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TitleTC74AC Series
DescriptionFunction = Octal D-type Flip-flop (3-state) ;; Pins = 20
CompanyToshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
DatasheetDownload TC74AC574FT datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: SN74AC574PW, 74AC11240, 74AC11244, 74AC11245, CD54AC240, CD54AC244, CD54AC374, CD54ACT245, CD54HC125, CD54HC126
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TC74AC574FW Function = Octal D-type Flip-flop (3-state) ;; Pins = 20
TC74AC640 Octal Bus Transceiver
TC74AC640FT Function = Octal Bus Transceiver (3-state/inv.) ;; Pins = 20
TC74AC74 Dual D-type Flip Flop With Preset And Clear
TC74AC74FN Function = Dual D-flip-flop With Preset And Clear ;; Pins = 14
TC74AC86 Quad Exclusive OR GATE
TC74AC86FN Function = Quad Exclusive OR GATE ;; Pins = 14
TC74ACT00 Quad 2-input NAND Gate
TC74ACT00FN Function = Quad 2-input NAND Gate ;; Pins = 14
TC74ACT02 Quad 2-input NOR GATE
TC74ACT02FN Function = Quad 2-input NOR GATE ;; Pins = 14
TC74ACT04 Hex Inverter

TA4001F : RF Cell Packs Package = SMQ ;; Application = VHF to UHF Wide Band Amp

TB62715FN : 8 Bit Shift Register, Latches & Constant Current Drives

TC74HC697A : Synchronous Counters-> CMOS/BiCMOS->HC/HCT Family Sychronous Presettable 4-bit Binary Up/down Counter With Output Register (multiplexed 3-state Outputs)

THMR2E16-8 : Form = RIMM-184pin ;; Type = RAMbus ;; Density (MB) = 512 ;; Config. = 256Mx18 ;; Comp. = 16Mx18 ;; Features = Ecc ;; Date = 2000-11-29

TLGD190P : Panel Circuit Indicator

TPD7100F : Function = 2ch Highside Driver ;; Main Characteristics = 30V, 0.1A ;; Package = SSOP-24 ;; Main Application = MOS Gate Driver ;; Feature = Protection, Diag

TC75S56F_07 : Single Comparator

TLP1001A : Toshiba Photointerrupter Infrared LED + Photo IC

2SK3310 : Silicon N Channel MOS Type Switching Regulator Applications

TPC8014(TE12L,Q,M) : Fet - Single Discrete Semiconductor Product 11A 30V - Surface Mount; MOSFET N-CH 30V 11A SOP8 2-6J1B Specifications: Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; FET Type: MOSFET N-Channel, Metal Oxide ; Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss): 30V ; Current - Continuous Drain (Id) @ 25° C: 11A ; Rds On (Max) @ Id, Vgs: 14 mOhm @ 5.5A, 10V ; Input Capacitance (Ciss) @ Vds: 1860pF @ 10V ; Power - Max: - ; Packaging: Tape

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74ACQ464ASPC : Quiet Series Octal Transceiver/register With 3-state Outputs. 74ACQ646 74ACTQ646 Quiet Series Octal Transceiver/Register with 3-STATE Outputs The ACQ/ACTQ646 consist of registered bus transceiver circuits, with outputs, D-type flip-flops, and control circuitry providing multiplexed transmission of data directly from the input bus or from the internal storage registers. Data on the or B bus will be loaded into.

74ALS563A : Bipolar->ALS Family. Octal Transparent Latch. Octal transparent latch, inverting (3-State) Octal D flip-flop, inverting (3-State) The is an octal transparent latch coupled to eight 3-State output devices. The two sections of the device are controlled independently by enable (E) and output enable (OE) control gates. The is a complementary version of the 74ALS373 and has a broadside pinout configuration.

74ALVC16240 : Low Voltage 16-Bit Inverting Buffer/line Driver With 3.6V Tolerant Inputs And Outputs.

74LVC2G17 : Dual Non-inverting Schmitt-trigger With 5 V Tolerant Input. 74LVC2G17 Dual non-inverting Schmitt-trigger with 5 V tolerant input Dual non-inverting Schmitt-trigger with 5 V tolerant input Wide supply voltage range from 5 V tolerant input/output for interfacing with 5 V logic High noise immunity Complies with JEDEC standard: to 3.6 V). ESD protection: ­ HBM EIA/JESD22-A114-A exceeds MM EIA/JESD22-A115-A exceeds.

