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TitleTC74AC Series
DescriptionFunction = Octal Bus Transceiver (3-state/inv.) ;; Pins = 20
CompanyToshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
DatasheetDownload TC74AC640FW datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: 74AC11240, 74AC11244, 74AC11245, CD54AC240, CD54AC244, CD54AC374, CD54ACT245, CD54HC125, CD54HC126, CD54HCT125
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TC74AC640P Function = Octal Bus Transceiver (3-state/inv.) ;; Pins = 20
TC74AC74 Dual D-type Flip Flop With Preset And Clear
TC74AC74FN Function = Dual D-flip-flop With Preset And Clear ;; Pins = 14
TC74AC86 Quad Exclusive OR GATE
TC74AC86FN Function = Quad Exclusive OR GATE ;; Pins = 14
TC74ACT00 Quad 2-input NAND Gate
TC74ACT00FN Function = Quad 2-input NAND Gate ;; Pins = 14
TC74ACT02 Quad 2-input NOR GATE
TC74ACT02FN Function = Quad 2-input NOR GATE ;; Pins = 14
TC74ACT04 Hex Inverter
TC74ACT04FN Function = Hex Inverter ;; Pins = 14
TC74ACT08 Quad 2-input And Gate
TC74ACT08FN Function = Quad 2-input And Gate ;; Pins = 14

SM8JZ47 : ac Power Control Applications

TC4S66F : 4000-series Equiv. (TC4Sxx, TC4Wxx) Function = Analog Switch ;; Package = SMV

TC74HC221AF :

TC9164AF : High Voltage Analog Function Switch Array

TPC8201 : VDDS = 30 ;; Id = 5 ;; Package Type = SOP-8 (Dual N-ch)

TAR8H03K : Dual Low-dropout Regulator

TC74VHC374F_07 : Hex Inverter

SSM3K37MFV,L3F : Fet - Single Discrete Semiconductor Product 250mA 20V 150mW Surface Mount; MOSFET N-CH 20V 250MA VESM Specifications: Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; FET Type: MOSFET N-Channel, Metal Oxide ; Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss): 20V ; Current - Continuous Drain (Id) @ 25 C: 250mA ; Rds On (Max) @ Id, Vgs: 2.2 Ohm @ 100mA, 4.5V ; Input Capacitance (Ciss) @ Vds: 12pF @ 10V ; Power - Max: 150mW ; Packaging:

TK65A10N1,S4X : MOSFET N-CH 100V 58A TO-220 U-MOS-H are the 8th generation of high-speed trench-structure MOSFETs. U-MOS-H is a high-efficiency MOSFET series especially designed for use in the secondary side of AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies. Fabricated with the latest trench MOS process and optimized cell design, U-MOS-H achieves excellen

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