TC74AC374 Octal D Type Flip-flop With 3-state Output
TC74AC374F Octal D-type Flip-flop With 3-state Output
TC74AC374FW Function = Octal D-type Flip-flop (3-state) ;; Pins = 20
TC74AC377 Octal D Type Flip-flops With Clock Enable
TC74AC377FW Function = Octal D-type Flip-flop ;; Pins = 20

SM12J45 :

TA1246F : Hi-fi Audio Signal Processor For VHS VCR

TC74LCX240F :

THLY12N11B80L : Form = SODIMM-144 Pin ;; Type = Unbuffered ;; Density (MB) = 128MB ;; Config. = 16mx64 ;; Comp. = 16Mx16 ;; Features = PC100, PC133 ;; Date = 2001/05/17

TA8251AHQ : MAX Power 30W BTL X 4CH Audio Power IC

TAR5S41 : Point Regulators (low-dropout Regulator)

TC74VCX162244FT(EL) : Logic - Buffers, Drivers, Receivers, Transceiver Integrated Circuit (ics) Buffer/Line Driver, Non-Inverting Tape & Reel (TR) 12mA, 12mA 1.8 V ~ 3.6 V; IC BUS BUFFER 16BIT LV 48TSSOP Specifications: Logic Type: Buffer/Line Driver, Non-Inverting ; Package / Case: 48-TFSOP (0.240", 6.10mm Width) ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; Number of Bits per Element: 4 ; Number of Elements: 4 ; Operating Temperature: -40C ~ 85C ; Voltage - Supply: 1.8 V ~ 3

TLP7820 : Isolated amplifier features high accuracy The TLP7820 optically isolated amplifier has a delta-sigma A/D converter input and an analog output. The device can detect small current and voltage fluctuations with high-precision. It offers a common-mode transient immunity of 15 kV/μs minimum, enabling stable operation in electrically noisy

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5962-9221503M2A : D-Type Flip-Flops. ti CY54FCT273T, Octal D-type Flip-flops With Clear.

DM74LS240 : Bus Oriented Circuits. Octal Tri-state Buffers/line Drivers/line Receivers.

HD74ALVC1G14 : . Regarding the change of names mentioned in the document, such as Hitachi Electric and Hitachi XX, to Renesas Technology Corp. The semiconductor operations of Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi were transferred to Renesas Technology Corporation on April 1st 2003. These operations include microcomputer, logic, analog and discrete devices, and memory chips.

HEF4001UBGATES : CMOS/BiCMOS->4000 Family. Quadruple 2-input NOR GATE. For a complete data sheet, please also download: The IC04 LOCMOS HE4000B Logic Family s HEF, HEC The IC04 LOCMOS HE4000B Logic Package Outlines/Information HEF, HEC Product File under Integrated Circuits, IC04 January 1995 The is a quadruple 2-input NOR gate. This unbuffered single stage version provides a direct implementation of the NOR function.

IDTQS3384PA : High-speed CMOS 10-Bit Bus Switch. Enhanced N channel FET with no inherent diode to Vcc 5 bidirectional switches connect inputs to outputs Zero propagation delay, zero added ground bounce Undershoot clamp diodes on all switch and control inputs Two enables control five bits each Available in SOIC, QSOP, and TSSOP packages The QS3384 provides a set of ten high-speed CMOS, TTL-compatible.

MC74ACT241DW : Buffers. Octal Buffer/line Driver With 3-State Outputs , Package: Soic, Pins=20.

MC74HC1GU04 : Unbuffered Inverter. The is a high speed CMOS unbuffered inverter fabricated with silicon gate CMOS technology. The MC74HC1GU04 output drive current is 1/2 compared to MC74HC series. High Speed: tPD 7 ns (Typ) at VCC 5 V Low Power Dissipation: ICC 1 mA (Max) = 25_C High Noise Immunity Balanced Propagation Delays (tpLH = tpHL) Symmetrical Output Impedance (IOH = IOL = 2 mA) Chip.

PI74FCT3573 : CMOS/BiCMOS->FCT/FCT-T Family. 8-Bit Octal Transceiver Latch. Advanced Low Power CMOS Operation Compatible with LVC class of products Compatible with industry standard octal pinouts Excellent output drive capability: Balanced drives (24 mA sink and source) Can serve to 3V translator Inputs can be driven or 5V devices Low ground bounce outputs Hysteresis on all inputs Industrial operating temperature range: to +85C.

SCL4511BC : Decoders.

SN54ACT16244WD : 16-bit Buffers/line Drivers With 3-state Outputs. Members of the Texas Instruments WidebusTM Family Inputs Are TTL-Voltage Compatible 3-State Outputs Drive Bus Lines or Buffer Memory Address Registers Flow-Through Architecture Optimizes PCB Layout Distributed VCC and GND Pin Configurations Minimize High-Speed Switching Noise EPIC TM (Enhanced-Performance Implanted CMOS) 1-mm Process 500-mA Typical.

TC74ACT15FT : Multiplexers.

TC74LVX138 : CMOS/BiCMOS->LV/LVQ/LVX Family->Low Voltage. 2-to-8 Line Decoder.

TC7SET02F : VHCT (TTL) Equivalent (TC7SETxx). Function = Nor ;; Package = SMV ;; Additional Information = More Info.

SY88992 : 3.3V, 4.25Gbps VCSEL Driver The SY88992L is a single supply 3.3V, low power consumption, small-form factor VCSEL driver ideal for use in datacom applications; Ethernet, GbE (Gigabit Ethernet), and FC (Fibre Channel) applications that operate from 100Mbps up to 4.25Gbps. The modulation current is set by applying an external voltage at the IM_SET pin.

A2F200M3B-PQG208 : FPGA, 4608 CLBS, 200000 GATES, PQFP208. s: System Gates: 200000 ; Logic Cells / Logic Blocks: 4608 ; Package Type: QFP, Other, 0.50 MM PITCH, GREEN, PLASTIC, QFP-208 ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Pins: 208 ; Operating Temperature: 0 to 85 C (32 to 185 F) ; Supply Voltage: 1.5V.

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