DM7493A : Bipolar->TTL Family. Decade And Binary Counter. The DM7490A monolithic counter contains four masterslave flip-flops and additional gating to provide a divide-bytwo counter and a three-stage binary counter for which the count cycle length is divide-by-five. The counter has a gated zero reset and also has gated setto-nine inputs for use in BCD nine's complement applications. To use the maximum count.

HD74LS95B : . Regarding the change of names mentioned in the document, such as Hitachi Electric and Hitachi XX, to Renesas Technology Corp. The semiconductor operations of Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi were transferred to Renesas Technology Corporation on April 1st 2003. These operations include microcomputer, logic, analog and discrete devices, and memory chips.

MC10EP51 : Bipolar->ECL 10 Family. D Flip Flop With Set And Reset. The is a differential clock D flip­flop with reset. The device is functionally equivalent to the EL51 and LVEL51 devices. The reset input is an asynchronous, level triggered signal. Data enters the master portion of the flip­flop when the clock is LOW and is transferred to the slave, and thus the outputs, upon a positive transition of the clock. The differential.

MC74AC273DW : Octal D-type Flip-flop Compatible Inputs , Package: Soic, Pins=20. The MC74AC273/74ACT273 has eight edge-triggered D­type flip­flops with individual D inputs and Q outputs. The common buffered Clock (CP) and Master Reset (MR) inputs load and reset (clear) all flip­flops simultaneously. The register is fully edge-triggered. The state of each D input, one setup time before the LOW­to­HIGH clock transition, is transferred.

MC74HC03AD : Quad 2-Input NAND Gate With Drain , Package: Soic, Pins=14. MC74HC03A Quad 2-Input NAND Gate with Open-Drain Outputs The MC74HC03A is identical in pinout to the LS03. The device inputs are compatible with Standard CMOS outputs; with pullup resistors, they are compatible with LSTTL outputs. The HC03A NAND gate has, as its outputs, a high­performance MOS N­Channel transistor. This NAND gate can, therefore, with.

PI74AVC16834 : Bus Oriented Circuits. 18-Bit Universal Bus Driver, LE/. Very high-speed, low-noise universal bus driver with embedded resistor outputs Meets PC133 SDRAM Registered DIMM Implements output impedance control for low-noise and heavy-load applications Fast Propagation Delay: 2.5ns max. for 50pF test load VCC or 1.8V Packages available: 56-pin 240 mil wide plastic TSSOP (A) 56-pin 173 mil wide plastic TVSOP (K) Pericom.

SN54LS594 : Bipolar->LS Family. 8-bit Shift Registers With Output Latches. PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to s per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters. .

SN74BCT2827CDW : Non-Inverting Buffers and Drivers. ti SN74BCT2827C, 10-Bit Bus/mos Memory Drivers With 3-State Outputs.

SN74F36 : Bipolar->F Family. Quadruple 2-input Positive-nOR GATEs.

TC74LCX02F : Low Voltage Quad 2-input NOR GATE With 5v Tolerant Inputs And Outputs.


EPM1270F100C3ES : FLASH PLD, PBGA100. s: Device Type: SPLD ; Package Type: Other, 11 X 11 MM, 1 MM PITCH, FBGA-100 ; Pins: 100 ; User I/Os: 0 pins ; Supply Voltage: 2.5V.

NJU3719AM : 24-BIT RIGHT SERIAL IN PARALLEL OUT SHIFT REGISTER, TRUE OUTPUT, PDSO30. s: Register Type: Serial In / Parallel Out ; Shift Direction: Right ; Package Type: Other, SDMP-30 ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Pin Count: 30 ; Number of units in IC: 1 ; Number of Bits (Stages): 24 ; Clock Frequency: 5 MHz ; Propagation Delay: 100 ns ; Operating Temperature: -25 to 85 C (-13.

933756860652 : HC/UH SERIES, DUAL 4-INPUT AND GATE, PDIP14. s: Gate Type: AND ; Supply Voltage: 5V ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Inputs: 4 ; Propagation Delay: 165 ns ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 125 C (-40 to 257 F) ; Pin Count: 14 ; IC Package Type: DIP, Other, DIP-14.

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