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TitleTC74AC Series
DescriptionFunction = Dual Decade Counter ;; Pins = 16
CompanyToshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
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Features, Applications

Features: High Speed: fMAX = 160MHz (typ.) at VCC = 5V Low Power Dissipation: ICC = 8µA (max.) = 25°C High Noise Immunity: VNIH = VNIL = 28% VCC (min.) Symmetrical Output Impedance: IOH = IOL = 24mA (min.). Capability of driving 50 transmission lines. Balanced Propagation Delays: tpLH = tpHL Wide Operating Voltage Range: VCC (opr.) = 2V~5.5V Pin and Function Compatible with 74HC390 Available in 16-pin DIP and 150 mil SOIC

The is an advanced high speed CMOS DUAL DECADE COUNTER fabricated with silicon gate and doublelayer metal wiring C2MOS technology. It achieves the high speed operation similar to equivalent Bipolar Schottky TTL, while maintaining the CMOS low power dissipation. It consists of two independent 4-bit counters, each composed of a divide-by-two and a divide-by-five counter. The divide-by-two counter is incremented on the negative going transition of clock A (CKA). The divide-by-five counter is incremented on the negative going transition of clock B (CKB). The counter can be cascaded to form decade, bi-quinary, or various combinations a divide-by-100 counter. When the CLEAR input is set high, the Q outputs are set to low independent of the clock inputs. All inputs are equipped with protection circuits against static discharge or transient excess voltage. Truth Table

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PARAMETER Supply Voltage Range DC Input Voltage DC Output Voltage Input Diode Current Output Diode Current DC Output Current DC VCC/Ground Current Power Dissipation Storage Temperature Lead Temperature 10sec SYMBOL VCC VIN VOUT IIK IOK IOUT ICC PD Tstg TL VALUE 0.5 -0.5~VCC (DIP) */180 (SOP) -65~150 300 UNIT 500mW in the range = -40°C~65°C. From 85°C a derating factor of -10mW/°C should be applied to 300mW.

PARAMETER Supply Voltage Input Voltage Output Voltage Operating Temperature Input Rise and Fall Time SYMBOL VCC VIN VOUT Topr dt/dv VALUE -40~85 0~100 (VCC 3.3±0.3V) 0~20 (VCC = 5±0.5V) UNIT V °C ns/v

* This spec indicates the capability of driving 50 transmission lines. One output should be tested at a time for a 10ms maximum duration.


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