Details, datasheet, quote on part number: 1N4712
DescriptionSilicon Epitaxial Planar Z-diodes
CompanyVishay Intertechnology
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Cross ref.Similar parts: BZX79-C27
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Features, Applications

Zener voltage specified 50 mA Maximum delta VZ given from 100 mA Very high stability Low noise
Type 1N4678 Ordering Code 1N4678TAP 1N4678TR Remarks Ammopack Tape and Reel

= 25_C Parameter Power dissipation Zcurrent Junction temperature Storage temperature range Test Conditions l=4 mm, TL=25 C Type Symbol IZ Tj Tstg Value 500 PV/VZ 175 65...+175 Unit mA C

= 25_C Parameter Junction ambient Test Conditions l=4 mm, TL=constant Symbol RthJA Value 300 Unit K/W

= 25_C Parameter Forward voltage Test Conditions IF=100mA Type Symbol VF Min Typ Max 1.5 Unit V

1.) Toleranzing and voltage designation (VZ). The type numbers shown have a standard tolerance 5% on the nominal zener voltage.

2.) Maximum zener current ratings (IZM). Maximum zener current ratings are based on maximum zener voltage of the individual units.

3.) Reverse leakage current (IR). Reverse leakage currents are guaranteed and measured VR as shown on the table. 4.) Maximum voltage change (DVZ). Voltage change is equal to the difference between at 100mA and at 10mA.

Figure 1. Total Power Dissipation vs. Ambient Temperature
Figure 3. Typical Change of Working Voltage vs. Junction Temperature
Figure 2. Typical Change of Working Voltage under Operating Conditions at Tamb=25C


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